17th annual pitch 2 pitch 15u-aaa and 15u-aa ... ... 17th annual pitch 2 pitch 15u-aaa and 15u-aa...

Download 17th ANNUAL PITCH 2 PITCH 15U-AAA and 15U-AA ... ... 17th ANNUAL PITCH 2 PITCH 15U-AAA and 15U-AA BASEBALL

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  • 17th ANNUAL



    Hosted by:

    Armstrong/Cooper Youth Baseball Association

    15U-AAA and 15U-AA

    31 May – 2 June 2019

  • Welcome to the 17th annual Pitch 2 Pitch 15U Baseball Tournaments. Pitch 2 Pitch and the Armstrong / Cooper Youth Baseball Association (ACYBA) are pleased to be hosting these tournaments and that your team has chosen to participate. The weekend’s competition includes 14 teams in the 15U-AAA division and 12 teams in the 15U-AA division.

    The tournaments consist of a combination of pool play and bracket play with a guarantee of three games, weather permitting. The top-eight teams from the 15-AAA pool advance to bracket play on Sunday. The top team from each 15U-AA pool plus one wild card team advance to bracket play on Sunday. The tournament sponsor, Pitch 2 Pitch, is a premier baseball training and instruction organization based in the Twins Cities Area and operated by CJ Woodrow, Big Ten pitcher of the year in 2002. CJ and his Pitch 2 Pitch staff have a wide range of college and professional baseball experience. Pitch 2 Pitch offers a complete and comprehensive range of baseball training services, from individual instruction for all positions to coach’s clinics and tryouts. Their mission is to provide opportunities for and aid in the improvement of young athletes in baseball. You may contact them at pitch2pitch.com or 763-458-7821. ACYBA organizes parent-coached baseball in Robbinsdale School District 281, which includes the cities of Plymouth, New Hope, Crystal, Robbinsdale and Golden Valley. ACYBA fields 13u and 14/15u teams in the MYAS North Star League and 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u and 19u teams in the Gopher State Baseball League traveling program. Sister organizations complement our programs by offering Little League and tee-ball programs. We are fortunate to have an outstanding collection of 90-foot fields complete with grass infields. The cities of New Hope, Golden Valley, Crystal and Robbinsdale are providing fields for this tournament and they do a fantastic job of preparing and maintaining their fields. We ask you to respect their efforts by your conduct during the tournament. Maps to the fields are provided at the end of this booklet. The tournament is qualifier for the Gopher State Tournament of Champions (GSTC) administered by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (www.myas.org) and Minnesota Baseball Tournaments (MBT). Certificates will be issued to the first and second place teams at the conclusion of the tournament. A letter from the MYAS Baseball Director, Mr. Tony Groff, and the MYAS Program Director, Mr. Pat Reese, is included in the booklet to assist you in your planning. The tournament headquarters will be located at the Sandburg Middle School Fields (Sutton and Tapper) and we invite you to stop there for tournament updates (or call Steve at 612-382-5018). And if your players need a bit more motivation, bring them by to see the championship t-shirts awarded to the tournament winners. Again, thank you for joining us for this weekend of baseball. Good luck to all. _____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Dale Bjerke Steve Hickel CJ Woodrow ACYBA League Director Tournament Director Pitch2Pitch


