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SHRM Michiana Chapter. 2010 SHRM Pinnacle Award Winner. Successful Practice Showcase Webinar Series. SJC Bridges Out of Poverty: Future Story Project. SHRM Michiana Chapter. Employer s Experience. SHRM Michiana Chapter. High turnover rate High absenteeism Excessive Tardiness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *2010 SHRM Pinnacle Award WinnerSHRM Michiana ChapterSuccessful Practice Showcase Webinar Series

  • *SJC Bridges Out of Poverty: Future Story ProjectSHRM Michiana Chapter

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterEmployers ExperienceHigh turnover rateHigh absenteeismExcessive TardinessExcessive cell phone useCommunication breakdowns between staff and supervisorsFailure of staff to understand policies and procedures

  • *Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.E=MC2*SHRM Michiana Chapter

  • *SHRM Michiana Chapter

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterSt. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative Mission Statement

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterThrough collaboration using a common approach, assist individuals from generational poverty to understand and adopt successful life strategies and to foster their dreams.Mobilize the communityIdentify predatory practices and practitioners and work toward their elimination.Identify structures that perpetuate generational poverty and implement strategies to change them.Develop sustainable organization.

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterLiving in poverty is often coping with an unstable, unpredictable environment

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterUnited States Official Poverty Guidelines: 2008Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (January 2008).

    Family SizeAnnual IncomeFour$ 21,200 Three$ 17,600Two $ 14,000One $ 10,400

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterOne in 8 Americans but one in 5 in South Bend live in poverty 37 million Americans live below the poverty lineOf that 13 million are childrenThe number has grown by 6 million since 2000

    2005 American Community Summary U.S. Census Bureau

    U.S.INSt. Joseph CountySouth BendIndividuals10.2%11.1%13.5%16.7%Families13.3%na12.8%22.8%

  • *SHRM Michiana Chapter

    The extent to which an individual does without resources. Situational Poverty: A lack of resources due to a particular event (divorce, natural disaster, etc.)Generational Poverty: Having been in poverty for at least two generationsDEFINITION OF POVERTY

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterDEFINITIONS OF RESOURCES MENTALHaving the mental abilities and acquired skills (reading, writing, computing) to deal with daily life; education; trade or skills.RELATIONSHIP/ROLE MODELSHaving frequent access to adult(s) who are appropriate, nurturing, and who do not engage in destructive behavior.SPIRITUALBelieving in (divine) purpose and guidance; ones cultural base.KNOWLEDGE OF HIDDEN RULESKnowing the unspoken cues and habits of a group.EMOTIONALBeing able to choose and control emotional responses, particularly to negative situations, without engaging in self-destructive behavior. Shows itself through choices.FINANCIALBeing able to purchase the goods and services of that class and sustain it.SUPPORT SYSTEMSHaving friends, family, and backup resources available to access in times of need. These are external resources.PHYSICALHaving physical health and mobility; appearance, fitness, athletic abilities.Also Integrity & Trust, Motivation & Persistence, Formal Language Register

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterHidden rules are unspoken cues and habits of a group. Help us intelligently navigate our world.

    Come from the environment we are raised.Like language, children absorb from the environment.

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterPower linked to personal respectAbility to fightCant stop bad things from happeningPower/respect separatedResponds to positionPower in information and institutionsPower in expertise, connectionsPower in stabilityInfluences policy and directionPOVERTYMIDDLE CLASSWEALTHPOWER

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterPresent most important

    Decisions made for the moment based on feelings or survivalTraditions and history most important

    Decisions made partially on basis of tradition/decorumFuture most important

    Decisions made against future ramificationsPOVERTYMIDDLE CLASSWEALTHTIME

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterGetting Ahead GraduateBridges Strategies & ConceptsEmployersAgency PartnersCivic and Faith Community Michiana SHRM

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterCore 10 Employers: employ GA grad. Receive support from our Employment Specialist and training in the Bridges concepts.15-25 Getting Ahead graduates: employed by Core 10 business. Employment Specialist assists grad in connecting with critical resources to stabilize their environment and build resources.Future Story ProjectSt Joseph County Bridges out of PovertySouth Bend, INThe Goal: self-sufficiency for the individual & their family a productive employee workplace improvements a business sector engaged in solving poverty efficient use of agency resources savings to the community

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterBridges Training: 1200+ Community MembersGetting Ahead (GA): 300+ GraduatesPartner Agencies: 11+, starting on-site work GAEmployers: School District of South Bend, City of South Bend, Memorial Hospital, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Better World Books, Martins (supermarket), MOSAICSupporters: Michiana SHRM, SJC Chamber of Commerce, Mayors Office (So Bend & Mishawaka), County CommissionerWe are all working together to create a Future Story for our graduates and our community. Future Story ProjectSt Joseph County Bridges out of PovertySouth Bend, IN

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterEmphasize efforts after point of placementEmployment Specialist helps intervene & build resourcesLink with other community resourcesLook for gaps that need to be filled Emphasize relationship buildingDevelop Bridges education for employersBuild in advancement and education using Hidden RulesLook for change within companies Build community-wide commitmentStrong research, evaluation and documentation

    Based on successes at Cincinnati Works, Cascade Engineering & Working BridgesFuture Story ProjectSt Joseph County Bridges out of PovertySouth Bend, IN

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterBreaking out of poverty requires the line-up of extraordinarily favorable conditions for the individual ANDBold actions of the private sector who reach far beyond their mandates, create connections of services, and become portals through which the distressed could pass into a web of assistance.

  • *SHRM Michiana Chapter250 key players in one organization. Can affect change in organizations AND community. Strong understanding of needs of employees & employers, already familiar with concerns like attendance & communicationPowerfully engaged in community

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterMonthly Networking MeetingSponsoring Graduates at SHRM meetingsProviding Bridges training for employersCascade Engineering

  • *SHRM Michiana Chapter

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterAverage 40% of W2C employees get off welfare.W2C turnover (annual)61.9% in 2000 to 20.4% in 2008 (National average is about 70%)2004 Savings to State of MI: $975,000*103 participants27 people completely off welfareReduced non-W2C turnover42% in 2000 to 8.6% in 2008 ($3M to $434,000)473 participants through the program and left Cascade Engineering*36% are employed somewhere else.30% are receiving no state assistance. (141 people)*Department of Human ServicesCascade Engineering Welfare to Career W2CStarted at Cascade Engineering in 1999Partnering with local social service agenciesAssist individuals who wish to get off welfare and out of poverty (unemployed and underemployed)Nationally recognized program

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterFocus on better education for members, so they understand how they can implement changes in organization.Sharpen our communication. This is not a social service issue, its not an SJC Bridges issue. This is a business and HR issue.It affects who is available to hire. It affects the retention of new hiresIt affects the stability of departments & organizations.

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterSponsoring another networking meetingBringing in a national Bridges consultant for annual conference and Executive Leadership ForumEngage grads further in process to come to SHRM luncheonsMentoring Chamber networking event (ally with a grad to connect with community)

  • *SHRM Michiana ChapterSHRM Pinnacle Award http://www.shrm.org/Communities/VolunteerResources/ResourcesforChapters/Pages/award_info.aspx