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  • Reverse the effects of agingwith the 20 Years Younger


    Its never been simpler to look, feel, andbe 20 years younger.

    Did you know that exercise helps keepcognitive skills sharp and lack of sleepmakes you more prone to obesity? Theseare just two examples of how improvingone body system can jump-start changesin another.

    Bob Greenes cutting-edge program is

  • built around four essential pillars:

    Exercise: Fight muscle and bone loss,strengthen the core, and stay agile with acombination of strength training andaerobics.Nutrition: A complete nutrition plandesigned to promote longevity, includingdelicious recipes, menus, and advice onsupplements.Skin care: The three-step skin-careprogram will battle wrinkles and otherage-related damage and restore the glowto your skin.Sleep: Get a better nights sleep withthis eleven-point plan; enjoy moreenergy, reduce your risk of disease, andmore.

  • The science of aging has shown thatincorporating these four pillars into yourlife can change your physiology,allowing you to significantly slow downage-related decline and function.Experience amazing changes to yourbody, mind, and spirit, and learn what itfeels like to be 20 years younger!

  • Introduction

    A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, I spent part ofthe spring cycling my way across thecountry, riding from Long Beach,California, to New York City. It wassomething I had always wanted to do,and the opportunity presented itselfwhen I was booked on a multicity tour topromote a book Id written. I knew thatthe 3,600-mile trip would be grueling,but I thought it would actually be lessstressful than racing from one airport to

  • another, which is how a typical booktour unfolds. To prepare, I trained hardso that Id be able to hit my target ofriding about one hundred miles a day. Iplanned to sleep in a different townevery night and visit bookstores, malls,and fitness centers in more than thirtycities along the way.

    I wasnt far into the trip when I beganto feel dramatic changes taking place. Bythe time I hit Arizona, I had a mental andemotional clarity that Id never beforeexperienced. At times, Id be riding foreight hours or more with nothing but thesound of my own breathing and the beatof my heart in my ears. As I lookedaround me, colors seemed brighter, theworld smelled fresher, sounds seemed

  • sharper, the things I touched seemedmore textured. All my senses wereamplified. And nothing rattled menot adog giving chase, rain on my back, atreacherous ascent. As my legs cycledrhythmically, the pedestrian concerns ofthe everyday slipped away and Id findmy thinking stripped down to theessentials. I contemplated the sceneryand I contemplated my life. What wasimportant to me? What did I want out oflife? While I was on that trip it allbecame so much clearer.

    As I edged toward Chicago I becameaware that I was also going throughextraordinary physical changes. Id beenhailed on at the Grand Canyon and twice

  • climbed more than 11,000 feet in thestill snowy Rockies, and I feltinvincible, virtually bulletproof. Everynight I slept like a rock. In my earlyforties at the time, I thought I was prettyfit going into the ride, but that extremephysical challenge left me much strongerthan Id ever been in my life, even in mytwenties.

    While I knew riding cross-countrywould be a challenge and that Id comeoff the bike fitter than when I started, Ihadnt realized how much the trip wouldtransform me both physically andemotionally. I was particularly amazedat how clearheaded I felt. I was able tolook at my life and see exactly where Iwanted to go. By the time I reached the

  • East Coast, I was operating on allcylinders and had regained (and evensignificantly surpassed) the strength,power, energy, lucidity, and drive of myearlier years.

    Graduate students in exercisephysiology learn about the anti-agingbenefits of physical activity, and I wasno exception. In fact, Id had a longtimeinterest in the science of aging and theprevention of age-related decline. Butonce my cross-country trip allowed meto see the possibilities for myself, Ibecame passionate about the subject. Itwasnt long after I completed that cross-country tour that I started exploring ideasfor this book.

  • Its not practical for most people toget on a bike and ride for a month (itsnot something I could easily fit into mylife anymore either), but I wondered ifthere were adjustments you could maketo your everyday life that would have asimilar de-aging, life-enhancing effect. Iknew that a good fitness plan could go along way toward turning back the clock,but what else was possible? To find out,I spent the next few years talking toexperts in other fields, learning about thelatest advances in anti-aging science anddetermining what aspects of thatresearch could be translated into aworkable plan for daily life.