    BS – IN DIAN

    S – PADRES


    N W O RLD


    PIO N S

    N ATIO


    PIO N S 

    RO YA LS  –  P IR AT ES  –  M

    AR IN ER

    S  –  RO

    CK IE S  ‐ N

    AT IO N AL S  

    BI G  10

     P IT CH

    ER  O F  TH

    E  YE AR

      M IN O R  LE AG

    UE  A LL ‐S TA RS

















    8115 CENTURY BLVD, CHASKA MN 55318 




  • __________________________________________________

    1011 Osborne Road NE * Spring Lake Park * MN 55432

    Telephone: (763) 781-2220 * Fax: (763) 781-1922 * www.myas.org

    Dear Coach, The tournament in which you are participating is a Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) Gopher State Tournament of Champions (GSTC) qualifier. MYAS offers a comprehensive baseball program including winter baseball camps, fall baseball leagues, coaches’ clinics, tournaments, Blizzard Select Baseball and the best National Tournaments in the country. The GSTC replaces the AAU/USSSA State Tournament. The MYAS baseball staff believes the GSTC allows the best teams in the state and region to come together for a premier baseball event. The tournament is open to all community-based teams from Minnesota as well as other states, as long as they have either earned a berth from a GSTC qualifying events (i.e., invitational tournaments such as the Pitch2Pitch 15u) or received an at-large berth. No "Renegade" or "All-Star" teams are knowingly allowed to participate in the GSTC. The champions of the GSTC event receive custom-made personalized rings from Jostens, complete with the player’s name, number and team record. We take pride in our program and will continue to offer outstanding programs for the youth of Minnesota. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office (numbers listed below). Good luck this summer, and we hope to see you at one our events. Sincerely, Bobby Strickland Pat Reese MYAS Program Director MYAS Baseball Director (763) 781-2220 ext. 1735 (763) 781-2220 ext. 1731 bobby@myas.org patrick@myas.org

  • Tournament Schedule – 15U-AAA

    G am


    Schedule Start Field Team #1 Team #2 Date Time

    1 31-May-19 5:45PM New Hope Lighted Shoreview Plymouth Wayzata 2 31-May-19 8:00PM New Hope Lighted St. Michael Albertville East Ridge 3 31-May-19 5:45PM Scanlon Totino Grace St. Louis Park Orioles 4 31-May-19 8:00PM Scanlon Champlin Park Rebels Lakeville North 5 31-May-19 5:45PM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Forest Lake Chanhassen 6 31-May-19 8:00PM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Eagan Baseball Edina 7 31-May-19 6:30PM Bassett Creek Coon Rapids Lakeville South 8 1-Jun-19 9:00AM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Shoreview East Ridge 9 1-Jun-19 9:00AM Smothers Field Totino Grace Lakeville North

    10 1-Jun-19 9:00AM Bassett Creek Coon Rapids Plymouth Wayzata 11 1-Jun-19 11:15AM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Forest Lake Edina 12 1-Jun-19 11:15AM Smothers Field Champlin Park Rebels Chanhassen 13 1-Jun-19 11:15AM Bassett Creek Eagan Baseball Lakeville South 14 1-Jun-19 1:30PM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Shoreview St. Louis Park Orioles 15 1-Jun-19 1:30PM Smothers Field Coon Rapids East Ridge 16 1-Jun-19 1:30PM Bassett Creek St. Michael Albertville Lakeville North 17 1-Jun-19 3:45PM Smothers Field Eagan Baseball Plymouth Wayzata 18 1-Jun-19 3:45PM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Totino Grace Chanhassen 19 1-Jun-19 3:45PM Bassett Creek Forest Lake Lakeville South 20 1-Jun-19 6PM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Champlin Park Rebels Edina 21 1-Jun-19 6PM Smothers Field St. Michael Albertville St. Louis Park Orioles

    22 2-Jun-19 8:30AM Sutton (Sandburg MS) Number 1 Seed Number 8 Seed 23 2-Jun-19 8:30AM Tapper (Sandburg MS) Number 2 Seed Number 7 Seed 24 2-Jun-19 8:30AM Smothers Field Number 3 Seed Number 6 Seed 25 2-Jun-19 8:30AM Bassett Creek Number 4 Seed Number 5 Seed 26 2-Jun-19 12:30PM Smothers Field Game 22 Winner Game 25 Winner 27 2-Jun-19 12:30PM Bassett Creek Game 23 Winner Game 24 Winner 28 2-Jun-19 3:30PM Bassett Creek Loser Game 26 Loser Game 27 29 2-Jun-19 3:30PM Smothers Field Winner Game 26 Winner Game 27

  • Tournament Pools – 15U-AAA

    15U-AAA North Wins Losses Ties Rank Shoreview St. Michael Albertville Totino Grace Champlin Park Rebels Forest Lake Eagan Baseball Coon Rapids 15U-AAA South Wins Losses Ties Rank Plymouth Wayzata East Ridge St. Louis Park Orioles Lakeville North Chanhassen Edina Lakeville South

    North teams only play South teams and vice versa. The top eight teams are seeded based on pool-play records for bracket play on Sunday (2 June 2019.)

  • Tournament Schedule – 15U-AA

    G am


    Schedule Start Field Team #1 Team #2 D


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