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Shellbrook, SK


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    61 bulls grossed $


    to average $5,802

  • Muirhead & Bohrson Welcome Welcome to the 11th Annual Muirhead Cattle Co Bull Sale. We will have 72 bulls on offer that represent the Muirhead program strongly with large sire groups. Muirheads have built their cow herd around easy calving, structurally sound, strong uddered females that go out and work hard in the real world with minimal pampering. The cowherd is strictly evaluated from the Muirheads and you can be assured there is a strong and productive female behind each and every bull. This years offering is slightly lower in numbers with the quality as strong as ever. The black bulls are fea-tured by Three Sixty (2011 Muirhead High Seller) sons and what a great job he has done. 680S has really clicked on the Muirhead program and it is evident as he has direct sons along with grandsons from Three Sixty and 96X. The In Dew Times are an impressive group along with many calv-ing ease bulls on offer from Odin, Kosmo and many more. The red division is highlighted by a good group of Red Bull sons that are big topped and performance oriented. There is a 96X son that is a feature red bull along with strong sire groups from Buckeye, El Dinero and Winchester. The 2 Year Old Bulls have been a highlight over the past years and this will be one of the most consistent and sought after groups of extra age Simmental bulls to sell all year. The bulls can cover more ground, more cows and are intention-ally bred for this marketing avenue. The Muirhead family has once again brought an exciting group of bulls that they stand behind 100%. Feel free to contact them at any time about the offering and if we can be of any assistance to you, feel free to call us and we will represent you in a professional manner. See you in Shellbrook on February 25!

    Colton Hamilton403.507.5416

    Scott Bohrson403.370.3010

    Geoff Anderson306.731.7921

    Welcome to the 2013 edition of our annual bull sale. We would like to start by extending a sincere thank you to our customers for your loyal patronage! We feel very confident that you will find a bull to fit your needs that is backed by customer service you have come to trust. We are excited about the offering and are impressed by the growth and development on both age groups. The majority of the bulls will be black hided and we have 22 bulls that are spring/summer born 2 year olds. As we expand our commercial cow herd we understand the importance of functionality and use-ability that our customers demand. The offering is big and stout, heavy haired and sound. We continue to expect our cows to work hard, producing pounds at weaning while maintaining condition and re-breeding. We continue to think that our cows should work harder than us! Commercial calf prices continue to remain strong and more than ever it is important to have a high quality bull who produces consistent market topping calves! We look forward to welcoming you to the ranch on February 25th. The bulls are always available for view-ing prior to the sale and if you have any questions on the offering please do not hesitate to call!

    WARD, LAURIE & CASEYH. 306.763.2964 C. 306.747.7022

    Customer Profile - Kennedy FarmThe Kennedy family began farming in Ladder Valley in 1948. Today Bob and Viv-ian along with son Darren, his wife Jelaine and children Riley and Kyla continue to farm / run cattle on the land. We run mostly Simmental cows. We calve 400 cows with the heifers starting mid February and cows in mid March. Our replacement heif-

    ers are retained out of our own herd. We background our calves and sell them in late January/February. We have been buying Muirhead bulls for several years and have had good success with them. Muirheads are easy to work with and stand behind their product. We are very satisfied with the service they provide and look forward to many more years of buying bulls from them.


