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  • 1. J. SCHUH

2. WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME? 15 yrs experience 10,000 hrs of producing Industry Leader Fortune 500 clients 3. 4 out of 5 INTERNET USERSWATCH VIDEOS ONLINESOURCE: comscore (2009) 4. U.S. INTERNET USERSWATCHED 34 BILLIONVIDEOS IN MAY 2012SOURCE: NewMedia TrendWatch November 2012 5. ONLINE VIDEOIS LIKE TV RIGHT? 6. BZZZZZZZZZ! 7. ONLINE VIDEO IS: Targetable Measurable Real TimeSOURCE: Tod Sacerdoti (2010) 8. You have a portable videoproduction studio in your pocket. 9. GENERATIONBORN *AGEBaby Boomers 1946 1964 50 +Generation X1965 1981 30s 40sGeneration Y1982 1999 20s 30sGeneration Z2000 +12 -*Experts differ on the start dates of Generation X , Y and Z. 10. 52% OF THE WORLDS POPULATIONIS UNDER 30-YEARS-OLDSOURCE: Census 2010 11. YOUNGER GENERATIONS ARE THE FIRST TO ADOPTNEW TECHNOLOGIESSOURCE: NewMedia TrendWatch November 2012 12. BOOMERS ADOPTION OF NEW TECHNOLOGYDRIVES GROWTHSOURCE: NewMedia TrendWatch November 2012 13. Video ads targeted to children ages 6to 14 had thehighest video ad click through rate at 3.5%,but the lowest rate of viewing to completion. SOURCE: NewMedia TrendWatch November 2012 14. Ads targeted at older users (35 +) had a 77.4% completion rate.SOURCE: NewMedia TrendWatch November 2012 15. Storytelling is the mostpowerful way to put ideasinto the world today. - Robert McKee 16. EVERY VIDEO SHOULD HAVE ANINTRODUCTION, BODY AND CLOSINGSOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xK9qv611sU 17. ENGAGE, EDUCATE, ENTERTAINSOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xK9qv611sU 18. Lynda.com acquires Video2brain with $103 million funding SOURCE: thenextweb.com 19. REASONS PEOPLE SHARE1. Answers a question, or evokes an emotional response2. Hot topic3. It aligns with their idenity and how they want to be perceived4. Helps to maintain and grow relationships 20. REASONS PEOPLE DONT SHARE1. Too much branding2. Toxic topic3. Depressing topic4. Sex, violence and profanity 21. HOWEVER I THINKMOST PEOPLE LIKE SEXSOMETIMES THEY DONT WANT PEOPLETO KNOW HOW MUCH THEY LIKE IT 22. REASONS WHY ONLINE VIDEO IS COMPELLING & PERSUASIVE1.The Fusiform Facial Area makes us payattention to faces2.Voice conveys rich information3.Emotions are contagious4.Movement grabs attention SOURCE: Dr. Susan Weinschenk (theteamw.com) 23. VIDEOS THAT PERFORM BEST CLOCK IN AT AROUND 1 MINUTE 24. VIDEO IS USUALLY A COMPLEMENT TO,NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR,CONTENT 25. MAKE SURE THE CONTENT OF THEVIDEO CAN BE FOUND EASILYSOMEWHERE ELSE 26. WHATS A CODEC?codec (n) short for compressor/decompressor 27. HTML5 VIDEO CODECS MP4 or H.264 Ogg/Theora WebM 28. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE Ease of encoding Video quality Compression size Cost to use (FREE for Now) 29. H265 - HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) Expected to be NEW video codecstandard (half the bitrate) Mobile Device focused 4K and 8K support Requires new hardware Mid-2014 before widespread use 30. OVER1 TRILLION VIEWS IN 2011 72 HRS OF VIDEO UPLOADEDEVERY MINUTE OVER 4 BILLION HRS WATCHEDEACH MONTHSOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM/PRESS_STATISTICS 31. TRAFFIC FROM MOBILE DEVICES TRIPLED IN 2011*YOUTUBE APP REMOVED FROM iPHONE 5 32. 3 HRS OF VIDEO IS UPLOADEDPER MINUTE TO YouTubeSOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM/PRESS_STATISTICS 33. HOST = WEBSITE VIDEO + SEO CONTROL BETTER MEASUREMENT GENERATE DIRECT TRAFFIChttp://ajwood.com/ 34. POST = SYNDICATION VIDEO + SEO LARGE AUDIENCE ORGANIC & UNIVERSAL SEARCH MULTIPLE SERPS (Search Engine Results Page)http://www.youtube.com/ajwood2001 35. A.J. WOOD19,201SUBSCRIBERSFEB 201317,007SUBSCRIBERSDEC 2012http://www.youtube.com/ajwood2001 36. A.J. WOOD1,998,204VIDEO VIEWSFEB 20131,831,608VIDEO VIEWSDEC 2012http://www.youtube.com/ajwood2001 37. THE BIG 3 38. 500 YRS of YouTube video iswatched every day onFacebook! SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM/PRESS_STATISTICS 39. Vine users shared113,897 videosFeb 9th & 10th 2013SOURCE: SimplyMeasured 40. 2 New Members / sec(172,800 Members / day)SOURCE: LinkedIn Press Center 41. Caption Your VideosTo expand your audience andincrease SEOSOURCE: kb.wisc.edu 42. Captioning Best Practices1.Sync captions to the audio2.Captions appear on screen long enough tobe read3.Provide transcripts4.DONT Cut words or sound effects SOURCE: kb.wisc.edu 43. Benefits of Captioning1. Accessible to aurally impaired and non- native speaking viewer2. Allows sighted viewers to read in loud or crowded spaces3. Increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization)4. Increase in watching the complete video SOURCE: kb.wisc.edu 44. CHECK ANALYTICS WHERE DO VISITORS TOYOUR VIDEO PAGESARRIVE FROM? WHAT % OF TRAFFICCOMES FROM SEARCHENGINES?SOURCE: MARK ROBERTSON JUNE 2009 45. TEST SEARCHES DO YOUR VIDEOS APPEAR IN SEARCH ENGINES?SOURCE: MARK ROBERTSON JUNE 2009 46. MONITOR BEHAVIORWHAT % OF VISITORS ARELINKING TO YOUR VIDEOSOR SHARING?SOURCE: MARK ROBERTSON JUNE 2009 47. STUDIES SHOW USERSCAN GET VERYANNOYED WHENWEBSITES AUTOPLAYVIDEOS I hate it when they do that! SOURCE: NORMALMODES.COM 48. 1.KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE2.TELL A STORY3.KEEP IT REAL4.KEEP IT SHORT5.COMPRESS IT6.PUT IT ON YouTube7.HOST AND POST8.SOCIALIZE9.MEASURE IT10. DONT AUTOPLAY