19 th century religious & reform movements

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19 th Century Religious & Reform Movements. Burned Over District. Millerites. William Miller Millennium in March 1843, then Oct. 22, 1844. United Society of Believers in Christs Second Appearing. The Shakers Mother Ann Lee No private property, procreation, marriage, parenthood. Oneida. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


19th Century Religious & Reform Movements

19th Century Religious & Reform Movements

1Burned Over District

2MilleritesWilliam MillerMillennium in March 1843, then Oct. 22, 1844

3United Society of Believers in Christs Second AppearingThe ShakersMother Ann LeeNo private property, procreation, marriage, parenthood

4OneidaJohn Humphrey NoyesMethodist PerfectionismComplex Marriage

5Major Reform CampaignsSelf-improvementFree educationSabbatarianismTemperancePenitentiaries/AsylumsMoral Reform

6Key CharacteristicsWomen conformed to expected behaviorVoluntary AssociationsNorthernBodily & impulse controlDisciplinary IntimacyVolunteers were morally implicated

7Anti-GamblingJudgment towards nature of earned wealth

8Promoting Education1815 = 33 colleges1835 = 681848 = 113Great Awakening Colleges = Amherst, Wesleyan, Emory, Duke, Mount Holyoke, Oberlin, Notre Dame9Criminal JusticeOssining Prison, Hudson River ValleyEastern State Penitentiary, PhiladelphiaPanopticon

10AsylumsDorothea DixMassachusetts House of Corrections, 18411860 = 28 out of 33 states had public asylums

11Sylvester GrahamNo stimulants, bland dietOvertaxed bodily system, sensual life as causes of all disease

12Anti-Masturbation CampaignParental involvement & middle-class respectabilityNew concept of childhood innocence

13Womens InvolvementMovement outside the homeSocializationNo official political authority