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  • TTCC330000

    P r e c i s e U n i v e r s a l L a t h e

    MM aa dd ee ii nn EE uu rr oo pp ee

    M e c h a n i c a l E n g i n e e r i n g



  • TC3002

    Latest control system: Siemens840D-SL or Fanuc 32iT with 1 5-inchscreen

    Machining of bars or integratedautomation with robotic system

    Compact dimensions forlow space requirement

    Ideal for Hard Turning

    Available with or withoutdriven tool and Y axis

    Perfect freechip fall

    Small distance betweenoperator and chuck

    Largepanoramicwindow to theworking area

    Chip conveyoras standard

    Toolsetter asstandard

    M a c h i n e H i g h l i g h t s

  • 3TC300

    Modernmotorspindles with52 mm or 65 mm


    Hardened and ground slidingguideways for best vibrationdamping

    Real Y-axis

    Rigid SPINNER servo turretwith BMT45 or VDI25toolholder

    Powerful tool drivein the turret

    Rigid machinebase as a one-piece casting






    CNC tailstockor subspindle

    M a c h i n e H i g h l i g h t s

  • Up to 1 6 tool stations


    Figure shows turret disc VDI25 and CNC tailstock

    Rigid SPINNER-turret with highmilling performance that canwork on both spindles

    T u r r e t t e c h n o l o g y

  • Tool holder BMT45


    T u r r e t t e c h n o l o g y

    Your advantages at one glance when using BMT45 tool holders

    High toolholder exchange precision

    No adjustment is required

    High stiffness

    Higher turning and mil l ing performance

    Or toolholder VDI25

  • A u t o m a t i o n

    6 TC3006

    A u t o m a t i o n s o l u t i o n s

    Fully automated production solutions for large-scale productionFROM A SINGLE SOURCE from SPINNER and SPINNER-Automation

    You r ad van tag es a t on e g l an ce

    Increase in productivity

    Cost reduction

    Optimal processes for your machining requirements

    Everything from one source

    Ask u s for you r so l u t i on !

  • A u t o m a t i o n

    B a r f e e d i n g s y s t e m

    Fo r feed i n g ba rs u p to a max i m umo f 32 00mm

    SPINNER Bar feeding magazines

    P a r t c a t c h e r

    Fo r co l l e c t i o n o f cu t - o ff pa rts to pu t th em i n a s to ra g e b i n o r to p l a ce th emon a con veyo r be l t


  • 8 TC300

    1 ) See floorplan2) Machine net weight SMCY

    Swing diameter

    Max. turning diameter

    Max. turning length

    X1 / Z-axis

    Y-axis (option)

    Working area


    Rapide traverse X / Y / Z

    Spindle 1

    Max. spindle speed

    Spindle bore

    Performance Pmax

    Torque Mmax


    Max. speed of driven tools

    Performance Pmax

    Torque Mmax

    Spindle 2

    Max. spindle speed

    Spindle nose

    Performance Pmax

    Torque Mmax

    General indications

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 1 )

    Weight 2)


    Number of tool stations

    Number of driven tools (option)

    400 mm

    ~200 mm

    400 mm

    1 80 / 450 mm

    +40 / -40 mm

    1 5 / 1 5 / 24 m/min

    5.000 rpm

    52 mm

    23,5 kW

    1 50 Nm

    VDI25 / BMT45

    6.000 rpm

    1 6,5 kW

    35 Nm

    7.000 rpm

    1 00 mm

    1 3,8 kW

    1 89 Nm

    2230 x 1 700 x 21 65 mm

    ~3.700 kg

    1 2/1 6 (VDI25) ; 1 2 (BMT45)

    al l

    400 mm

    ~200 mm

    400 mm

    1 80 / 450 mm

    +40 / -40 mm


    1 5 / 1 5 / 24 m/min

    4.000 rpm (option 5.000 rpm)

    65 mm

    34 kW

    325 Nm

    VDI25 / BMT45

    6.000 rpm

    1 6,5 kW

    35 Nm

    7.000 rpm

    1 00 mm

    1 3,8 kW

    1 89 Nm

    2430 x 1 700 x 21 65 mm

    ~4.200 kg

    1 2/1 6 (VDI25) ; 1 2 (BMT45)

    al l


    Spindle nose A6/DIN A8/DIN

    Chuck diameter 21 0 mm 250 mm

    Chuck diameter 1 65 mm 1 65 mm

    T e c h n i c a l d a t a

  • 9TC300

    Main Spindle TC300-52 5.000 rpm

    Driven Tool

    Main Spindle TC300-65 4.000 rpm

    Sub Spindle TC300 7.000 rpm

    T o r q u e a n d p e r f o r m a n c e d i a g r a m s

  • 1 0 TC300

    Main spindle with spindlebore 65 mm(standard 52 mm)

    Turret disc VDI25 1 6-position (standard 1 2-position)Turret disc BMT45 1 2-position

    Toolholder package BMT45Toolholder package VDI25Hard turning package for superfinishing

    Component measurement by touch probe in turret

    Siemens 840D-SLFanuc 32iT with 1 5-inch screen

    Clamping force control bydifferential pressure for mainspindle and/or sub spindle

    Glass scale X1 -axis / Z1 -axis

    Automatic door

    High pressure coolantpump 1 5/50 bar for toolswith internal coolant supply

    Scraping type conveyor

    Air nozzle for compressed airon main spindle/sub spindle

    Coolant pistol inthe working area

    Suction unit for coolant mistFire extinguishing system

    Part catcher

    Externaltool measurement

    Bar feeder

    Clamping system for the workpiece

    Also available with 2 turrets as model TTC300 Other options on demand

    O p t i o n s

  • 11TC300

    Version with standardchip conveyor

    Compact dimensions for low space requirement

    111 02230/2430


    890 1068


    1 700


    301 700


    F l o o r p l a n

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    We have designed and produced the most modernmachine-tools since 1 950. More than 20.000 del iveredmachines demonstrate their high efficiency, precisionand rel iabi l i ty, everyday.

    Although Spinner is a medium-sized enterprise weproduce and sel l more than 1 .000 CNC machines ayear. And the number is increasing every year. Ourcompany combines the know-how of a global playerwith the flexibi l i ty and cost-effective structures of afamily owned business.

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