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  • Out Of The Mouths Of Marketers

    These 10 tips from some of the worlds top marketing execs will make you stop and think

  • Forget what you learned last year. Dont focus on catching up to the competition. Seek out what is coming next, or, even better, create what is coming next. The world is changing so fast. What we called new media a few years ago is already old.

    Benjamin Karsch, Chief Marketing Officer, Revlon:

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    Out with the old

  • This definition of creativity where it just applies to the world of art and copy, Mad Men, and Don Draper is a mistake. You can have creative data people. You get creative financial people. The only reason people feel like that is they tend to think of creativity in a very narrow sense.

    Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder/CEO, WPP:

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    Data people can and must be creative

  • Its not just about having extraordinary talent on the team. It has to be a combination of good people with great talent. They should be sensitive to other people, considerate, and its not about me, me, me, I, I, I, my accomplishment, my reward, my growth. It has to be we, it has to be our, it has to be us.

    Raja Rajamannar, CMO, MasterCard:

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    Its all about we, not me

  • The best digital team has a combination of digital experts--whove probably come from outside--with internal high-flyers. The role of the digital team is definitely to be coaching and advising the non-digital teams on how to execute in digital, as well as delivering solutions. If digital is becoming pervasive, it cant just be done by the digital team.

    Mark Elkins, VP, Digital, Coca-Cola Enterprises:

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    Hire generalists, not specialists

  • First and foremost, be clear as to what your brand stands for. Next, be customer-centric. And, third, keep messaging simple.

    Paul Macaluso, Marketing SVP, FOCUS Brands:

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    Three rules to live by

  • Mark Zablan, President, Adobe EMEA: First you have to set the vision, and customer centricity has to be the final objective. Then you have to change the DNA of the business. Everything from corporate success metrics to the way operations and process flows have to be more customer-centric. Then you move to upgrading the skills.

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    Customer centricity, the final objective

  • The reality is, mobile is the first access point for the majority of the people living in the [APAC] region, yet most marketers anywhere else in the world havent got their heads around that yet.

    Wayne Arnold, Global CEO, Lowe Profero:

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    Prioritize mobile in APAC

  • Mobile is pervasive, digital is pervasive, and youve got to make sure you optimize your mix with digital being an essential piece of both. Its not separate; its fully integrated. There are no dividing lines, and youve got to make sure that its all optimized. Optimization is an aspiration, and to get perfection in marketing is an unattainable goalbut we want to move toward it.

    Nick Utton, CMO, BMC Software:

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    Perfection is unattainable, but strive anyway

  • One of the biggest mistakes is that [companies] get very obsessed with competitors. And Ive always believed that you should not be obsessed with the competitors. You should be obsessed with your own customers.

    Faisal Masud, Chief Digital Officer, Staples:

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    Dont get hung up on everyone else

  • Bring new ideas into [your] organization [carefully] and make sure you fully understand how they will dovetail with business challenges, and how you get other people comfortable with the new technologies, new ways of approaching the market, new ways of marketing, etc.

    Mark Addicks, CMO/SVP, General Mills:

    Read the full CMO Interview here.

    Make others comfortable with the new

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