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View the presentation of award winners from the 2010 Addy(r) Award Banquet held on Saturday, February 27, 2010.


  • 1. and Diamond Partners
    welcome you to the
    2010 AAF ECI ADDY Awards Banquet

2. Keith LaVoie
Silver Partner
3. 2010 Addy Committee
Christy Jones, Chair
Sheila Birsfield, Chair-Elect
Anne Condran
Mary Gaston
Mark DiFabio
Joni Vincent
Eron Davis
Kevin McCowan
Will Henderson
Donna Bolinger
Pam Price
Jessica Riedel
Ashley McPherson
Lisa Herd
Jeff Birsfield
4. BSU
AAF Chapter Students
5. Diamond Partners
6. Silver Partner
7. Bronze Partner
8. Mary Gaston
Assistant to the Executive Director
Addy Sponsor
9. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
10. Amanda Hicks
Minnetrista and AAF Board Member
Addy Category Sponsor
11. Indiana University East
IU-Focused On You
12. Anderson University
Get Involved! Athletics & Campus Activities Brochure
13. josephdavid advertising
Youth Opportunity Center 2009 Annual Report
14. Luke Chase
Discover Budapest
15. Elyse Van Fleet
Who Are We? Ball State VisComm Brochure
16. Mandy Coplin
Exercising Freedom Campus Ministries Brochure
17. Zachary A. Grimes
Jewish Hospital: Cancer Prevention
18. Indiana University East
Richmond Register Social Media Campaign
19. The Star Press
Muncie Magazine Winter Edition
20. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
21. Rob Phillips
Addy Category Sponsor
22. josephdavid advertising
Orthopedic Campaign
23. josephdavid advertising
Stimulus Scholarship Campaign
24. C. Cox, J. Ford, N. Glick, L. Harcourt, K. Thornberry
State Farm Gotcha Covered Campaign Plans Book
25. Natalie Bruce
Our Kids
26. Elyse Van Fleet
Rhode Island Design Identity Campaign
27. Nicole Rehling
State Farm Strong
28. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
29. Sheila Birsfield
Belmont Graphics and 2010 ADDY Chair-Elect
Addy Category Sponsor
30. josephdavid advertising
31. josephdavid advertising
32. Kern Creative Group
Helmer Inc. Campaign
33. Ball State University
BSU Fall Institutional Advertising Campaign
34. Pengad Printing
35. Ball State University
Fall 2009 Institutional TV Commercials
36. josephdavid advertising
'Teachers' & 'In The Bank'
37. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
38. Anne Condran
Executive Director of AAF
Bronze Partner
39. Mark DiFabio
40. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
41. Karen Evens
First Merchants Corp.
Addy Category Sponsor
42. Pengad Printing
43. Fusework Studios
HD Demo
44. Belmont Graphics
ADDY Trophy
45. E Lantz Designs & Illustrations
2009 ADDY Collateral
46. Kern Creative Group
CS Kern Stationery
47. Kern Creative Group
CS Kern 2009 Holiday Card
48. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
49. Kevin McCowan
Pengad and AAF Board Member
Addy Category Sponsor
50. Brandon Stephens
Gusto Soup Package
51. Kathryn McElroy
Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Honors House Invitation
52. Nicole Rehling
For the Love of the Game
53. MutualBank
Life Is More Than Money
54. josephdavid advertising
Salsa Football Twin Pack
55. Erin Groh
"Who says students have all the fun?"
56. Zachary A. Grimes
Friend of Lou Membership Kit
57. Brandon Stephens
Gusto iPhone App
58. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
59. Joni Vincent
Mutual Bank
Addy Category Sponsor
60. Kern Creative Group
Camp Crosley Website
61. Amy Heline
We've Got Your Back - Summer Concert Series
62. SpinWeb
Alpha Xi Delta, Thanksgiving Fundraiser Flash Promo
63. Fusework Studios
The Christian Center - Website
64. Natalie Bruce
St. Judes
65. Pengad Printing
66. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
67. Eron Davis
First Merchants Bank and AAF Board Member
Addy Category Sponsor
68. Brandon Stephens
Insert Demo Animation
69. Kern Creative Group
CS Kern Print Campaign
70. Minnetrista
Can It Logo
71. Ball Memorial Hospital
72. Berwyn Studios
Clear Focus
73. Kern Creative Group
Helen in the Ballroom Photograph
74. josephdavid advertising
ARK Animation
75. Addy Sponsor
76. Eva Lantz
E Lantz Designs & Illustrationsand AAF Vice President
Gold Addy Category Sponsors
77. Indiana University East
Focused on You
78. Unity Marketing
American Chevrolet 'Hunt for the Truck'
79. Anderson University
Elizabeth York Children's Literature Festival
80. Shaw Design
Columns Magazine
81. josephdavid advertising
Dinosaur Billboards
82. Indiana University East
Run With the Pack
83. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
84. Mark DiFabio
The Star Press and AAF President
Gold Addy Category Sponsor
85. Kevin McCowan
86. Gold Addy Category Sponsor
87. Christy Jones
Westminster Village & ADDY Chair
Gold Addy Category Sponsor
88. Anderson University
Get Involved! Athletics & Campus Activities Brochure
89. Kern Creative Group
CS Kern Stationery
90. Zachary A. Grimes
Friend of Lou Membership Kit
91. josephdavid advertising
Dinosaur Billboards
92. SpinWeb
Alpha Xi Delta, Thanksgiving Fundraiser Flash Promo
93. Indiana University East
Focused on You
94. Diamond Partner
95. Diamond Partner
96. 97. 98. for attending the2010 AAF ECI ADDY Awards Banquet
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