1485-1660 1 a flourish of genius” “ a flourish of genius”

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  • 1485-1660 1 A Flourish of Genius A Flourish of Genius
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  • A French word meaning rebirth Starts in Italy Renewal of the human spirit - new energy, curiosity, and creativity Renewed interest in classical learning 2
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  • 3 Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Christopher Columbus Galileo Shakespeare
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  • 4 Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel
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  • Intellectual movement that focuses on human values and concerns What is a human being? What is a good life? How do I lead a good life? Sought to harmonize these two great sources of wisdom: the Bible and the classics. 5
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  • Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439. Transformed the way information was exchanged. First book printed was an immense Latin Bible in Germany around 1455. Printing press reached England in 1476. 6
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  • England breaks away from the church Church needed reform Pope controlled all of Europe Ignorance and idleness of monks Loose living and personal wealth of priests and bishops Henry VIII wanted to get rid of his wife of 24 years (Catherine) Lost five babies and had only one girl (no heir) Another younger woman Henry wanted Ann Boleyn 7
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  • Pope refuses Henry a divorce in 1533 Henry appoints a new archbishop of Canterbury, who declares Henrys marriage to Catherine invalid. In 1533, Henry breaks away from the Catholic church by declaring himself head of the new English church. Beginning of Protestantism Sir Thomas More one of Henrys subjects who remained loyal to the pope. Henry had him beheaded. 8
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  • In all Henry VIII had six wives. Divorced, beheaded, died, Divorced, beheaded, survived Had 3 children Mary daughter of the Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon Elizabeth daughter of Anne Boleyn Edward son of Jane Seymour, a noblewoman. 9
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  • Edward Became king at the age of 9 Ruled for only 6 years and died of Tuberculosis Mary Bloody Mary Ruled for 5 years Strong-willed Catholic (Spanish) Restored the Popes power in England Burned about 300 of her subjects at the stake Died childless of a fever 10
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  • The Virgin Queen Knew that her strength lay in her independence Restored law and order Rejected the Popes authority and restored the Church of England again Firmly established a religious and national identity People loved her; symbol of peace, security, and prosperity Inspiration for literature even wrote herself English started writing as never before 11
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  • 12 Snake: wisdom There can be no rainbow without the sun Eyes & Ears: She sees and hears all that goes on in her kingdom Rainbow