10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success

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Need some inspiration for your B2B marketing in 2014? B2B International have compiled 10 Top Tips for B2B marketing success. Everything from building long-lasting customer loyalty to dealing with shorter attention spans is included. So, if you want to get 2014 off to the best possible start, these tips are the perfect solution.


  • 1. 10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success B2B International
  • 2. 1. Keep a close eye on your markets needs through market research Its a well-known fact that b2b buyers are demanding. Therefore, its vital that you can both meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the target audience. This means every component of your product and service offering needs to be tailored to your customers specific requirements. However, the job of b2b marketers is made easier by the fact that b2b buyers are typically more predictable than consumer buyers. Good quality market intelligence and keeping a close eye on the needs of the target market can ensure youre always in the position to meet the needs of your market. PAGE 2
  • 3. 2. Ensure your b2b market sample represents the entire market B2b research is concerned with populations of organisations, not of individuals. When looking at b2b markets, the distribution of companies typically fits the 80:20 (Pareto) rule, where 20% of organisations account for 80% of the market. Therefore, its vital that your b2b market sample includes these large companies in order to get a true representation of the market. A potential strategy might be to carry out a census of the largest companies, and a sample of the rest. PAGE 3
  • 4. 3. Ensure your research surveys are as effective as possible Start with the crucial information first, and make sure the research survey is set out logically. If you wait till the end of a survey to ask the crucial questions that can make or break a research study, theres a good chance the respondent has lost interest already (especially if the survey is long) and will not provide an accurate or reliable response. Likewise, dont rush headlong into the important and sometimes sensitive questions straight away as you might scare respondents off! Its important to make sure the survey flows naturally, with questions leading naturally into the next. PAGE 4
  • 5. 4. Ensure your market research findings deliver insight Focus on the needs of the client, and communicate your findings in a way they can understand. Its an all-too common question at the end of a research study So what does this mean for us and how can we use it? Its important to remember its not the data that solves the clients problem; its the insights from the market research that emerge from the data to provide clear, actionable steps that the client can move forward with. PAGE 5
  • 6. 5. Get the most from your market intelligence Focus on the fundamentals and the finer details. The fundamentals of market intelligence can help with what to do, and the finer details can help with how to do it. For example, the decision whether or not to enter a market is determined by higher level findings such as market size and growth, and barriers and incentives to entry. How to enter a new market will be based on more specific details such as transport channels and human resource availability. PAGE 6
  • 7. 6. Use your insight to build longlasting customer loyalty Make sure the basics are right. To build customer loyalty, you have to start from the bottom; there is no point asking the NPS question (likelihood to recommend) and then sitting back hoping customers will automatically become promoters (it takes hard work!). First of all, making sure the quality of your product or service is as high as possible and in tandem offering the very best customer service are crucial building blocks of customer loyalty. Only when the basics are covered can you start looking upwards and at the rest of your operations to create true advocacy. PAGE 7
  • 8. 7. Maximise engagement from your staff Customer loyalty starts from within and starts from the top of any company. Listen, inform and show commitment to your staff and they will express this outwardly. Firstly, always make sure employees have the opportunity to feed their views upwards and be heard. Secondly, keep employees informed and inthe-loop about what is going on in the organisation. Lastly, always show your passion and commitment to moving the organisation forward and achieving goals. PAGE 8
  • 9. 8. Keep your stakeholders on-side Make stakeholder consultation a priority. Developing constructive and productive relationships with your stakeholders over the long term requires a focus on stakeholder consultation. Listening to concerns and acting on feedback can result in a mutually beneficial relationship that can also form the basis of successful collaborations and partnerships in the future. Keeping your stakeholders on-side can lead to more informed decision making, greater stakeholder satisfaction and a greater chance of project/initiative success. PAGE 9
  • 10. 9. Make your b2b content relevant, compelling and shareable When using your market intelligence in any marketing communications, make sure its relatable and solves their problems. In b2b marketing, its important to ensure the content you produce isnt just a sales pitch. The best way to engage your audience is to show you understand their problems and can offer real solutions. So, stop trying to sell your products and services, and start solving your audiences problems. If you do that you will be the first port of call that people turn to for information and advice. Stronger, deeper relationships in b2b markets are built on trust and mutual benefits. If you can become the resource of choice for all their needs youll build trust and keep them coming back for more. B2B Blog PAGE 10
  • 11. 10. Make your content reflect shorter attention spans In b2b markets especially, attention spans are getting shorter. Therefore, your content advertising and customer research need to reflect this. The best way to grab attention is using visuals, and the best way to use visuals in b2b is infographics. Turning your blog posts, articles and research papers into visually compelling infographics will ensure your readers take in your message before attention spans run out. The same also applies with your surveys ditch your large annual survey in favour of smaller, focused surveys throughout the year to keep respondents engaged. PAGE 11
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