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117: Choosing the Perfect BOLBy Ken Jensen

Before slapping down thousands of dollars, do a little more digging.Know your propertyKnow the area the property is inKnow the hazards in the areaDont discount convenienceKnow the climate zones and growing periodsChoose a location with hobbies and enjoyment in mindChoose your neighbors wisely



Easy Ways that You Can Learn about Your Potential HomeIn final stages of your decision making, consider doing the following:

Taking VacationsBed and BreakfastsRentingTaking Vacations


What steps do you need to take to protectfrom Hazards?StormsTornadosHurricanesFloodingWild FiresVolcanoesWater Supply RisksNuclear Accident PotentialBurglary or Mugging Rates


Convenience You May Enjoy:GasolineGrocery ItemsFamily DoctorsPost OfficeHardware StoresLibrariesAnd much more


Bug Out LocationShould be convenient to TravelingShould be near in Hospital for Medical Support.Should be based on your Hobbies and Outdoor Activities.


How To Choose a Convenient Location?Know Climate Zones and Growing SeasonsChoose the Perfect Hardiness Zone for Your Preferred CropsKnow your climate zones.Know which plants grow there.Be aware of your limitations.TheUSDA hardiness mapis probably the best place to go.



Diversify with Microclimates

Create a micro-climate a little warmer than the rest of your propertyreducing windproviding evening sunwhile heating an eastern thermal mass.

Create a micro-climate a little warmer than the rest of your propertysun patternswind patternsoverall climateHeat storing masseslocations of other items


Determine the Solar Patterns before Visiting It

Look at the solar patterns before taking time to visit a property:

Google maps: Images have time stamps. Pay attention to time of year.

Find My Shadow:CAD and grid-based softwarehttp://www.findmyshadow.comdraw your propertychoose a dateand see where the shadows will be throughout the day


Sun Calc Mapchoose your locationthe dateand the time of the daydetermines where the sun will beIt also has time stamps for dawn, noon and dusk. You can move it to see different times.


Make Up for Limitations with a GreenhouseUse a Greenhouse

Different modelsDifferent building techniquesExtends your growing season by monthsMake them warmer with heaters and masses.Make them cooler with burying them.

Dont rely only on Greenhouses

Use your seasonal planting dates for full production


Know Your NeighborsHave a conversation with them under the assumption that you are looking at the property to learn about them.theprepperpodcast.com/perfectbol

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