10th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

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Bulgaria, October 1st to 4th 2015. Registration & Lodging. http://www.waterconf.org/venue2015/


<ul><li><p>2006 Conference | 2007 Conference | 2008 Conference | 2009 Conference | 2010 Conference | 2011 Conference | 2012 Conference | 2013 Conference</p></li><li><p>T h e m a i n B u l g a r i a n </p><p>resources are beaut i fu l </p><p>nature, mild climate with </p><p>various landscapes, over 530 </p><p>mineral springs in almost all </p><p>regions of the country.</p><p>THE 10th ANNUAL WATER CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT</p><p>FIVE-STAR Conference Venue:Hotel Marina, Sunny Day Resort</p><p>Register Now!</p><p> This year Water Conference will be held in Varna, hotel Marina, Sunny Day resort (former govern-ment residence). There are 6 luxury apartments and 171 rooms. Located 16 km from the airport, logistics are convenient. There are 2 flights to Varna from Vienna every day and 3 daily flights from Istanbul. </p><p> Varna is ancient city, over 8000 years old, its history is intimately connected to water. Two outstand-ing Bulgarians were born in Var-na - appropriately a physicist and Philosopher of Water. ILIYA Volkov (IL Brown -USA pass), inventor of Brown gas &amp; Peter Danov, World Teacher, who gave a definition of 3 types of water which predicted the existence of 4th phase of water.</p></li><li><p>Where cutting-edge water researchushers innew ways of thinking.</p><p>Register Now!Before May 1st and receive $100 discountBetween May 1st - August 1st and receive $50 discount</p><p>We offer an additional 10% discount for participants of Water Conference 2013 &amp; 2014</p><p>10th Annual Water Conference 2015to be held in Bulgaria, October 1st - 4th</p><p>SPEAKERS BULGARIA 2015Vitorio EliaPetri FederlyIgor JermanKonstantin KorotkovLuc MontagnierMarian SedlakStephanie SeneffPatrizio SignaniniRoumiana TsenkovaManjir Samanta-LaughtonThomas Wysmuller Bill BengstonCarlos HaubiIan TrousdellJosef RaDostIlya digelGun Woong BahngGlen ReinSatoshi TakizawaJames deMeoManfred SchleyerAlexander KonovalovVladimir VoeikovBernd KroeplinThanassis MandafounisAnton Fedorenko &amp; Jeremy Pfeiffer</p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>Varna, Bulgaria</p><p> Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe, in the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Located on the Balkans and bordered by the Black Sea and the Danube. Its geographical location puts it at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Afri-ca. The population is 7.3 million people. The land on which the State of Bulgaria sits, has a unique history in the development of mankind. Archaeol-ogists have found that settlements of people, who were engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and crafts, existed in these regions 9000 years ago.</p><p>Varna is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the third largest city in Bulgaria. With approximately 365,000 in-habitants, it is the administrative centre of the homonymous province and Varna Municipality and the tenth-largest city in the Balkans. It is also the fourth largest city on the Black Sea. The Varna culture is a record holder, the oldest golden trea-sure in the world was discovered in Varna Necrop-olis, consisting of artifacts dating to 4750 BC.</p><p>From top left: Sea Garden, Asparuhov most, Black Sea beach, Euxinograd, Varna Archaeological Museum, Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre, Dormi-tion of the Mother of God Cathedral, Drazki torpedo boat, Navy Club, Palace of Sports and Culture, Ancient Roman baths, Varna Ethnographic Museum</p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>Announcing Financial Supportfor graduate students and postdoctoral fellows</p><p>The Tenth Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water, announces the availability of financial support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who wish to attend. Please pass this letter onto any whom you think might be interested.</p><p> Once again, we are encouraging young peo-ple to come, hear, and rub shoulders with the leaders in the field by offering to partially defray travel and lodging costs for selected students and postdocs who plan to present a poster at the con-ference.</p><p>To apply for financial support:</p><p>1. Supply a title and short abstract (one paragraph) of the poster you intend to present. To be considered for support, poster presentations are required.</p><p>2. Have your research advisor write a brief note describing your capabilities and the need for financial support.</p><p>3. If you are more than 35 years old, please justify the need. This program is designed primarily for people 35 and younger.</p><p>4. Send both documents to mail@waterconf.com. The deadline for submission is July 7th.EARLY APPLICATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED, as the meeting may reach capacity. </p><p>Applicants will be informed of decisions on or before July 15. In no case can full costs be covered.We have limited funds, so we must limit the selected students to ten.</p><p>Conferees from previous meetings have given rave reviews, stimulated by many novel observations and lively discussions in an intimate setting.