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  • Wedding Bouquets Flower of the Day: Heather Word of the Day: Nosegay
  • Heather
    • Genus: Erica
    • Availability: November-April
    • Color: pink
    • Air-dries well.
    • Small filler flower: Dainty flowers along woody stems provide a nice texture, and can sometimes act as a line material; used for bridal designs, corsage work, and container arrangements.
    • Longevity: weeks 1-2
    • Sold by: Bunch (10)
    • Cost $10
  • Nosegay
    • A miniature bouquet may be used for bridesmaids bouquets
  • Bouquets
      • The look: old-fashioned. Think beauty-pageant winner: Long-stemmed flowers are cradled in the crook of the bride's arm. Best for: retro-themed weddings.
      • The look: structured. A round bouquet that features concentric rings of flowers that fan out from the center. Best for: hip, cutting-edge events.
  • Bouquets
      • The look: free-flowing. Flowers and greenery that spill downward from a base, creating a waterfall effect. Modern cascades have a more compact teardrop shape. Best for: grand, large-scale weddings in a formal setting.
      • The look: structured. Petals or buds wired or glued together to create one single bloom. Best for: artistic, creative affairs.
  • Bouquets
      • The look: loose and casual. The stems of flowers are bound with ribbon or raffia instead of being placed in a foam-filled bouquet holder. Best for: casual affairs.
      • The look: classic. A tightly-packed, round bouquet. Best for: nearly any type of event.
  • Colonial Bouquet
    • A hand-held bouquet that has a spherical shape and an attached handle
  • Bouquets
      • The look: Victorian. A hand-tied bouquet with stems cut to the same length is placed in a silver, cone-shaped holder. Best for: elegant affairs.
      • The look: structured and globe-like. A round ball of flowers is attached to a ribbon loop handle. Best for: romantic weddings.
  • Bouquets
    • POSY
      • The look: similar to a nosegay but smaller. Best for: corsage alternatives for the bride and groom's mothers and grandmothers.
      • Less expensive flowers used solely for the traditional bouquet toss.
  • Today
    • Make a Nose gay
    • http://www.floralandgift.com/ideas/nosegay.htm
    • Substitute
    • Begin your wedding project