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Power of concentration is foundation to get success in sportsman life . It can be acquired , retain and enhanced through 10 minutes regular practice of meditation



2. THE INSPIRATION Thoughts guide our GOALS/AIM ....... as you think, so shall you become 3. HOW MEDITATION HELPSSportsman?High Degree of Concentration / focusCreates a reservoir of positive thoughtsIs the charger of consciousnessActs as a medicineMagnetizes the mental forcePurifies the mindHelps in analyzing and forecastingHelps in mental communication 4. 1. Meditation creates a reservoir ofpositive thoughtsPatienceTolerance StrengthDAM OF MINDPOWER TO ADJUST POWER TO FACE/HANDLE 5. 1. Meditation creates a reservoir ofpositive thoughtsPower to adjust Power to face/handleincreased tolerance, patience abundance of inner stock of energy to handle crisis Easy adjustment with people Strength to manage resourcesof all types of natureoptimally Broad, accommodating Power to accommodateattitudeothers opinion, channelize Positive feelings and goodtheir skillswishes for others Drives away negativities suchas anger and worry 6. 2. Meditation charges theconsciousness Positive & powerful thoughts (SOURCE)Consciousness shouldbe charged with positiveWaste and Negativeand powerful thoughts tothoughtsmake the mind energetic(LEAKAGE)MIND 7. 2. Meditation charges theconsciousness Using an energetic mind, one can take responsibilities easily andfulfill them efficiently, meeting time and other constraints Waste and negative thoughts de-energize the mind; meditationconnects to the source to recharge again Meditation provides the power to concentrate and control the mind- i.e. the power of silence, which then helps retain the positiveenergy within the mind. 8. 2. Meditation charges theconsciousness Here meditation does not refer to any physical activity such asasana or pranayam Meditation refers to positive thinking at all time during all activitieswhich develops by devoting a special time to sit silently andgenerate positive thoughts 9. 3. Meditation acts as a medicineObesity of waste& negative thoughtsMENTAL ILLNESS frustration emotional blockageburnout Psychosomatic diseases 10. 3. Meditation acts as a medicine Meditation helps get rid of such mental illnesses. It is an exercise ofthe mind. Meditation also brings unity in the Team through the feeling ofoneness, of being children of one Father the ocean of love, peace,knowledge and power In the 21st century, a Sportsman should use meditation to removestress and tension from the self and promote unity in the Team 11. 4. Meditation magnetizes the mentalforceConflicting forces inside the mind tend to nullify the effect of each other.The personality becomes WEAK 12. 4. Meditation magnetizes the mentalforce Meditation aligns the internal forces and conflicting thoughts of the mind in a particulardirectionThe alignment of mental forces is essential to maximize the output of mental energyIt would magnetize not only the Sportsmans personality , but shall also align inner mentalforces of other employees to fulfill the tasks of the Team 13. 5. Meditation purifies the mind Just as fire separates alloys from pure gold, similarly meditation separates negativities, vices, bad habits and nature from the pure and energetic mind with the use of spiritual power 14. 5. Meditation purifies the mind andinculcate high degree of concentrationMeditation helps in focusing thoughts, just as a lenshelps in focusing sun rays to create energy and burncombustible materialsFocused thoughts help penetrate through obstacles,and burn away weaknesses which are the seeds ofpersonal and Teamal difficultiesWith the practice of meditation, a Sportsman can EASILY get rid of personal andTeam problems 15. 6. Meditation helps in analyzing &positive futuristic approach Provides Clean & clear intellect Helps perceive situations in advance Gives the power to catch others thoughtsaccuratelyMakes mind cool, calm, stable Vibrating mind misguides perceptions,feelings & calculation With a stable mind one can observe thingsproperly and analyze without error 16. Close Your Eye Analyse whatever important event you havedone ( Last three hours you have done , AnslyseWhat positive u have work done, what couldhave done further better, or utlize your time inbetter way. Avoid negative and strengthenpositive) Apply continuously Do not fight with darkness of negativethoughts ignite positive thoughts 17. 6. Meditation helps in analyzing &forecastingA Sportsman working in an uncertain, unpredictable environment should devote timefor meditation and drive away anxiety and concern With the practice of meditation, a Sportsman can become an effective decision maker and forecaster 18. 7. Meditation helps in mentalcommunication Telepathy is not scientifically established However, meditation may help communicatepositive feelings and good wishes to onesteam members and subordinates, irrespectiveof physical distance It also creates a harmonious environment inthe sports/ team with positive vibration 19. MEDITATIONIt is the process of connecting our mind and intellect with the Supreme SoulSUPREME SOUL Father of all human beings Almighty authority Ocean of peace Treasure of divine virtues 20. MEDITATIONConnecting the mind and intellect with the Supreme Father not only purifiesthe mind but also broadens its outlook. This feeling of unity is essential for aSportsman to deal with the diversity in culture, religion, nationality, languageand education present within his Team and in world around. 21. It rub away past negative impression andinformation from from soul , to start mindafresh Help in rewritting the information It illuminate soul to remove inner darkness ofnegativity and vices It transform the life from unfortunate tofortunate It strengthen the muscles of mind, intellectand brain 22. Conclusion If you can control your mind and straythoughts , there by focus and achieve highlevel of concentration it will certaintlyenhance your efficiency / performance in theshooting sports 23. One falls down because of slip by small stone Slip in single small thought can cause majorproblems Chadeh to chakeh baikunth rash gire tochakna Chur A lot of people create enmity because ofsuccess with time they become powerful totumble down our fortes of protection. 24. . 25. Diamond 26. Single spot on Diamond reduce Value 27. Full Stop Question Mark. ? 28. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!QUESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED