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Find great conferences, trainings, and retreats relevant to you, your church, and your community for the year 2010.


  • Dr. David H. LeeExecutive Director

    I anticipate that 2010 will be a great year in the life of Maryland and Delaware Baptists. God continues to bless despite the challenges we are facing as the people of God. Our mission is to intentionally assist in the starting and strengthening of congregations so that together we can accomplish the Great Commission. We want to connect with you. We want to help.In this calendar you will find opportunities to connect to tools and resources that will strengthen your personal spiritual journey and assist you in leading your church to accomplish the mission God has given to you.In addition to the events outlined here, search the roster of missionaries who are available for coaching, consultation, and training. Each would be honored to assist you and your church. Also check the online resources at www.bcmd.org. As we close a decade, and enter a new one, let us all join together as ministry and missionary partners with a renewed commitment to reach Maryland/Delaware and the world for Jesus Christ.Yours in Him,David H. Lee

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    Table of ContentsMeet Your BCM/D Missionaries.................1-4

    Ministry Resources Index................................5

    Associations & Affiliates.................................6

    Future Dates....................................................7

    Church Planning Calendar.........................8-31

    BaptistLIFE and You.......................................32

    How The Cooperative Program Works........33

    Directions to the Baptist Center....................34

    How to use this Calender of Events & Church Planning GuideEach year your Baptist Convention of MD/DE produces this tool to assist your church with strategic planning. Our missionaries and five Strategy Teams have worked diligently to provide excellent opportunities to support and strengthen what your church is doing. Our

    missionaries are available to serve you. Call them anytime. As your church leadership team meets, take time to review the many events and training sessions that are planned throughout Maryland and Delaware in 2010. You will find them listed each month to the left of where you will enter your churchs priority dates.

  • Staff

    1 2010 BCM/D Calendar of Eventsand Church Planning Guide

    Pray for Your

    Jeremy EphraimExt. 242 jephraim@bcmd.org Graphic Designer Project Manager Technical Coordinator for: - E-quip.net - Annual Meeting Asst. BMRC Coordinator

    Shannon BakerExt. 266 Cell: 443-790-9531sbaker@bcmd.org Design Editor for BaptistLIFE National Correspondent for BaptistLIFE Staff Photographer for


    Rolando CastroExt. 221Cell: 443-285-2012rcastro@bcmd.orgMissionary for: Church Planting/Evangelism (Plantacion de Iglesias) Language Churches Hispanic Church Development

    Rob Curto443-223-1574 Rcurto@juno.comMissionary (Associate) for:Collegiate Ministry - U.S. Naval Academy

    Bill ArcherExt. 214Cell: 443-506-7096 barcher@bcmd.orgMissionary for:Music and Worship

    Lynn Davis410-749-7069lsd_calm@yahoo.comMissionary for: Resort Ministry

    James Dixon, Jr.Ext. 227 Cell: 202-258-1472jdixon@bcmd.orgMissionary for: African-American Church Dev.

    Blake Hardcastle302-369-8450Cell: 302-562-0151bluefish@udel.eduMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - University of Delaware

    Joye JacksonExt. 259 jrjackson@bcmd.orgMissionary (Contract) for: Church Planters Spouses and Families

    June HollandExt. 233Cell: 443-463-3495 jholland@bcmd.orgMissionary (contract) for: Preschool/Children Vacation Bible School Weekday Education

    David JacksonExt. 225Cell: 410-977-9867djackson@bcmd.org Team Strategist for Church MultiplicationMissionary for: Church Multiplication

    Conrad BurchExt. 206 Cell: 443-472-2529cburch@bcmd.orgMissionary for: Planned Giving Wills and Bequests

    Kimberly EphraimExt. 261 kephraim@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant for Student/Adult Evangelism

    Melody KnoxExt. 252 Cell: 410-960-9500mknox@bcmd.orgMissionary (Contract) for: Womens Ministry

    Robert KimExt. 228 Cell: 410-977-3816rkim@bcmd.org Missionary for: Language Churches Asian Coordinator Church Planting/Evangelism

    NaKhia Graysnakhia_h@hotmail.comMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Bowie State University

    David LeeExt. 201 Cell: 443-829-7531dlee@bcmd.org Executive Director

    Sherry LeeExt. 211Cell: 410-977-9852slee@bcmd.orgMissionary (Volunteer) for: Ministers Wives and Families

  • Jessica SenasackBSM: 301-405-8443 Cell: 410-627-1096jessbcm@umd.eduMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - University of Maryland (College Park)

    KLynne McKinley410-749-7069Cell: 410-713-2564klmckinley@yahoo.comMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Salisbury University - University of Maryland (Eastern Shore) - Wor-Wic Community College

    Tom RodgersonExt. 210 trodgerson@bcmd.orgMissionary (Contract) for: Ministers Counseling and Support

    Freddy ParkerExt. 215 Cell: 443-878-3999fparker@bcmd.orgMissionary for: Acts 1:8 Partnership Missions Mens Ministry Prayer Bivocational Ministry

    Gayla ParkerExt. 231 Cell: 443-285-1451gparker@bcmd.orgWMU Executive DirectorMissions Innovator Specialist (WMU, SBC) Missionary for: Missions Education Missions Customization

    Randy MillwoodExt. 217Cell: 443-878-4587rmillwood@bcmd.org Team Strategist for Leadership Development and Support Missionary for: Missional Church Leadership/E-quip.net/ Small Groups/Seminary Extension/Spiritual Formation

    Ellen UdovichExt. 216 Cell: 443-250-2555eudovich@bcmd.orgTeam Strategist for Acts 1:8 Missions InvolvementMissionary for: Direct Ministries/

    Lay Mobilization/Ministry Evangelism/Senior Adults

    Bob SimpsonExt. 243Cell: 443-829-7176bsimpson@bcmd.org Associate Executive Director/COO Editor of BaptistLIFE

    Roy ThomasExt. 249Cell: 410-977-1339rthomas@bcmd.org Baptist Mission Resource Center Coordinator Information Technology Coordinator Production Center Manager

    Sharon MagerExt. 251 Cell: 443-285-9772smager@bcmd.org BCM/D Correspondent for


    Lauren RodriguezExt. 246 lrodriguez@bcmd.org Communications Manager Administrative Assistant to Bob Simpson New Media Specialist

    Carol MooreExt. 202Cell: 410-598-5541cmoore@bcmd.org Executive Office Coordinator

    Gail NodaExt. 218gnoda@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to Gayla


    Donna ShiflettExt. 226 dshiflett@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to Ellen Udovich, Freddy Parker, and June Holland

    Misty PearsonExt. 222mpearson@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to David Jackson, Rolando Castro, and Robert Kim

    Adele MillwoodExt. 219 amillwood@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant (Contract) to Randy Millwood

    Carol McGiffinExt. 204 cmcgiffin@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to Tom Stolle and Conrad Burch MemberTrax

    Tom StolleExt. 207 Cell: 443-250-2554tstolle@bcmd.org Chief Financial Officer Team Strategist for Resource DevelopmentMissionary for: Ministers Compensation/Church Treasurers/Stewardship

    Rachel ShiflettExt. 224 rshiflett@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to Bill Archer

    2 2010 BCM/D Calendar of Eventsand Church Planning Guide

    Eric Reiber301-481-4861thereibers@gmail.comMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Anne Arundel Community College

    Vickie StewartCell: 443-452-8960vstewart542@hotmail.comMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Morgan State University

  • VacantMissionary for: Evangelism (Adults/Students)

    VacantMissionary for: African-American Church


    VacantMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Naval Academy

    Iris WhiteExt. 245Cell: 443-250-2553 iwhite@bcmd.org Managing Editor of BaptistLIFE

    Linda WaggonerExt. 205 lwaggoner@bcmd.org Ministry Assistant to Sherry Lee, James Dixon, and Melody Knox ACP

    Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware10255 Old Columbia Road

    Columbia, MD 21046Monday-Friday8:30am-4:30pm410-290-5290800-466-5290


    3 2010 BCM/D Calendar of Eventsand Church Planning Guide

    Ron YostBSM: 301-689-2588Cell: 301-697-4881radicalron@atlanticbb.netMissionary for: Collegiate Ministry - Frostburg State University

    VacantMissionary for: Church/Minister Relations Interims Conflict Resolution

    VacantAssociate Missionary for Ministry Evangelism

  • Doug DuBoisddubois@skycroft.org Director

    David Moore Facilities ManagerJustin Karras Food Services Manager Grace Schofield Guest Services Manager

    Skycroft Conference and Retreat Center

    Need a place for your next meeting?Reflect, be re-created and be refreshed at the Skycroft Conference and Retreat Center.A variety of housing accommodations, recreation, beautiful surroundings, excellent dining, affordable rates and friendly service we are ready to serve you!


    9621 Frostown Road Middletown, MD 21769 800-536-6759 www.skycroft.org

    Sharon Moore Ministry Assistant

    4 2010 BCM/D Calendar of Eventsand Church Planning Guide

  • ACP (Annual Church Profile) Waggoner/205Acteens G. Parker/231 Noda/218Acts 1:8 Missionary F. Parker/215 D. Shiflett/226Adult Evangelism Vacant K. Ephraim/261Adults On Mission G. Parker/231 Noda/218African American Church Development Dixon/227 Waggoner/205Asian Coordinator (Church Planting/Evangelism) Kim/228 Pearson/222Baptist Foundation Stolle/207 McGiffin/204BaptistLIFE White/245BCM/D History McGiffin/204Bible Teaching Holland/233 D. Shiflett/226Bivocational Ministry F. Parker/215 D. Shiflett/226Church Administration Vacant Noda/218Church Architecture D. Lee/201 Moore/202Church Conflict Resolution Vacant Noda/218Church Loans Stolle/207 McGiffin/204Church/Minister Relations Vacant Noda/218Church Treasurers Stolle/207 McGiffin/204Children In Action G. Parker/231