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  • Be active. Be connected. Be inspired.



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  • Dear Friends, All of us at ARC work to ensure that individuals with disabilities live, work and contribute to our community. In 2010, we touched over 4,700 individuals and families through information, education, advocacy and life planning programs. Throughout 2010 individuals served by ARC had small successes and major life changes. ARC was happy to walk with each individual and their family through these changes. We also had the opportunity to conduct focus groups with consumers, families, service providers, donors, staff and board members. It was great to hear from our most valued stakeholders who enthusiastically explained why ARC is important to them. Particularly, the consumers articulated so eloquently how ARC has made a difference in their lives. A few themes resonated with many. ARC provides a sense of belonging. ARC is here to work with individuals rather than for them. ARC offers a place to visit and call when needed. Truly, ARC and its long history of support are so important to children and adults with disabilities, families and our community. Our belief that

    persons with disabilities have so much to offer our community allows individuals to achieve their dreams to be active, connected and inspired. Be active. ARC supports and encourages persons with disabilities to be out in the community working and volunteering. Be connected. Dispensing information to individuals and families, ARC connects individuals to critical programs and services that improve their quality of life. Be inspired. Persons with disabilities are leading the disability movement into the future. They are living, working and contributing to our community more than ever before. ARCs self-advocacy groups encourage individuals to use their own voice and talents to make a difference. Vicki Spataro Wachniak Executive Director


  • Financial Report 2010 Operating Statement

    Support and Revenue Contributions and Grants $132,512 Legacies and Bequests $ 20,194 Government Service Contracts $589,332 Program Fees $ 46,666 Investments $ 77,861 Events and Projects $105,220

    Total Revenue $971,785 Program Expenses Information, Education Advocacy $304,551 Guardianship $ 67,468 Trust Program $ 81,617 Intergenerational Family Support $ 40,869 Case Management and Care Management Unit $323,825 Administration $ 60,757 Development $ 99,613

    Total Expenses $978,700




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    Service Expenditure Pie Chart

    Information, Education and Advocacy 31% Guardianship 7% Trust Program 8% Intergenerational Family Support 4% Case Management and Care Management Unit 34% Administration 6% Development 10%







  • Board of Directors Board members give graciously of their time and resources to support ARC. Executive Committee Brian Lanser President Deanna Tillisch Vice President Carole Schmeda Secretary/Treasurer John Plant Past President Jim Phillips Director at Large Directors Brian Beaumier LeAnn Launstein Christina Wilson Berger Jon Lundgren Ricardo Cisneros John McCarthy Nick Curran Christine McDermott Chip Doering Cindy Schaus Adam Keller Lisa Voisin Ron Kuramoto Annette Washington


    Staff ARC staff work each day to improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. ARC Team Erin Buechler Care Manager Rebecca Dibb Care Manager De Shaun Hall Registered Nurse Melinda Kiltz Program Coordinator Denice Mader Program Manager Crystal Melk Care Manager Nealy Rothe Clerical Support Jennifer Sanchez Development & Marketing Sarah Sanderson Care Manager Maggie Tate-Techtmann Business Administration Lindsay Unteutsch Registered Nurse Vicki Spataro Wachniak Executive Director Lynn Wagner Program Coordinator Denise Wright Administrative Assistant

    Be active.

    ARC is not just for you but with you. ARC Consumer

  • Programs and Services In 2010 ARC programs supported 4,787 children and adults with disabilities and their families to live actively in our community. Information, Education and Advocacy Total served: 4215 individuals Provides information on topics that impact

    individuals with disabilities and their families. Works with high school students with disabilities

    to improve education outcomes and support them in transitioning to community living.

    Provides individual, group and systems advocacy.

    Corporate Guardianship Services Total served: 29 individuals Licensed by the State of Wisconsin to make

    decisions impacting the health and safety of individuals with disabilities who do not have family to serve in that capacity.

    Trust Program Total served: 306 individuals Helps families plan for the financial future of a

    loved one with a disability. Sets aside assets to improve the individuals

    quality of life without impacting public benefits.

