18 things every bride must know before planning a wedding

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18 things every bride must know before planning a wedding by Matt Bowen from Matt Bowen Photography.


  • 18 things every bride must know before planning a wedding

    Matt Bowenwww.mattbowenphotography.co.uk

  • Planning a wedding can be a daunting task so here are 18 things every bride must know before starting out

    - Make a plan and get your timings organised Things will always run over but at least youll have some sort of idea without feeling like an events manager carrying a clipboard

    - Delegate The wedding day is not solely your responsibility, let friends and family do some things for you

    - Skilled help Anyone you know with a skill, get them involved for baking cakes, making decorations, crafting and flowers

    - Know when to use the professionals You should still get the professionals involved for things like the photography (its what youll take away with you), the venue, the dress and the catering

    - Discount deals Where will people stay? How will they travel? Getting group deals on hotels, buses and taxis can often work out cheaper

    - Unofficial bridesmaids Have a friend you can call on during the day to run some errands or help in emergencies who isnt part of the bridal party

    - Have an engagement/pre-wedding shoot This will help you be more relaxed during the photos on your wedding day

    - A midnight snack For those guests who are still partying hard, a late night snack will go down a treat

    - DJ requests Give your DJ a playlist of songs that you know will get your guests up and dancing. No one wants an empty dancefloor

  • - Allow yourself to be pampered Let go in the run up, lighten up and see the funny side to anything that goes wrong

    - Let them eat cake Make sure there is enough cake to go around. Better to have too much than to have too little

    - Last minute guests- Last minute guests Have a reserve list of people you can invite if people are ill or have to work at short notice

    - Have a venue visit with your photographer During this you can plan where your photographs will be taken on your wedding day and also come up with a plan should it rain

    - Are you not entertained?- Are you not entertained? Plan something for that lull between the ceremony and your wedding breakfast

    - Cater for fussy eaters Make sure you have a broad enough menu that literally caters for all diets and intolerances

    - Go easy on the fizz At least until you have had your photographs taken. The bubbles in Champgane can go to your head very quickly

    - Live like a saint- Live like a saint In the build up to the wedding, eat healthily, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep so you look your very best

    - Smile, smile, smile Youve spent months planning and probably years dreaming of this day so enjoy it, relax and smile

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