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<ul><li><p>Vol. 117, No. 260 Corinth, Mississippi 16 pages One Section</p><p>ThursdayOct. 31, 2013</p><p>50 centsToday75</p><p>T-stormsTonight</p><p>52</p><p>Index On this day in history 150 years agoA new Union attempt to shell Fort Sumter into submission en-</p><p>ters the third day. Though the fort is a mere pile of rubble, Con-federate defenders continue to hold out. The Confederate Naval Academy opens classes for 52 midshipmen aboard the CSS Pat-rick Henry at Drewrys Bluff, Vir.</p><p> Stocks........8 Classified......13 Comics........7 State........5</p><p> Weather........9 Obituaries........6 Opinion........4 Sports......10</p><p>100% chance of rain</p><p>Distracted drivers should be aware of their surroundings come this Friday.</p><p>Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers will be on the look out for drivers who are driv-ing carelessly due to being distracted by cell phones, DVD players, GPS equipment, etc., according to MHP Public Affairs Offi cer, Trooper Ray Hall.</p><p>We are going to have troopers on the road </p><p>Troopersto targetdistrated area drivers</p><p>BY JOSEPH MILLERjmiller@dailycorinthian.com</p><p>Fire offi cials spent Wednesday morning examining the damage at two neighboring businesses hit by fi re the night before.</p><p>Yellow tape sealed the scene at Ti-nas Treasures, 202 Highway 72 East, and neighboring Brileys as members of the Corinth Fire Department and a state fi re marshal investigated the </p><p>scene at the former Howell Home Center property.</p><p>Fire Chief Billy Lucky Briggs said it was too soon to speculate as to what caused the fi re, which was reported around 6 p.m. Tuesday. The smoke and fi re damage is extensive in the sprawling building, which remained standing.</p><p>When the fi rst fi re truck arrived, We had heavy smoke coming from </p><p>the building, pretty much everywhere in the building, said Briggs.</p><p>In addition to everyone on duty, the department called in off-duty fi remen and also any available vol-unteers from the county fi re depart-ments.</p><p>Firemen faced a challenge of pin-pointing where to start and also of </p><p>Cause of massive blaze goes under investigation</p><p>BY JEBB JOHNSTONjjohnston@dailycorinthian.com</p><p>A local optometrist has his eyes on the James Brown-lee Optometrist of the Year award.</p><p>Dr. Michael Weeden has been a resident of Corinth for over 20 years and owns the Corinth Eye Clinic. He has been named a fi nalist for the James Brownlee Optometrist of the Year by the Mississippi Optometric Association. The MOA presents the award an-nually to recognize signifi cant contributions to the profes-sion of optometry and the general public.</p><p>It is a great honor for me to be a fi nalist for this award, said Weeden. A lot of my col-leagues, along with everybody else, is probably more deserv-ing of this selection than me but, I am excited about the opportunity.</p><p>Weedens career resume and his volunteer work helps make for a strong case for this award. He serves on the MOA Executive Board, is a past member of the Board </p><p>of Directors, and has served on several MOA commit-tees throughout his career. He is also president of MOA Northern Society and recent-ly created a newsletter, MOA Happenings, for society members. He is active in the American Optometric Asso-ciation and has participated in the AOA legislative, third party, and advocacy confer-</p><p>ence for the last two years.This is a nomination deal </p><p>by your colleagues who sub-mit folks whom they feel is doing something above and beyond the call of duty, Weeden explained. An awards committee looks at the submissions and then sends us a notifi cation with a </p><p>Optometrist comes up for major awardBY JOSEPH MILLER</p><p>jmiller@dailycorinthian.com</p><p>SELMER, Tenn. A suspicious package sent to McNairy County Judge Van McMahans pri-vate offi ce on Wednesday afternoon prompted a quick response from law enforcement.</p><p>The package was sent to his offi ce through the mail, but an examination of the package by of-fi cials discovered it contained only ink pens.