20 mistakes you dont make in your 20s

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Your 20s compose undoubtedly the most pivotal time in your life. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions you make here are truly what dictate your future, as the weak fail and only the strong survive.Do you have what it takes to become a monumental success? Or will you live out a life of mediocrity? The choice is up to you. While many think they have all the answers and the keys to success, we have seen those people make the same pitfalls too many times before.This is the time for you to hustle, scrap and fight for the life that you want for yourself. You manifest your own destiny during these crucial years.Every move you make is a test. Dont f*ck it up. These are the 20 Mistakes You Dont Want To Make In Your 20s.20. Working for money, not for building your dreamsNever do anything just because its convenient for you. Look to challenge yourself and build your own dream instead of building someone elses. Even if it doesnt exactly make sense now, create something with great value so you can cash out big.Always look to the future and never for immediate compensation. What are you going to do with those weekly wages anyways? Stop being so entitled and pretending like you deserve cash, prizes and vacations just yet. You will soon realize once youve made it that making money doesnt make you happy. Its the journey.

19. Thinking that this is the right time to fall in loveWhile all of your friends might be doing it, dont fall into the trap of a relationship. Sure it seems like the right thing to do, but your 20s are entirely too crucial for your personal growth for you to be focusing on fulfilling the wishes of another individual.Not only does it make you complacent with where you are in life, but it makes you boring. When your business is at stake and your future is resting on your shoulders, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by an insecure lover rushing you home.Get out there, meet new people, test the limits and have fun. It will take you to the places youve only dreamed of going.

18. Trying to act like the man rather than learning how to become oneInstead of going overboard on the Gucci monogram and bottles in the club, as if you just signed to Rocnation, spend that time focusing on your career.Every second counts and if more time is spent pretending to be the person you want to be instead of becoming that man, then youll sink in quick sand without even knowing it.A real man is willing to make sacrifices. If you arent down to put in the work, then please dont act like you are. You can enjoy the success when you actually attain it.

17. Making friends instead of earning trustThe in-crowd may be tempting, but youll probably fall victim to surrounding yourself with social climbers. We know you feel entitled to celebrate, but please relax. Its never attractive when you act as though this is the last time youll ever see this in life.Make connections with people based on trial and error, not presuppositions and drunk ranting about what they can do for your business.If you ever want people to take you seriously, then you have to take them seriously. Just because you think you trust someone doesnt always mean you can. Heed any red flags in the past before jumping into any kind of venture with them.

16. Not caring because you only live once thats for foolsWe all are guilty of irrational decision-making in our 20s. Fast people and fast times with money in your pocket always lead to over-extending yourself.A life of partying, heavy drugs and pretty much having that YOLO attitude will leave you flat on your ass. Get focused and lock into what youre supposed to be doing. If you dont know what that is, then you better figure it out ASAP.

15. Making all your wants, needsExpensive women and cheap thrills coupled with the expensive sneakers should not be on the list of your needs. Setting the foundation for your business and team is far more important than updating your wardrobe and chasing sex.Distinguish between what you want and what you actually need. Make sure your priorities are in tact or you will lose your track.

14. Forgetting that family comes firstThose who supported you before anything deserve to be taken care of when you reach your success. If you arent doing this for the ones you love, then youre not doing it right. Family comes first, no matter what happens. If you work for whom you love instead of just yourself, you will get far.

13. Blaming anyone else but yourself for anything in lifeHold yourself accountable for everything. At the end of the day, all you have in the world is yourself so go hard. Dont look to anyone for answers and instead of making problems, create solutions.Whether it was that job you wanted, the funding you needed or the love you think you cant live without, there is no one that can be held accountable in this universe except for you.

12. Getting comfortable like you actually deserve down timeUnless youre chilling with Victorias Secret models in Monaco this weekend, you shouldnt even be thinking about taking a break anytime soon. You need a vacation?What have you accomplished? Mark Cuban spent seven years building out his first business before he even took a break. Dont get lazy now.

11. Sticking with jobs that didnt teach you anythingA bad job is like an unhealthy relationship. Truthfully, the only reason youre there is because it is the safest and easiest thing you know.Any job or relationship that allows for you to get comfortable should be avoided at all costs. The last scenario you could ever want is becoming like the rest of those miserable 40-somethings faced with weekends of minivans and soccer practice.

10. Following the crowd instead of forging against itYou can be aware of the trends, but never follow them. If all your time is spent trying to adjust to your surroundings, youll get lost in the crowd all the more easily.Success and greatness are constructed by trendsetters themselves, not those who latched on to whats currently trending. We hope that you dont have any aspirations to look like your favorite rapper. Temptation to be influenced by those who you aspire to be like is easy, but no one finds his or her calling while following in the footsteps of another.

9. Failing to energize those around youAlthough you may sometimes think there is a lack of talent in your networks this is never the case. It is your sole responsibility to inspire, encourage and drive those around you to succeed.Failing to do so only confirms that you fall victim to that which you accuse others of. Change and greatness can be sparked everywhere, but bring it upon yourself to trigger it.

8. Thinking you need to stop learning and growingYou have more zeros at the end of your bank statement and stamps in your passport than you had ever imagined. Dont consider this your victory lap, but rather as a taste of greatness. Do you live to enjoy the moments you dreamed of or a lifetime of unimaginable success?The common misconception that once things are in your favor, you no longer have to put in the 3:00AM work hours is a dangerous problem. The fewer nights that youre willing to put in the work, the fewer opportunities you will have to celebrate your achievements in the future.

7. Thinking that anyone will ever pay you backYour 20s will be accompanied with a slew of poor investments by both you and those around you. Whether rich or poor, there will always be someone in your circle that will need a helping hand. If you ever think youre going to see that money again, youre sorely mistaken.If there were a plan of action and re-investment, then the truth is that you will not see $1 back. Times are tough, especially in your 20s and finding a route back to financial freedom is often seen only when winning the lotto or signing your first deal with Ca$h Money Records.Of course miracles do happen, but the probabilities that youve essentially given the money away are far too high.

6. Investing in relationships with the wrong valuesYour love life is an investment and the smarter the deals you execute, the savvier of an investor you become. Instead of navigating through an ambiguous investment in which you shower your lover with cash and prizes for existing, make sure he or she will demonstrate positive returns. Your love life should have a solid ROI.

5. Holding on to friends that waste your time and add no value to your lifeYoull be sucked down into the abyss right with them if you dont cut the fat of the group. Family and friends could have been great to you as a child, but if they no longer hold the value and inspiration that is needed for you to thrive in life, then cut them loose.The only individuals you should be surrounding yourself with are those that challenge your ideas and motivate you to find the next solution to your problems. No, not the pessimistic assh*les who shoot down your ideas with their negativity, but rather the ones who genuinely want to see you succeed no matter what you do in life.

4. Forgetting about the piggy bank and spending every dollar you haveIf our check is for $9, then were most likely spending $30. Between credit cards, school loans and every other avenue for attaining a quick dollar, our need for immediate gratification is worse than ever.The truth is its about making more money, not saving it. But at the same time, if you have no means for expanding your revenue channels, then you must be able to save a few dollars here and there. No one likes to have to walk to work because he blew every dollar at LAVO.

3. Not wrapping it before tapping itIf you dont want to have a child then you better limit your excuses. As vulgar as it may sound, sometimes there are only a few options in life, so you must avoid all potential margins of error.The road to success is not paved with having responsibilities of children and your f