</p><p>With best wishes,</p><p>Gerald PollackConference Chair</p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>The EZ is so called because it excludes virtually all sol-utes that might be dissolved into the water. Throw ions, microspheres, bacteria or most chemicals into water and offer a hydrophilic surface. The stacking layers of water will push those solutes out of the EZ and into the bulk phase water beyond. It is a convenient property that can be utilized for everything from water treatment to desalination: push the solutes to the middle of a hy-drophilically lined tube of water, pluck the solute-dense middle out, and what you have left over is pure water. Nothing high tech is needed for this. Its just what water does.</p><p>Water molecules in these EZs are most likely arranged into hexagonal rings, where hydrogens get shared between oxygens within the ring. Due to this hydrogen sharing, the overall average molecular structure is no longer H2O, but in fact H1.5O.</p><p>The excess hydrogens (protons) get exported out to the boundary, filling that space just beyond where the EZ meets up with bulk, non-EZ water. The net charge of the EZ, having exported these excess protons out, is now negative, while the net charge in the bulk water, with its excess of protons, is now positive. And when charges are separated, that is a battery.</p><p>There were videos of microelectrodes plunged into these separately charged spaces and used to power an LED light. Yes, water, given an electronegative surface to nestle up against, will build itself into a battery that can offer a virtually endless supply of current. Again, just a hydrophilic surface and water. Oh, and infrared energy.</p><p>Wonderful Reviewof last years Water Conferenceby Dr. Greg Nigh</p><p>Ive just returned from a conference in Bulgaria. There, for 4 solid days, some of the most brilliant minds Ive seen gathered in one place - mostly physicists, quantum chemists, and biologists - presented their observations, theories and ideas about just one thing: water. This, though, was not another case of scientists making com-plications out of something fundamentally simple. It was, instead, a meeting for those discovering that water, like a Chinese box, reveals layer upon layer of proper-ties unexpected, shocking and delightful. </p><p>The anomalous yet intrinsic properties of water stem from its unique architecture when it bumps up against a hydrophilic surface. When that happens, the water stacks itself info thick layers, termed exclusion zones (EZ) by their discoverer, Dr. Gerald Pollack of the Uni-versity of Washington. The technologies that will spin off from the basic research will be revolutionary and, almost certainly, vigorously suppressed. </p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>The physics and chemistry of this EZ water is astound-ing. The energy it traffics is not only usable, but vitally so. Distributed through these EZs are self-resonating pockets of entrapped electromagnetic waves, called co-herence domains. They are sprinkled throughout the EZ like molecular vibrational whirlpools that can absorb, retain and transmit information, distributing signals throughout the entire organism in a flash. They likely act as electromagnetic gatekeepers as well, establishing resonance with specific ambient solutes and facilitating their transport into cells.</p><p>Keeping these EZs thick is vital to health, being an information carrier and energy source that exists in parallel to the more familiar work of our nerves and mitochondria. But the two are intimately interwoven. The IR light that thickens the EZ comes not just from without, but also from within. Oxygen radicals we are eager to quench are not all unfortunate smoke on the important fire of respiration. Each time an SOD quenches an oxygen radical, a puff of energy is emitted, and a hydrogen peroxide molecule is born. Catalase generates yet another puff upon converting the peroxide to molecular oxygen and water.</p><p>The energy generated by these conversions is precisely at the wavelength that is most conducive to building the thickest EZ. That is either a lovely and nice coincidence or a well-placed hint that maintaining the EZ is worth smart and careful engineering on the part of the body.</p><p>Close accounting in the chemical equations of respira-tion show that oxygen needs to be supplied in quantities 4-fold greater than the electrons spit out of at the end of the respiratory chain. If not, ROS accumulate. Supplied adequately, though, water carries on its own type of respiration, converting the energy of oxygen radicals, via SOD, to near-infrared light. Likewise, for each two peroxides quenched by catalase, a puff of light is emit-ted along with 2eVs. These energetic puffs are picked up by the EZ, thus avoiding a buildup of heat. Instead the emitted light is recaptured as energy within CDs of the EZ. The battery is maintained. </p><p>This is all a brief review of just a few interesting points in a field that is exploding into something big and new and fascinating. I would say it is, in many aspects, unbelievable, but naturopaths are not an easy crowd to overwhelm with these kinds of curiosities. And there were many. </p><p>The surface gets the ball rolling, with water rushing to stand at attention, forming interlocking rings of mole-cules that can grow to several million molecular layers thick. The hydrophilicity of the surface will stack the EZ just so far, though. Its the addition of infrared energy that builds the EZ layers even thicker, increasing its thickness by up to 1400%. It is a new twist on the old goal to extract energy from the sun: start with a lined chamber, fill it with water, place the electrodes in the charged regions, and just add sunlight. The current will flow.