10 things to know when designing a bathroom presentation

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10 things you need to know when designing a bathroom.


  • 1. Presented by Wendy Albee & The Master Builders Assoc. NKBA, NW Eco Building Guild, Remodeler Council of MBA

2. Design it for The Way that You Live Who uses the bathroom? How is it used? How often? 3. My Office Before had large corner tub in master bathroom and my clients never took baths. 4. My Office After Remodel Longer vanity with additional storage tower. 5. My Office Before shower was small because of tub. 6. My Office After Remodel Larger shower with angled door. 7. My Office A tub with dramatic steps for a client who takes a bath every day. 8. My Office A vanity designed for small grand kids with space for a step stool. 9. The Right Floorplan Make a priority list Write down the room measurements on a blank piece of paper Mark the existing plumbing Remember walls can be removed or opened up 10. My Office After Remodel Floor plan of larger shower and longer vanity without tub 11. My Office Include linen cabinet and entry to closet in bathroom Before 12. My Office Bathroom with closet entry and new linen cabinet in bathroom. Before After 13. The Illusion of Space 14. My OfficeBefore Remodel Bathroom contained small room with tiny shower and toilet. 15. My Office After Remodel Removed walls of small shower room and used clear glass in expanded shower. Hid toilet with small pony wall. 16. My Office Before Remodel Small master bathroom that felt small with semi-opaque glass. 17. My Office After Remodel Small master bathroom feels larger with clear shower glass that is taller than normal. Floating vanity adds to a sense of space Horizontal tile design makes bathroom feel wider. 18. My Office Horizontal tile design will create the illusion of height. 19. My Office Monochromatic color scheme will create illusion of space. 20. My Office Small floor tiles make a room feel smaller. Before 21. My Office Tile floor using larger tiles set on- pointe makes a room feel larger. 22. Light It Up Natural Light General Lighting Task Lighting Ambient Lighting 23. My Office Maximize natural light with large, semi-opaque windows 24. My Office Allow natural light in with skylights & high windows 25. My Office Enhance light with the reflection of glass 26. My Office Improve general lighting with ample recessed cans and task lighting over vanity Use dimmers 27. My Office Recessed can lights in soffit or decorative light fixtures create adequate task lighting 28. Maximize Storage 29. My Office Tall cabinets with double doors offer great storage even in small spaces. 30. My Office Tall cabinets that sit on counter provide extra storage even in a powder room. 31. My Office Recessed shelves in the wall can provide added storage and be decorative at the same time. 32. My Office New vanity made to look like an old dresser. 33. My Office Open area with floating glass shelves. Before 34. My Office Medicine cabinets like this one from Robern provide outlets with mirrored back and lift up feature. 35. Universal Design Design a bathroom for everyone to use From young children to older adults Ensure a safe environment 36. My Office Hand shower with slide bar is adjustable for any height 37. My Office Single lever handles. 38. My Office Grab bars are becoming more decorative. 39. My OfficeShower Seat 40. My Office Curbless Shower Moving wall tub 41. Save Energy & Water 42. Did you know? Your bathroom uses 75% of the water in your home Traditional toilet uses 3.5 gal. of water -- 1/3 of the water in your home Save 67% of water by using dual flush toilet 43. Dual FlushToilet Uses 1.28-1.6 gallons of water for full flush & Only .8 gallons for light flush 44. Water Sense Products 45. Energy Star Light Fixtures 46. Future is Technology 47. Science ofWater & Sound VibrAcoustic Hydrotherapy 48. Chromatherapy ColorsThat Soothe 49. Mirrors withTVs 50. LED Backlit Mirrors 51. UltimateToilet: NumiToilet by Kohler Motion activated seat Air dryer Heated seat Feet warmer Plays music 52. Low Maintenance Epoxy Grout Solid surface countertop Undermount sink One-piece toilet Tiled base molding 53. Spa Features 54. Multiple Shower Sprays 55. Overhead Rain Shower 56. LuxuriousTubs with bubble technology, heated backs, and aromatherapy 57. Heated Floors with thermostat control 58. Unique sink or other elements 59. Bidets Washlets 60. Candles,Towels, . 61. TheWayThatYou Live The Right Floorplan The Illusion of Space Light It Up Maximize Storage Universal Design Save Energy &Water Future isTechnology Low Maintenance Spa Features 62. CREATING OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES Thursday, April 4, 7pm at Lynnwood Library 63. Thank you!