10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

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These are the slides to my Girl Geek Dinner talk in Leeds on 3rd December. I didn't use the slides on the night but a few people asked for my notes so I've turned it into a slide show.


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2. Experience

  • 10 years in new media agencies
  • Delivering Internet tech projects
  • Working with multinationals and startups
  • Co-owner of kilo75
  • Director of family funeral directors

3. About kilo75

  • Digital communications agency
  • Web design, development and marketing
  • Define and execute digital strategy
  • Find us at The Round Foundry Media Centre in Leeds
  • We build businesses online
  • Find out more athttp://kilo75.com

4. Things I wished I'd known

  • It's all about communication
    • Be proactive, collaborative and brave
  • Manage your online profile
    • Have you Googled yourself?
  • Be confident
    • Everyone likes to know they're in good hands
  • Know your stuff
    • Learning more builds confidence

5. Things I wished I'd known

  • Client's perspective
    • Be your client's voice, at all times
  • Finance
    • Be in control and focus on cashflow
  • Be prepared
    • Clichd but true
  • Do it faster
    • Focus on getting the job done rather than attaining some sort of ultimate state of perfection

6. Things I wished I'd known

  • Deliver quality
    • Not only builds reputation but impacts the bottom line
  • Make decisions
    • The delay in reaching a decision can be more costly than being wrong

7. Get in touch

  • [email_address]
  • twitter.com/monicatailor
  • www.linkedin.com/in/monicatailor