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10 meeting hacks every startup should know about, that I've learned with my colleague and co-founder Pedro Rocha Vieira.


  • 1.10 meeting hacks!Lessons from our Boston/NY tripI have learned from Pedro VieiraBy @amarquet

2. Beta-i went on a trip to US for one week - July 2012 3. Rule #1!Be PragmaticPedro is super pragmatic,looses very little time withsmalltalk.Conclusion: In western culturemeetings are about businessobjectives. So, set yours and goafter them. 4. #2!Use technical jargonPedro masters jargon onentrepreneurship and talks withthe best people about it.Conclusion: read books, talkwith others, go to conferences.Be among the top on your eld. 5. #3 !Ask lots of questionsPedro makes a ton of questionson the company, on the strategyand on everything he needs toknow.He can be really pushysometimes, making questionslike "why dont you want to buyfrom us?"Conclusion: you must makequestions about what drives theother party. 6. #4!Start with context settingPedro will start the meeting bygiving the other party a context:why am I here, then he proceedson who am I, and then what isbeta-i.Pedro only does the punch lineat the very end of the meeting sometimes he stays glued to thechair even after the meeting hasended.Conclusion: Explain what youwant, and why you want it. Thatsimple. 7. #5!Let others dreams!Imagine we can make Lisbon astartup hub, and you can be partof that transformative process.Conclusion: to sell you have toconvince others about the bigpicture. The bigger the better. 8. #6!Know your businessMario knows how to save theprincess, and Pedro invests lotstime reading and talking aboutthe latest trends onentrepreneurship.Conclusion: try to be on top ofyour area of expertise andbenchmark against the best. 9. #7!LinkedIn PredatorIn lots of meetings the otherparty will receive a LinkedIninvitation even before themeeting ends itself!Conclusion: business cards arekind of obsolete but that meansyou have to fast online. 10. #8!Cross-referencePedro will double check onpeople and facts, makingquestions like "what do youthink about X?"Conclusion: most people speakbased on assumptions not hardfacts so cross check yoursources for higher degree oftrust is crucial to a avoid baddecisions. 11. #9!Gathering intelligencePedro gets his hands onbrochures and other literature onthe company, sometimes on thereception desk of the companyprior to the meeting.Conclusion: lots of companiesexpose valuable corporateinformation inside doors, try togive an eye to yearly reports andproduct brochures before yougo to the arena. 12. #10!Be a bull - never give upPedro does not loose hisstamina after a rst no - he willkeep on ghting. After an initial No, most peoplego, Ok he does not my product,I will go somewhere else - Pedrohas a No lter, and he will justadapt and go on pitching.Conclusion: in business dontlet a NO affect your morale.Adjust and keep on ghting. 13. This presentation was composed in Keynote on an iPhone 4S. Photos by Andr Marquet. Go grab your ticket to the top oor!