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  2. 2. Here are some logos which tell ve as ; aboutcompanies they were createdfor,their history,philosophy, and business area.
  3. 3. Fedex Advertise their speed and deliveryaccuracy more than you might think,andactually promote these factors in theirlogotype by hiding an arrow between "E" and "X".
  4. 4. (Pinteret
  5. 5. The point of Pinterest for users to "pin" webclippings onto their own customizableonline board,so it's no surprise that a pinhas been incorporated into the letter "P" intheir logotype.
  6. 6. The hidden message in this logo is difficultto find,but if you look closely you'll notice how razorsharply "G" 8L "l" have been Cut.This represents the sharpness and precisionof razors
  7. 7. Life's Good
  8. 8. The face seen in LG logo is made up of theletters of the brand with "L" illustrating anose,and "G" forming the remainder of theface.
  9. 9. / -lO
  10. 10. The "VA" of Sony VAIO logo has been madeto look like an analogue signal,and the "IQ" resembles the number 1 and O - whichrepresents a digital signal.
  11. 11. The "U" in Unilever logo is creatively filledin with a variety of random images,butevery single icon used actually representsan aspect of the Unilever business.For example:a recycle icon for theirsustainability,and lips for beauty 84 taste.
  12. 12. .III. I|I.CISCO,
  13. 13. Cisco was founded in San Francisco,which explains the name,but this is also referenced in their logo.The series of bluelines represent an electromagnet,but alsosymbolise San Francisco's iconic goldengate bridge.
  14. 14. Tl ' I I"II T] , If: :I Tl lll
  15. 15. The yellow underlining arrow in theamazon logotype points from "A" to "Z", which illustrates the sheer variety of products that online store sell.It's also been shaped as a smile,which representscustomer satisfaction.
  16. 16. boISkiNB'? robbiN$
  17. 17. The Baskin Robbins ice cream chain offer avariety of 31 different flavours,and thenumber 31 has been incorporated within the "I3" 84 "R" initials in pink.
  18. 18. (qjntinental
  19. 19. Tyre manufacturers Continental looksincredibly minimal upon first glance oftheir logotype,but the white space is anything but redundant.Look closely at the "C" 84 "O" and you'll notice the whitespace creates a tyre.
  20. 20. Almost every sports and music star can beseen wearing Beats headphone,and thelogo is actually wearing a pair too.The "B"and the red circle have been positioned to look like a person wearing theheadphones
  21. 21. The BMW brand has a background inaviation,and the logo stays true to thishistory.The white section represent amoving propeller,and the blue sectionsrepresent the sky.
  22. 22. *@a IVEOne Destination for Web Marketing Solutions


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