    After a time, it became evident that

  • there are four main fronts on which youcan vigorously fight back against theeffects of aging: exercise, nutrition, skincare, and restorative sleep. Addressingany one of these areas with an eyetoward shaving off the years can have atremendous payoff, but it pales incomparison to the combined impact ofall fourespecially when you alsocontrol the stress in your life andpractice positive thinking, two otheraspects that can significantly slow theaging process. A well-roundedcomprehensive approach can not onlyhelp you look and feel younger, but canactually make your body reverse course,even at the cellular level. At this pointtheres little doubt: Good anti-aging

  • strategies can both extend your life andsubstantially raise the quality of it.

    By calling this book 20 YearsYounger Im making what some mightthink is an exaggerated claim. But mostpeople these days are living lives thatpredispose them to early aging. If yougrab ahold of your health and activelypursue greater well-being, I dont thinkits extravagant to say that you candramatically turn things around. Itscommonly accepted that the bodyundergoes certain changes with age, andto some extent those changes areinevitable. Even works of art maintainedunder pristine light and temperatureconditions eventually begin to wither.

  • What is less known, though, is that thelife you lead and the decisions you makeevery day are largely responsible forhow quickly, profoundly, and noticeablyyou age. In fact, much of what we thinkof as agingwrinkles, weight gain,memory loss, lack of energy, certaintypes of illnessesis not primarilyattributable to the passage of time.Rather, its a direct result of sedentaryliving, poor diet, lack of sleep,insufficient (or nonexistent) skin care,too much stress, and even a defeatistattitude. It stands to reason, then, that ifyou reverse those habitsif you getmoving, eat longevity-promoting foods,sleep soundly and adequately, protectand nourish your skin, and improve your

  • outlook on the worldthe signs of agingwill reverse themselves, too.

    Some people have gotten the messagethat the life you lead can indeed turnback the clock. But I feel others havemisinterpreted the message to mean thatthey should zealously pursue anyprogram that promises everlasting youth.Extreme exercise regimens, severelyrestrictive diets, unproven hormonaltherapies, cosmetic surgery makeoversthey may all seem like quick andeffective ways to return the body to itsyouthful self, but more often than nottheyre counterproductive. What wereoffering you in this book instead arenatural, research-based strategies for

  • getting your body (and mind) in top formand even lowering your physiologicalage. The goal isnt to help you turnyourself back into a teenager but ratherto help you lead your longest, fullest,and healthiest life. Stay strong,energetic, mentally sharp, and confident,and your age will not defineordebilitateyou. Instead it will beincidental; something noted on yourdrivers license but not indicative ofyour health or capabilities.

    Im in my fifties now and Ive alwaysprided myself in trying to live a healthylife. Some of those habits, as it turns out,

  • have helped me when it comes to aging.Ive been extremely conscientious aboutexercise, of course, and Id give myselfa pretty good grade in healthy eating,getting enough sleep, and controllingstress, too. The one area where I wishId been more diligent is in caring formy skin. Its long been my Achillesheel.

    Like so many people, I grew upbefore the widespread use of sunscreen.Nobody had heard of SPF back then, andwhile we knew that getting sunburn hurt,we hadnt been clued in to the dangers ofsun exposure. Ive always had rather fairskin, and when a friend of mine in myelementary school suggested I get a tan, Ibegan to feel self-conscious about how

  • pale I wasan insecurity that lingeredwell into early adulthood. I never wasthat successful at getting a tan (I alwaysburned instead), but that doesnt mean Ididnt try.

    A number of years ago Oprah and Iwere training for a race when, probablyannoyed at me for urging her to pushharder, she turned to me and said, Ivenever met anyone so together. Is thereanything you struggle with? Well, Idont tan very well, I replied, giving anhonest answer. Oprah burst out laughing.I know she thought I was kidding, but Iwas genuinely in