2009 Enumeration. Topics  Enumeration Objectives  February mail enumeration  General election enumeration  Attestation of Residence

Download 2009 Enumeration. Topics  Enumeration Objectives  February mail enumeration  General election enumeration  Attestation of Residence

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<ul><li><p>2009 Enumeration</p></li><li><p>TopicsEnumeration ObjectivesFebruary mail enumerationGeneral election enumerationAttestation of Residence</p></li><li><p>2009 Enumeration Objectives90% of all eligible voters on the list73% for voters 18 to 24 year old80% of voters on the list at the correct addressMinimum standards in each electoral district</p><p>Measure through Voters List quality surveyWill survey in January and April 2009EBC will use the results to identify geographic areas to improve (news releases, advertising)</p></li><li><p>Mail Enumeration (1)Goal: mail to every address in the province with names of the registered voters starting on February 2nd, 2008</p><p>The letter will containMailing addressResidential addressList of registered votersInstructions on what to do</p></li><li><p>Mail Enumeration (2)Five types of letters1.4M with one more names at the address600k addresses without a registered voter15k voters at addresses where there are more than 8 voters registeredA letter addressed to each voter400k letters where residential address is not mailableA letter addressed to each voter4k letters without a valid residential address</p></li><li><p>We want voters toUpdate names at address through Online Voter Registration (OVR)the EBC 1-800 Call CentreRemove names not at address through OVR (special codes on mail-out)</p></li><li><p>Voter List Quality -- ImpactEBC expects that during enumeration there will be:50,000 voter additions100,000 voter moves250,000 voter confirmations75,000 voter removals (moves, deaths and move out of province)Updates will be provided to parties and candidatesFebruary voters list releasePreliminary voters list </p></li><li><p>General Election Targeted EnumerationStrategiesDistribution of registration information to all BC post-secondary student residences (~17,000)Field enumeration at Site-based Voting Areas homeless facilitiesDistribute Attestation of Residence forms to relevant institutions</p></li><li><p>General Election Targeted EnumerationDEO/DDEO ActivitiesConfirm/update SVA and homeless facility list names, addresses, contact info and client populationSchedule enumerator visits and determine facility approachConfirm enumerator requirementsDistribute Attestation of Residence forms</p></li><li><p>Attestation of ResidenceAttestation of Residence forms are intended to support voters who may find it difficult to prove residencyUniversity StudentsHomelessFirst Nations</p></li><li><p>Attestation of ResidenceDEOs will:Identify appropriate institutions and confirm participationDistribute Attestation of Residence forms and other communication materialProvide list of participating institutions to election officials in voting places for validation purposes </p><p>Coverage is % of eligible voters on the VL Number of voters / Number of eligible votersCurrency is % of voters at the correct addressNumber of voters at correct address / Number of votersNet Currency is % of eligible voters at the correct addressCoverage * CurrencyHow do we measure?Survey of representative sample of votersMin net currency 65% in each ED- Student res - delivering a card encouraging regsitration and explaining residence rules for students- Field enum and Attest more detail to follow in slides Note: CEO letter going to SVAs and known homeless facilities to let them know they will be contacted and asking for cooperationThe SVA list is firm in that none can be added and only removed if closed they are gazetted VAs. Other info can be updated.The homeless facility list is based on last events list, recent internet research and Election Canadas list from their enumeration. We expect you to conduct further research and can add/remove facilities based on your judgement of the appropriateness of the facility for enumeration. We will provide guidelines as to what should be targeted.Best enumeration approach will be made between you and the administrator (assuming enumerator pairs will visit)Confirm requirements made in the budget piece of the work package that you are getting at this conferenceIncidentally you are getting a shelter list for the work package being distributed at this conference. This is just for budget purposes only do not do any additional research at this time this will be done as part of the January work package. Next slide details Attestation of Residence but explain how it fits with enumeration overlaps with homeless facilities and SVAs. An Attestation of Residence is a form that an administrator of an institution can use verify a particular residents address. It becomes a piece of ID that an individual can use as proof of address. Similar process used by EC during the fed electionInstitutions can include facilities where:The residents use that particular address as their residential address The residents may have ID challenges. E.G. Care homes, seniors residences, student residences, reserves, homeless facilities) DEO to identify and send appropriate institutions a list of Authorized Signatories for the institution to identify who can sign these letters.Only institutions completing and returning this form will get the A of R forms and these will be added to a list that the DEO will need to ensure are distributed to the voting places where these individuals will likely be voting </p></li></ul>