(1500-1660).  renaissance: rebirth or revival  revival of learning; desire for knowledge ...

Download (1500-1660).  renaissance: rebirth or revival  Revival of Learning; desire for knowledge  growth in study of other languages, literature, art, mathematics,

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  • (1500-1660)
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  • renaissance: rebirth or revival Revival of Learning; desire for knowledge growth in study of other languages, literature, art, mathematics, philosophy, and science
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  • led by Martin Luther posted 95 propositions against the Roman Catholic Church in the 16 th century strived to make the church more accessible & fair the church refused Luthers propositions, and the Protestant Reformation evolved
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  • began when King Henry VIII was denied a divorce by the Pope The Church of England was formed English Parliament passed the Supremacy Act in 1534 important influence on development of Protestantism in England
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  • focus on translating Latin and Greek works authors tried to emulate the ancient greats philosophy and scientific influences show influenced by politics
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  • emphasis on the human figure, natural beauty, & physical realism accurate perspective; subject placed in front of natural background sculptures and architecture modelled after Roman style
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  • invented the printing press first time books were mass produced, beginning with the Bible principal method of publishing through late 20 th century prior to invention of the printing press, books could cost as much as houses
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  • developed ideas that were beyond his time first person to bring realism and perspective into artwork, bringing subjects to life controversial work, such as The Last Supper invented his own artistic techniques promoted education of artistic style
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  • The more sand has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it - Niccolo Machiavelli Roman historian and politician wrote history from a humanist perspective rather than in the Greek theological tradition wrote political instructions, believed the power to influence history and events lied in the individual
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  • Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright Spanish language often considered la lengua de Cervantes large influence on prose fiction Don Quixote considered one of the best fictional works
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  • Excerpt Excerpt written by Miguel de Cervantes widely considered the first modern novel, as well as one of the greatest novels ever written
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