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Download 13th International Association of Colloid  Interface ...users. lyeo/Dr_Leslie_Yeo/Bio_files/ICSCS 2009 3rd...Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry ... The Renaissance of Colloid Chemistry Through the Synthesis of Nanomaterials Ivar Giaever (Applied Biophysics, Inc.;

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  • 13th International Association of Colloid & Interface Scientists Conference on Surface and Colloid Science

    83rd ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

    June 14-19, 2009 Columbia University, New York, NY

    Chairs: Ponisseril Somasundaran (Columbia University) Raymond S. Farinato (Kemira Water Solutions)

    Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

    Sponsored by: International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists American Chemical Society - Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry National Science Foundation - Industry/University Center for Surfactants


    3rd Announcement for more information visit www.icscs.org

    Plenary Speakers

    Gabor Somorjai (University California, Berkeley) The Renaissance of Colloid Chemistry Through the Synthesis of NanomaterialsIvar Giaever (Applied Biophysics, Inc.; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Nanotechnology, Biology and BusinessMatt Trau (University of Queensland) Mining for Cancer Biomarkers: Colloids in Early Disease Detection, Personalized Medicine and DiagnosticsYoshio Okahata (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Hydration and Viscoelasticity of BiomoleculesBrian Vincent (University of Bristol) Microgels: from Fundamentals to Applications

    Email: icscs2009@columbia.edu

    Important Dates

    June 2, 2008 ABSTRACT submission opens (online at www.icscs.org)

    January 15, 2009 ABSTRACT submission closes (online at www.icscs.org)

    January 1, 2009 Early registration opens (online at www.icscs.org)

    April 1, 2009 Regular registration rates apply (online at www.icscs.org)

    13th ICSCS and 83rd CSSSColumbia University, New York, NY / June 14 - 19, 2009

    3rd Announcement for more information visit www.icscs.org

    Sponsorship & Exhibition: Thomas Abraham (Innovative Research and Products, Inc.) ICSCS2009@innoresearch.net

    Fundamentals of Surface and Colloid ScienceBehavior at Surfaces and Interfaces Structures at Interfaces with Liquids and in Thin Films [Kenneth Eisenthal] Hydrophobic Interactions [Roe-Han Yoon & William Ducker] Interfaces and Interphases: Thermodynamics, Structure & Adsorption Electrokinetics & Microfluidics [Leslie Yeo & Shelley Anna] Capillary and Wetting Phenomena [S.S. Dukhin & M. Labib] Modeling of Interfaces & Simulations [Ramanathan Nagarajan & Shyam Vyas] Polymers at Interfaces and Polymer-Surfactant Interactions [Frank Blum & Maria Santore] Novel Measurement Tools & Methods [Andrei Dukhin & Mark Bumiller] Interfacial Rheology [Reinhard Miller & Gerry Fuller & Libero Liggieri]Particulate Systems Colloid and Surface Interactions in Water [Ludmila Boinovich & John Walz] Interfacial Forces & Fields: Colloids in External Fields [Sven-Holger Behrens & Pierre M. Adler & Eric Dufresne] Clustering [Paul Dubin & Tony Dinsmore] Colloidal Gels and Microgels [Martin Snowden & Brian Vincent] Colloid Rheology and Microrheology [William Russel & Eric Furst & Jan Vermant]Surfactants and Supermolecular Assemblies [Alexander Couzis & Charles Maldarelli] Structured Lipids [Nissim Garti]Dynamics [Nick Turro & Tony Heinz]

    Applications of Surface and Colloid ScienceIndustrial (Water, Mining, Paper, Food, Personal Care, Microelectronics) Mineral Interfaces in Industry and the Environment [David Beattie & Jean Marc Douillard] Mechanisms of Bacterial Adhesion [Sharon Walker & Terri Camesano & Nathalie Tufenkji] Flotation Chemistry [D.R. Nagaraj] Water Treatment [C. Maltesh] Papermaking [Scott Rosencrance & Steve Severtson] Emulsions [Stig Friberg] Tribology and Adhesion [Girma Biresaw & Anil Netravali] Adhesion and Polymer Surface Patterning [Fernando Galembeck] Applications of Colloids for Materials Science and Engineering Catalysis and Surface Science [John Kitchin & Jim Miller] Solid-Gas Interface Polymeric Delivery for Consumer Products [Robert Lochhead]Biology and Health Sciences Biocolloids for Imaging and Drug Delivery [Mark Andrew Borden & Steven Wrenn] Biosurfactants and Other Novel Surfactants [Krister Holmberg & Orlando Rojas] Biomineralization [George Nancollas] Biointerfaces [Marjorie Longo & Ka Yee Lee]Environmental Colloid and Interfacial Processes [V. Faye McNeill & Qilin Li & Helen Nguyen]Energy Production Fossil Fuel Recovery and Processing [Zhenghe Xu & Jae W. Lee] Interfacial Phenomena in Engine Lubricants [Kyriakos Papadopoulos]Engineering at the Nano-scale and nano-technology [Yunfeng Lu & Brij Moudgil] Fabrication of Colloidal Assemblies and Devices [Darrell Velegol & Orlin Velev]

    Future Directions in Colloid and Surface Science [K.P. Ananthapadmanabhan]

    Technical Topics

    Website: www.icscs.org


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