    Intergenerational Family Support and Crisis Intervention Total served: 98 individuals Supports individuals with disabilities over 60 or

    caregivers over 60 who support their adult son or daughter with a disability.

    In-home services that keep families together while helping to plan for their future.

    Care Management Unit Services and Case Management Total served: 139 individuals ARC social workers & registered nurses provide

    long-term care management to individuals with disabilities eligible for the Family Care Program.

    Keeps individuals with significant needs safe and in the community.





  • 2010 Donors Thank you to our many donors and friends whose support makes our work possible! January 1, 2010December 31, 2010

    Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Christina Berger Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Diane Book Bostik, Inc. Dalum Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Russ & Sue Darrow Diamond Nexus Labs Evan & Marion Helfaer Foundation Executive Search Partners The Fennelly Group: Morgan Stanley

    Smith Barney Mr. & Mrs. Dominic & Joan Giuffre Greater Milwaukee Foundation David Edward Barron Fund Mr. Scott Haag Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Joan Handzlik Mr. Arthur Harrington Haskin & Book Mr.& Mrs. Larry & Holly Haskin Heartland Advisors IndependenceFirst Johnson Controls, Inc. Mr. Gary LaCourt Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Sue Lanser Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patty Long Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon & Marianne Lubar Marshall & Ilsley Corporation Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael & Virginia McBride

    McCarthy Grittinger Weil Financial Group Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Patti McKeithan, Jr. MGIC Moore Oil Company Foundation Bill & Marian Nasgovitz Brian & Karen Nelson Nonprofit Management Fund Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Bonnie Ornst Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Suzanne Pieper Quarles & Brady Public Finance Group Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Cindy Schaus Mr. & Mrs. John & Vicki Wachniak Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Lynn Wagner $500$999 Mr. & Mrs. G. Woodrow & Doris Adkins Associated Bank Mr. & Mrs. Ettore & Gretchen Barbatelli Ms. Jan Brinkman-Filipowicz Christ King Congregation Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Regina Dirksen Doering Leasing Company Mr. Michael Dover Mr. & Mrs. David & Therese Fennelly Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Liz Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Angela Goelzer Mr. & Mrs. Don & Sharon Hansen Dr. & Mrs. David & Suzanne Haskell Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Janis Hoeksema Knights of Columbus #524 Knights of Columbus #6646 Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Anne Luber


    $10,000 + Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Priscilla Boelter City of WauwatosaCommunity

    Development Block Grant Northwestern Mutual Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schaefer Stackner Family Foundation Mary Voros Testament Trust Ziemann Foundation $5,000$9,999 Godfrey & Kahn Greater Milwaukee Foundation Schaus Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. John & Chris McDermott Ms. Margaret Pfeffer Bequest Mr. & Mrs. John & Maryanne Plant Quarles & Brady, LLP $1,000$4,999 Adecco Engineering & Technical Mr. & Mrs. David & Carol Anderson Anick & Associates Anonymous Badger Meter Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ned & Helen Bechthold

    Be inspired.

  • $1$499 Accurate Metal Products, Inc. Mr. Helmut Adam Mr. & Mrs. Alton & Gail Adams Mr. & Mrs. Bart & Michelle Adams Fr. Richard J. Aiken Mr. & Mrs. Woody & Betsie Alverson Anderson & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Derrick & Constance Andrade Ms. Bonnie Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Joan Armstrong Mr. Ralph Arndt Associated Bank Wealth Management Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia Bade Baird Foundation, Inc. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Nicole Beaumier Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Barbara Beckert Mr. & Mrs. David & Diane Bedran Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Anne Bentley Dr. Harvey Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. William & Marry Ann Berry Mr. William Bertram Ms. Vicky A. Betzig Mr. & Mrs. James & Donna Bieser Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Cathy Boelter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jeanine Boudreau Ms. Deanna B. Braeger Ms. Annie Brauer Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Kathryn Braza Mr. & Mrs. Milton Bretzel Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Allison Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Erin Buechler Mr. Robert Buikema: Buelow Vetter

    Buikema Olson & Vliet, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Kathleen Buschke

    Mr. Richard Casper Church of St