12' red cedar opti breeze tm bridge

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    Product FeatureFree ShippinglHardware: Zinc Plated SteellFeatures: Sanded and Rounded EdgeslProtected by 1 year limited warrantyl12 ft L x 3ft W; Max span is 128"; capacity is 600llbsRead more l

    Product DescriptionOur Red Cedar Opti-BreezeTM Bridge presents a grand illusion that will create a wave of excitement in yourgarden. While its zig-zagging clever design induces the perception of an uneven surface, it is actually flat. Aninnovative feat of engineering, it has been trademarked, and has a patent pending. This spectacular bridge isnot sold anywhere else; so here's your chance to get in on the fun of having something unique that's bound toastound. Put this masterpiece across any stream or anywhere else that you want to add some amazing specialeffects. Hand-crafted in the USA from beautiful western red cedar, it is just as strong and stable as all of ourother bridges. Read more