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A look at west Africa.


  • 1. West Africa

2. West Africa: 3.

  • Trading Empires
  • There were three big ones in this area: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai (in that order).
  • All traded gold and salt and taxed traders who passed through their land on trade routes through the Sahara.

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  • Stateless Society
  • There are many stateless societies around here.
  • A stateless society is a people of one lineage or family who trace their descent back to one person.
    • This is different from a stateless nation, which is a people who share the same culture and nationalistic identity.
  • An example is the Igbo.


  • Economy
  • The economies in this area struggle quite a bit.
    • A big reason is political instability that leads to civil wars.
    • Sierra Leone, for example, while having a lot of diamonds, does not have a developed infrastructure.
      • There was also a UN ban on the sale of Sierra Leone diamonds due to the warring and corrupt governments.


  • Culture
  • Ashanti


    • The Ashanti are known for their intricate kente cloth

9. 10.

      • And their stools


  • Some tribes, such as the Igbo, also made masks.

12. 13.

    • The Benin were known for the terra cotta:


      • And their bronzes

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