10 Tell Tale Signs You Live in Washington, D.C

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10 tell tale signs You Live in Washington, D.C.by tom toggas

1. When You go to a sports bar to watch the game, you end up arguing about politics.

2. You know East-West streets are lettered, North-South streets are numbered, and diagonal streets are named after states.

3. You do all your shopping on M Street.

4. youve become comfortable not being the smartest person in the room.

5. Youve stood in line for Georgetown Cupcakes, at least once.

6. youre proud to say you love the DMV.(As long as were referring to the acronym used for the greater Washington D.C. area, which includes parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia.)

7. Youve caught yourself asking someone what they do before youve even asked them their name.

8. youve got at least 5 public figures ready to name-drop at any given point in a conversation.

9. there is no worse offense than standing on the wrong side of the escalator.Walk left, stand right.

10. youve seen the Air and Space Museum more times than you can count. (because Everyone who visits you insists on going, and dragging you along.)