</p><p>Suspiciouspackage causes brief scare</p><p>BY JEFF YORKFor the Daily Corinthian</p><p>Tracy Lawrence has Corinth in his headlights.</p><p>The country music artist, one of the most recognizable voices in the industry, is performing at the Crossroads Arena on Saturday. </p><p>The Mink Brothers Band along with Kirk Chism and the Lost Highway are also scheduled to be part of the 7 p.m. concert.</p><p>With such hits as Paint Me A Birmingham, Time Marches </p><p>Country star Lawrencecoming to Crossroads Arena</p><p>BY STEVE BEAVERSsbeavers@dailycorinthian.com</p><p>Staff photo by Joseph Miller</p><p>Jean Meeks (left) gets an eye exam from Dr. Michael Weeden at the Corinth Eye Clinic.</p><p>Submitted photo</p><p>Tracy Lawrence will be appearing in Corinth for the first time on Saturday at the Crossroads Arena.</p><p>Staff photo by Steve Beavers</p><p>Tinas Treasures (above) and Brileys suffered extensive damage from a Tuesday night fire.</p><p>Please see PACKAGE | 2APlease see BLAZE | 2A</p><p>Please see DRIVERS | 3A</p><p>Please see AWARD | 3A Please see ARENA | 3A</p><p>Daily Corinthian</p><p>750 ml</p><p> 2015 Hwy 72 E. Corinth, MS. 38834 662-594-1877 Mon. - Sat. 10 A.M.- 9 P.M. www.JRwinespirit.com </p><p>We have all your tailgating needsWe have all your tailgating needsEvan WilliamsEvan Williams</p><p>BlackBlack$$9999 99 750 ML750 ML</p><p>Beefeater GinBeefeater Gin$$373799</p><p>1.75 ML1.75 ML</p><p>Cathead VodkaCathead Vodka$$181899 </p><p>750ml750ml</p><p>JgermeisterJgermeister$$181899 </p><p>750 ML750 ML</p></li><li><p>Local/Region2A Daily Corinthian Thursday, October 31, 2013</p><p>intense heat. Tinas Trea-sures is a large space fi lled with items from different vendors in somewhat of a fl ea market style.</p><p>We tried making ac-cess through the front, but you couldnt. It was too hot, said Briggs.</p><p>The heat was held in and intensifi ed by the metal of the structure, which does not have a sprinkler system.</p><p>We ended up cutting holes and making access to the fi re when we found out where it was actually at, said the chief.</p><p>The fi re was deemed </p><p>under control at about 9:30 p.m., and fi remen worked the scene until about 1:30 a.m. Several people gathered outside the business Wednesday morning as the investiga-tion continued. Through the broken windows could be seen the sooty antiques, collectibles and </p><p>other fare not destroyed by the fi re. Brileys, a wholesale store, appeared to have mainly smoke damage in its retail space.</p><p>Briggs expressed thanks to the county volunteer fi remen who joined the effort.</p><p>It was a tremendous help, he said.</p><p>BLAZE</p><p>CONTINUED FROM 1A</p><p>This package received by the law office of Mc-Nairy County General Sessions Judge Van Mc-Mahan was examined by law enforcement Wednesday after the judges secretary be-came concerned it might contain dangerous mate-rial.</p><p>Staff photo by Steve Beavers</p><p>The investigation into the cause of a fire that damaged two Corinth businesses will continue for some time, according to Corinth Fire Chief Lucky Briggs.</p><p>Staff photo by Steve Beavers</p><p>A chair removed from Tinas Treasures sat outside the business following a fire that heavily damaged the building.</p><p>Selmer Police Depart-ment Lt. Roger Rickman said the Jackson Police De-partments Bomb Squad was called to inspect the package later Wednesday afternoon. Rickman said the package arrived ad-dressed to McMahan with-out a return address. The offi cer was doubtful there was anything dangerous in the package.</p><p>We are going to err on the side of caution and </p><p>check out the package, Rickman said. We are not going to take any chances.</p><p>The package was sent to McMahans Law Offi ce at 109 West Court Ave. in Selmer. McMahan is the McNairy County General Sessions Judge and also is a private practice attorney.</p><p>McMahans secretary was alarmed because there was no return address on the package and thought there was something mov-ing and making noise in-side the envelope.