10 ways to get back with your ex lover

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  • 10 ways to get back with your ex


    10. Reach out and touch her

    Yes, it sounds simple, but it is a cardinal sin to play too hard to get when the girl showed you the door, or vice versa, in the first place. Just because she would page you ten times a day when you were together, does not mean that she will call you once a week now that you're apart. She is probably somewhat shy and has men courting her anyway. I know, reality bites .

    9. E-mail her

    When I broke up with a girl circa 1996, I didn't even have a regular e-mail address, let alone have my ex's e-mail. Had I, we could have kept in touch and would have never drifted so far apart. I am not telling you to send her love poems in red font, but you can forward her an interesting article, a picture, even a simple note saying "hey, what's up?" (try avoiding the Bud version of wassup though).

    8. Don't "frequent" other girls

    I know it's tempting. She might understand if you date a girl, maybe even if you kiss her after the date. But if you want the girl back, don't go any further.

    7. Don't ever forget birthdays or anniversariesYou are neither Brad Pitt nor Jimmy Dean, so don't play Joe Cool and hurt her forever by forgetting to call on her birthday. Every girl wants to be the center of the universe and treated like a princess, especially on their birthday. If you can, send her a card. If you can't, send her an e-card.

    6. Call her every now and then

    Again, uncertainty is to be avoided in life, finance and love. She'd rather know what you are up to than imagine you are with another woman. Comfort her by showing you care, that she's still in your thoughts, and always will be. The number 1 way to get her back is...

    5. Analyze and study her

    I hate to say it, but you need to be careful and attentive when she speaks. You are no longer sleeping with her, and there is an increasing faade that is being built between the two of you. So read deep into what she says to you, and what she doesn't.


  • 4. Don't be jealous; be on the look-outThe best way to see how she feels about you after a breakup and what your chances of getting back are, is to see how she acts with other guys. Does she stand up for you when they put you down? Or does she take out the butcher knife and dig it into your back? Does she see her male friends to talk about the breakup, or is she making out with them in the car? You won't be told directly, but hints are there for the taking.

    3. Don't play games

    I know it's hard. I myself always tell people to be somewhat reserved. But that is one thing and playing games is a totally different ballgame. Signals are very important. As a result, you are better off emitting the correct signals to make the transition. Don't play with her, you don't want to mess her up for life.

    2. Hold your cards to your chest

    I know what advice I just gave; but nonetheless, keep your cards close. Why? Relationships are hard enough when you are together. But the real factor is power. Power is key in business just as it is in love. Give her too much power by saying those three words and you'll be whipped faster than you can say boo.

    1. Stay in shape and improve yourself

    Despite who actually did the breaking up, there were reasons. Make sure that you always hold your head up high when time goes by and improve on the things that she complained about. Why? You want her to regret her decision, right? What better way than to live life to the fullest and show her that you did everything that she said you would never do? That applies to love, life and business.

    Compiled by Professor Bernard



    10. Reach out and touch her9. E-mail her8. Don't "frequent" other girls6. Call her every now and then5. Analyze and study her3. Don't play games2. Hold your cards to your chest1. Stay in shape and improve yourself