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    Slickline Operations Course : 10 Days

    Learning Objectives

    Provide a full understanding of slickline operations. Highlight the critical aspects of slickline and the pressure control. Learn the function and use of a wide range of wireline tools. Utilise a hand-on approach to learning in a workshop. Use cutaway tools to ensure a complete understanding of downhole operation. Becomeproficientintheoperationofthewirelineunit. Learn the job planning aspects of a successful wireline operation. Provide a venue for questions and discussion.

    Who should attend

    Personnel who will be carrying out slickline operations. Well Service personnel with a need to know more about wireline operations. Managers with a need to know more about wireline operations. Logistics and support personnel.

    Venue : Vause Training Centre New Plymouth, NZ (VTC) or clients choice of location

    Pre-requisites : Somefieldexposuretowirelineandwellserviceoperationsandapriorknowledge of well completions is an advantage.

    Support material Course presented in .ppt with multi media animations, video clips and movies.

    VTC: Fully equipped workshop, cutaway tool demonstrator and 1000 ft well.

    Course descriptionWhile similar to the 5 day Supervisors course, this training involved a greater degree of

    tool stripping/redress and of the setting up of tools, along with their repair and essential

    maintenance requirements.

    The theory of pressure control equipment and surface component operation

    are taught, then carried out on a well. The function and use of the downhole

    tools is presented in class, then the tools are handled in a workshop before being

    demonstrated as surface cutaways.

    Wirelineoperationsareplannedandexecutedina1000ftwell,witheachparticipantbecoming the lead operator for the duration of each planned activity. The use of

    pressureandflowcanbeusedtocreaterealistic,butsafeconditions.Participantsconsolidate the classroom theory with practical sessions in a fully equipped workshop.

    Knowledge gained is then applied to set up actual cutaway tools operated by a

    surface hand winch.

    Thefinalstageoflearningiscarriedoutusingawirelineunitandsurfacepressurecontrol equipment rigged up to run tools into a completed 1000 ft well.

    Refer to course details overleaf:

  • While similar in scope to the 5 day supervisory course, eachtopicbelowisexpandedtoagreaterdepthto ensure full understanding of the tool operation, redress and maintenace.

    Well Completions Brief description of down hole components as related to wireline, to ensure a good overall understanding of the wellbore and completion components

    Xmas Trees Types of trees; single, dual, composite, solid block.

    Wireline History and development Use and limitations of wireline. Wire types and strengths.

    Wireline Units Design, function and operating procedures Surface Equipment Pressure control equipment. Stuffingboxes,lubricators,BOPs

    Braided Line Equipment Grease Injection systems for braided line operations

    Pressure Testing Test Procedures and safety precautions

    Toolstring Components Rope sockets - knot, no knot and braided Stem - sizes, selecting correct amount. Jars - mechanical, hydraulic, spring, accelerators Knuckle joints, swivels.

    Rig-up Procedures Lifting options: Ginpole, crane, (onshore/offshore) Use of masts

    Basic Service Tools Gaugecutters,Blindboxes,LeadImpression Blocks

    Running / Pulling tools Otis(HES)typeR,S,Gseries Camco JD, JU series

    Lock Mandrels / Plugs Slip and collar locks Selective systems No go locks Plugs and Flow controls Running and pulling procedures

    Sliding Side Doors Description and use in the well. Typeseg:XO,XD,XA,BakerCMD,CMUShifting tools and procedures

    Additional Equipment Pack-offs, Calliper surveys - brief overview TCP guns - wireline release options.

    Safety Valves SSV Surface tree actuators and lock out SCSSV wireline and tubing retrievable TRSSV Tubing Retrievable DCSSV back up downhole valves Gaslift Theory of gaslift operations Side Pocket mandrels Gaslift valves - design and function. Running and pulling procedures. AdditionalusesofSPMs -Wellkill,waterflood,chemicalinjection.

    Extreme Deviation Use of rolling systems for deviated wells.

    Wireline Fishing Avoidance by due care and good job planning. Fishing Job Planning Line/force/pressure considerations Lubricator length calculations Use of appropriate equipment Rig up height considerations Site constraints

    Fishing Tools Presentation of tools available, their design, function and operation.

    HD Jarring Activity Use of braided lines (3/16, 7/32) and grease injection systems Spring jars setting, calibration and redressing Accelerators use and matching to jar operations UseofHDfishingtools

    Fishing Scenarios and Calculations Variouspartfishingsituations,requiring calculation of wire end depth etc.

    Final Written Exam Final discussion and review of course and revisiting initial objectives Issueofcoursecertificates

    General :

    Eachdaywillstartwithdiscussionofpriordaysactivities, question and answers, then written test on topics covered.

    Questions are encouraged at all times

    Slickline Operations Course - Detailed Contents (continued)