</p><p>PACKAGE</p><p>CONTINUED FROM 1A</p><p>Submitted photo</p><p>ChristmasChristmasOpen HouseOpen HouseMedical Plaza on HarperMedical Plaza on Harper</p><p>November 1st &amp; 2ndNovember 1st &amp; 2nd10:00am-8:00pm10:00am-8:00pm</p><p>1425 South Harper Rd. 1425 South Harper Rd. 662.286.MEDS (6337)662.286.MEDS (6337)</p><p>RefreshmentsRefreshmentsDoor PrizesDoor Prizes</p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p> TENT </p><p>OR </p><p>treat </p><p>HALLOWEEN NIGHT </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>FREE ADMISSION </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>FREE HOT DOG &amp; COKE FROM 67 PM </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>6:00-8:00 PM</p><p>DW</p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>First United </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p> Methodist Church </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>6:00 8:00 pm </p><p>901 N Fillmore St </p><p>Watch our facebook page for weather updates! </p><p>CORRECTION:</p></li><li><p>Local/RegionDaily Corinthian 3AThursday, October 31, 2013</p><p>Today inhistory</p><p>Today is Thursday, Oct. 31, the 304th day of 2013. There are 61 days left in the year.</p><p>Todays Highlight:</p><p>On Oct. 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Palace church, marking the start of the Protestant Refor-mation in Germany.</p><p>On this date:</p><p>In 1795, English poet John Keats was born in London.</p><p>In 1864, Nevada be-came the 36th state.</p><p>In 1887, Nationalist Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek was born in Zhe-jiang Province.</p><p>In 1926, magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit of gangrene and peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix.</p><p>In 1938, the day after his War of the Worlds broadcast had panicked radio listeners, Orson Welles expressed deep regret but also bewilder-ment that anyone had thought the simulated Martian invasion was real.</p><p>In 1941, the Navy destroyer USS Reuben James was torpedoed by a German U-boat off Iceland with the loss of some 100 lives, even though the United States had not yet entered World War II. Work was complet-ed on the Mount Rush-more National Memorial in South Dakota, begun in 1927.</p><p>In 1959, a former U.S. Marine showed up at the U.S. Embassy in Mos-cow to declare he was renouncing his American citizenship so he could live in the Soviet Union. His name: Lee Harvey Oswald.</p><p>In 1961, the body of Josef Stalin was removed from Lenins Tomb as part of the Soviet Unions de-Stalinization drive.</p><p>In 1968, President Lyn-don B. Johnson ordered a halt to all U.S. bombing of North Vietnam, say-ing he hoped for fruitful peace negotiations.</p><p>In 1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two Sikh security guards.</p><p>in non-marked cars watching out for driv-ers who are preoccu-pied, said Hall. </p><p>Our main reason be-hind this initiative is to obviously help stop the trend of folks who con-tinue to text and drive, play on the Internet with their cellphone, watch a movie, or look for directions on a GPS while they are driving, Hall said.</p><p>MHP will launch this driving initiative for the fi rst time on November 1. </p><p>MHP is calling the initiative Pay Atten-tion or Pay a Fine and police offi cials expect to be on full alert for this mission.</p><p>Our main concern with all of this is to save lives, added Hall. </p><p>If we dont try and do something to stop these types of diversions, we will just keep seeing ac-cidents that are caused by technology devices.</p><p>The initiative will consist of State Troop-ers riding in unmarked </p><p>vehicles for the purpose of observing distractive driving behaviors and report the violators to nearby marked units. </p><p>The initiative, part of the MHP D.R.I.V.E. campaign, is designed to be another proactive deterrent towards dis-tractive driving.