10 lean startups with surprising mvps

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  • 5. Angellistconnecting entreprenuersto investors via email intros

    6. Zynga

    basic game release

    4. FourSquareapp allows people to check-in to a location

    1. VirginAirone route from Gatwick toNewark

    P O W E R E D b y S E R V I C E

    2. ZapposOnline retail kicked off bydelivering shoes

    3. Yipitcollection of online dealssent manually to subscribers

    7. Airbnbowners rented out theirown apartment

    8. BufferOne landing page for ascheduler that explains it all

    9. Spotify

    music streaming for all

    10. CarsDirect

    the team would purchase acar from dealers after theorder was placed online.

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