</p><p>The relevance to health, wellness and our medi-cine? You probably guessed. Our cells are covered and filled with hydrophilic surfaces and structures. So too our linings, from the interior of vessels to the slickness of our various tubes and tracts. Throughout our bodies, the collagen of our con-nective tissue, thick with sulfated proteins, draws water in, builds it up into EZs and holds it in place. We are living batteries, the water in us not sloshing around, but stacking onto pure, dense and charged structure.</p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier was there to present his recent work. It carries on that of his late French colleague Jacque Benveniste. Luc showed that DNA in water potentized to a 12C dilution contained an elec-tromagnetic signal that could be recorded, transmitted 6000 miles to another lab, then played and imparted to pure water. When free nucleotides were then added to that pure water, along with some polymerase, the nucleotides started lining up in the same order as the original DNA. The water not only received and retained the information, but translated that information into work. It is both baffling and repeatable.</p><p>Mae-Wan Ho was there with a beautiful and artistic presentation on the interplay of water and electromag-netics, showing that coherence within water structures in the body is the foundation for the overall coherence of the organism. Beverly Rubik showed how both light and sound can organize water and the solutes within, and finished her talk with some disturbing pictures of living cells clearly distressed and disorganized by expo-sure to everyday levels of cell phone frequencies. </p><p>Often conventional research is open to the well-de-served criticism that it has discovered something that has been known for millennia. This aint a case of that. The pervasive message in this new line of inquiry is that the electromagnetic cloud that hovers in and around living systems is not secondary, but primary. Physiology gives it a material form, rather than the cloud being a byproduct of physiological processes. I believe it will profoundly change our medicine, and that information in the form of electromagnetic medicines will become the crux of each prescription. </p><p>Exciting times, and NDs are yet again poised to lead the conversion of this basic science into the world of application.</p><p>Dr. Greg Nigh is a naturopathic oncologist and licensed acupuncturist at Immersion Health in Portland, Ore-gon. drnigh@immersionheathpdx.com</p></li><li><p>Bulgaria is one of the leading water destinationsin Europe. </p><p>There are over 700 mineral springs, the water of which vary in chemical compo-sition, temperature and properties.</p><p> Some of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria were based around thermal springs ever since the ancient Thracians. Thracians were the first to discover the healing properties of water and to build their towns in the vicinity of such springs. Thus were founded the first cities - Sofia, Hisar, Sandanski, Kyus-tendil and many others.Later these lands were conquered by the Romans, who continued the Thra-cian tradition and built their Roman therms (baths). The mineral water was used for treatment of various diseases and for fitness.</p><p> Nowadays, mineral water donates its healing and restor-ative properties in modern SPAs and sanatoriums and is includ-ed into a variety of procedures. When combined with a favor-able climate and fresh mountain or marine air, mineral water gives health and fitness in var-ious climatic and spa resorts in the country.</p><p>Mineral Water Springs of Bulgaria</p></li><li><p>www.waterconf.org</p><p>The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, &amp; Vapor Unveiling the secrets of the worlds most common substance. Scientist, Gerald Pollack and colleagues at his University of Washington laboratory have discovered that water is NOT always H2O. When touching most surfaces, water transforms itself into socalled Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, whose formula is H3O2. EZ water differs in all respects from H2O. And, there is a lot of it, everywhere.</p><p> The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor documents this fundamental discovery and uses it to explain common everyday phenomena, which you have inevitably seen but not really understood.</p><p> Professor Gerald Pollack writes in a clear, eloquent style. Whimsical illustra-tions and simple diagrams help get his points across in a readerfriendly manner perfectly suitable for nonexperts.</p><p>Gerald Pollack</p></li><li><p>Throughout nature, water plays pivotal roles. Yet there has been no single venue in which the wisdom gained in studying water with...</p></li></ul>