</p><p>This is a simple mes-sage we are trying to get across to the motoring public. Simply pay at-tention. We understand distractive driving is one of the leading con-tributors in motor vehi-cle crashes. Therefore, our goal is simple, use the resources we have and implement rea-sonable efforts to deter distractive drivers so we can save lives, Hall said.</p><p>There will be a press conference at the Ox-ford Police Department on Friday at noon be-fore Pay Attention or Pay a Fine is initiated. </p><p>Following the press release, MHP Troop-ers will work traffi c on Mississippi Highway 6 around the Oxford area.</p><p>DRIVERS</p><p>CONTINUED FROM 1A</p><p>chance to respond. Its safe for one to say </p><p>Weeden goes above and beyond the call. He re-cently joined the Board of Directors of the Mis-sissippi Eye Care Al-liance to help provide private OD vision in-surance plans in the state. </p><p>He has been an In-fantSEE provider since inception of the pro-gram, donates eye-care services to Lions Club patients and has con-ducted vision screen-ings for elementary schools.</p><p>Dr. Weeden and clin-ic staff members have participated in six mis-sion trips to provide eye-care for approxi-mately 4,500 under-privileged patients.</p><p>What I do as ex-tracurricular activi-ties outside of work is very important to me, added Weeden. Being a part of a civic orga-nization is something I enjoy.</p><p>As a Lions Club mem-ber, Weeden serves the needs of patients from Corinth and Iuka. </p><p>He is president of the local Civitan Club, which provides services for mentally challenged and underserved chil-dren in Corinth and Alcorn County. He is a charter member of the Crossroad Museum in Corinth.</p><p>Weeden also started Jericho Sports Ministry to unite local churches in organizing a basket-ball league and men-toring program for city and county youth. He supports United Way fundraising efforts and is an assistant Sun-day school teacher and choir member at Tate Baptist Church.</p><p>The awards ceremony will be held this Sat-urday, November 2. Dr. Weeden said he is looking forward to the event.</p><p>Either way it goes . . . I am glad just to be rec-ognized as a fi nalist, concluded Weeden.</p><p>AWARD</p><p>CONTINUED FROM 1A</p><p>On, Alibis, and Find Out Who Your Friends Are part of his resume, Lawrence does about 100 shows a year.</p><p>I stay busy, he said via a telephone interview Tuesday. I still love tour-ing, its a comfort zone for me I can work week-ends and still be home during the week.</p><p>The 45-year-old is slat-ed to do a show in Baton Rouge, La., a night prior to the Corinth performance.</p><p>The people of Corinth are going to get a good country show with no ex-plosions because thats not my thing, said the Atlanta, Texas, native. We will have a good time, and if you like live country music, this will be a good show to come see.</p><p>Lawrence found his way into the business at a </p><p>country music restaurant called Live at Libbys in the early 90s. He went on to sign with Atlantic Re-cords in 1991.</p><p>Since the 90s, he has produced 22 songs which cracked the Billboard top ten charts and sold 13 mil-lion albums. In August, Lawrence released his album Headlights, Tail-lights and Radios.</p><p>I had a great time mak-ing the album, he said. It allowed me to pay homage to the sound I grew up in.</p><p>The 11-song collection, Lawrences fi rst studio album in fi ve years, fea-tures some of his most progressive music to date. The fi rst single, Stop Drop And Roll was written by hit songwrit-ers Casey Beathard, who penned Lawrences CMA and ACM award winning hit Find Out Who Your Friends Are, and Bran-</p><p>don Kinney.The country music art-</p><p>ist is also anxiously await-ing the release of the inde-pendent fi lm, L.A. Dirt later this year. Lawrence plays the uncle of young dirt-track racer who faces the challenges of going up against a rich hot-shot rac-er who is as determined as he is to win on the track.</p><p>Lawrence is also doing a majority of the soundtrack for the fi lm.</p><p>Its a good little inde-pendent fi lm, said Law-rence, who landed his fi rst part in the produc-tion. The fi lm is another creative outlet for me and something I l...</p></li></ul>