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  • Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE

    A Look at the personality adjectives in the table. If the adjective is positive, put a + next to it. If the adjective is negative, put a next to it.

    Zodiac Sign Personality

    Aries21 March 20 April

    impatient selfish confident brave

    Taurus21 April 20 May

    greedy lazy patient loyal

    Gemini21 May 21 June

    outgoing moody lazy funny

    Cancer22 June 22 July

    oversensitive romantic moody kind

    Leo23 July 22 August

    generous intolerant creative arrogant

    Virgo23 August 22 September

    gentle modest fussy conservative

    Libra23 September 22 October

    easy-going outgoing indecisive impatient

    Scorpio23 October 21 November

    stubborn passionate unkind patient

    Sagittarius22 November 21 December

    honest impatient immature generous

    Capricorn22 December 19 January

    ambitious conservative modest mean

    Aquarius20 January 18 February

    creative loyal rebellious cold

    Pisces19 February 20 March

    kind weak gentle oversensitive

    B Look at the photos of the famous artists and discuss with your partner what kind of personalities you think they have.

    1E Zodiac personality

    Justin Bieber1 March 1994

    Lady Gaga28 March 1986

    Kylie Minogue28 May 1968

    Beyonc Knowles4 September 1981

    Justin Timberlake31 January 1981

    Enrique Iglesias8 May 1975

    C Now find out which zodiac sign each artist is. How well do you think the adjectives describe them?

  • Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

    1E Zodiac personalityAims To recycle adjectives of personality from Lesson E and the unit. To encourage students to express their opinion.Time 15 minutesMaterials 1 handout for each student Before distributing the handout, ask students if they think

    personalities can be determined by date of birth and what they know about zodiac signs and personality.

    Give each student a copy of the handout and focus on the adjectives of personality in the right-hand column. Almost all of these appeared in Lesson E, earlier in the Students Book unit or in the photocopiable for Lesson A. The only new adjectives are fussy, conservative, cold and oversensitive.

    Students now complete task A by reading the adjectives and marking each one with + (positive) or (negative).


    Zodiac Sign Positive meaning Negative meaning

    Aries brave, confident selfish, impatient

    Taurus patient, loyal greedy, lazy

    Gemini outgoing, funny moody, lazy

    Cancer kind, romantic moody, oversensitive

    Leo generous, creative intolerant, arrogant

    Virgo gentle, modest fussy, conservative

    Libra easy-going, outgoing

    indecisive, impatient

    Scorpio passionate, patient stubborn, unkind

    Sagittarius honest, generous impatient, immature

    Capricorn ambitious, modest conservative, mean

    Aquarius loyal, creative rebellious, cold

    Pisces gentle, kind weak, oversensitive

    In task B, working in pairs, students discuss the personalities of the artists in the photos.

    For task C, students look at the photos again, determine the zodiac signs and look in the table for the list of adjectives which describe the signs. They should then discuss with a partner, or in a small group, to what extent they agree.

    ANSWER KEYJustin Bieber Pisces Lady Gaga AriesKylie Minogue Gemini Beyonc Knowles VirgoJustin Timberlake Aquarius Enrique Iglesias Taurus Ask students how accurate they think the zodiac

    personalities are.