    Box 1821 Carstairs, AB

    T0M 0N0 bohrson.com

    bohrsonmarketing@gmail.com Brad Buchanan519.400.0668

    JUSTIN AND AMANDAH. 306.763.2505 C. 306.747.8192

  • Important Sale InformationSale Day PhonesSale Barn 306.763.2505Ward Muirhead 306.747.7022Justin Muirhead 306.747.8192 306.222.3926Scott Bohrson 403.370.3010Geoff Anderson 306.731.7921Colton Hamilton 403.507.5416Brad Buchanan 519.400.0668Harvey Welter 306.227.8684Sale StaffAuctioneerCol. Steve Dorran 403.540.9498RingmenDennis Ericson 780.352.7630Ryan Dorran 403.507.6483Special RepresentativesRon Nolan CSA PresidentDave Erixon SSA PresidentMaureen Mappin ASA PresidentEverett Olson MSA PresidentDarryl Snider Simmental Country RepSale HeadquartersSuper 8 Motel 306.953.00884444 2nd Ave W - Prince Albert, SKBlock of rooms held until Feb 21st rooms held under Muir-head Bull SaleInsuranceInsurance available from Steen Agencies, Wayne Steen, Weldon 306/887-2020. We strongly stress you insure your bull purchases.Terms on Sale & In-Herd Semen InterestAll bulls sell in there entirety but Muirhead Cattle Co. reserves the right to collect semen on every bull that is offered in the sale for in herd use only. This is at Muirhead Cattle Co.s cost and the buyers convenience.DeliveryFree delivery to central points in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, all other points will be cost shared. Delivery will start immediately after the sale at the sellers convenience or bring your trailer sale day and receive a $50 discount per bull. All bulls must be insured if not taken home sale day.Sight Unseen Purchase ProgramIt`s as simple as it gets!! We know that with everyones busy schedule it is not always possible to get away. Our sight unseen program still allows you to purchase with confidence. If you are unable to attend the sale but are interested in bull(s) either a Muirhead or Bohrson Marketing representative will purchase on your behalf. Just give one of us a call and we will take the time to go through the sale offering together and select bulls that are best suited for your program. To ensure your complete satisfaction when Ward or Justin deliver the bull, if you are not 100% satisfied with the bull you don`t own him. Be assured, we will do everything to meet your needs. Homozygous TestingMany bulls have been Homozygous Polled & Homozygous Black tested. Results will be done the first week in February.

    100% GuaranteeAll bulls are guaranteed in accordance to their prospective breed associations. Muirhead Cattle Co. will guarantee you a sound breeding bull. If a problem occurs with your purchase, please notify us immediately and we will provide a bull to breed your cows. If any bull proves to be a non-breeder or is physically unable to breed cows due to conditions other than injury or mismanagement, a bull of equal value or quality will be supplied or a credit given towards the purchase of another Muirhead Cattle Co. bull. Cash refunds will not be given. At no time shall the sellers liability exceed the purchase price of the animal. In short we guarantee a quality bull to get your cows bred. All bulls are on the Pfizer Gold program, had Ivomec and Eight-Way and have been semen tested by a licensed vet-erinarian.Calving Ease RatingWe have added a calving ease ranking system as a guideline for a your bull selections.

    iii Recommended for use on heifers with minimal calving trouble

    ii Recommended for use on large heifers or cows with minimal trouble

    i Recommended for use on mature cows with minimal troublePhotosHeadline Photography - Tyler Haris - 306.747.5882 Catalogue InformationEPDs are current and up-to-date as of publication date. In-formation in this document is believed to be accurate but any updates from the auction block will take preference. Pedigrees in this document have been supplied by the Canadian Simmen-tal Association and all other information has been supplied by the seller. DirectionsFrom the #2 Highway north of Prince Albert, go west on the White Star Road 24 kms and 1/4 mile South.

    From Shellbrook on #3 Hwy go 18 kms East & 7 kms orth on Nesbit Rd.

    From Prince Albert on #3 Hwy go 26 kms west and & 7 kms north on Nesbit Rd.


  • MUIRHEADS LOCOMOTIVE 11Z766685 LWM 11Z 9 January 2012 Black Polled PB


    ACT Adj Adj CSA EPDsBW WW YW CE BW WW YW MCE MWW MLK SC95 790 1387 10.1 0.3 31.2 61.6 5.3 26.8 11.2 n/a

    MUIRHEADS 360 3Z766689 LWM 3Z 6 January 2012 Black Polled PB


    ACT Adj Adj CSA EPDsBW WW YW CE BW WW YW MCE MWW MLK SC75 737 1327 7.6 2.0 39.1 67.8 4.1 24.6 5.0 n/a

    Three Sixty Sons


    MUIRHEADS THREE SIXTY 19X729933 LWM 19X 12 January 2010 Black Polled PB




    Three sixty is a bull that we were pretty high on as we watched him develop as a calf. We were excited to purchase part of him back to use as a large part of our black program. He impresses us with his overall mass and performance. His offspring are very consistent, stout, hair and extremely functional.

    ACT Adj Adj CSA EPDsBW WW YW CE BW WW YW MCE MWW MLK SC100 950 1496 6.1 3.5 43.6 77.9 5.3 30.0 8.2 0.4

    Homo Polled & Black Test Pending-long bodies, stout, big time performer, nice blend of terminal and maternal-78R is our ideal cow, perfect uddered with nice teat size, moderate and big middle, perfect foot and leg structure, they dont come much better!-maternal brothers- Ferster Farms and Leo Cadrain FFP



    Homo Polled & Black Test Pending-very complete, super sound, mellow and big topped -out of a long bodied broody cow w