10 quick home improvement tips

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  1. 1. licaland.com
  2. 2. licaland.com Clean your House Clean every nook and cranny for a cheap way to improve the feel of your home.
  3. 3. licaland.com Get rid of Clutter Clean out every room and closet to give your home a more spacious feeling. Put in some hangers and shelving to store your clothes and get rid of any clothes that you no longer wear.
  4. 4. Pay attention to the Ceiling The ceiling in your home makes up a big percentage of space. Be creative with the plenty of options on the market and articulate your ceiling as a centerpiece in your home rather than just a structure. licaland.com
  5. 5. Replace Windows Windows are an essential part of your home. If your home feels chilly and uncomfortable in cold weather or awkwardly warm in warmer weather, you need to consider buying new windows. Replacing your windows can give your home a whole new look. licaland.com
  6. 6. licaland.com Paint a Wall Paint is an easy and less expensive way to make an old room feel brand new.
  7. 7. Decorate the Walls No nee to spend tons of money on expensive prints. Instead display some of your favorite pictures in frames you find at discount stores. Or add a personal touch to the frames if you're feeling creative. licaland.com
  8. 8. Add some Greenery Adding some nice potted plants on your porch can really make your home come alive. licaland.com
  9. 9. Clean the Carpets Simply shampooing the carpets and rugs can make them look brand new again. You can either do them yourself or hire a carpet cleaning company. licaland.com
  10. 10. Throw Pillows Use some throw pillows to add new colors to the room. licaland.com
  11. 11. Remodel your Bathroom Start with a thorough cleaning of the floor and walls to remove any mold, and then make a few changes in color. You can also change the shower curtain or add different towels. licaland.com
  12. 12. The ideas can be endless just by adding a little creativity and imagination. licaland.com