15 Science Projects for Homeschool High School

Download 15 Science Projects for Homeschool High School

Post on 14-Jun-2015




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When you homeschool you don't have the benefit of a science lab. Or do you?? Here is a list of science labs you can do at home with your homeschool teens.


  • 1. 15 Science Projectsfor Homeschooling High School

2. LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com is the premierewebsite for the homeschool high schoolcommunity. We offer forums for both parents andstudents, easy-to-browse information about highschool homeschooling and post-graduationpreparation, and tons of free printables that youcan download and use today. Stop by our mainsite to see all that we have to offer! 3. View our list of science projects 4. BioFilm Experiment 5. Magnetism and Electricity 6. Mythbusters Science Fair Book 7. Practical Biology 8. Yeast and Sugar Experiment 9. Science Fair Projects World 10. Extract Your Own DNA 11. Home Science Tools 12. Oxidation and ReductionExperiment 13. Science Experiment Videos 14. Diffusion 15. Egg Crush Physics 16. Forensics in the Classroom 17. Marine Biology for Homeschool 18. The Home Scientist 19. Keep up with the latest high schoolhomeschooling info!