10 customer loyalty ideas for ecommerce websites in 2015

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  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    10 Customer Loyalty Ideas

    In 2015 80% of your companys future revenue will come from just

    20% of your existing customers

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    Table Of Content

    Getting Started

    Get And Keep Customers?

    A Challenge For Almost Businesses

    5 Best Customer Loyalty Case Studies

    10 Customer Loyalty Ideas


  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    Overview Business competition is fiercer, instead of getting new source of customers, is it better to make your

    customer who comes to your store once come back again? This white-paper would give you the reasons

    why you should start your customer loyalty program right now, best customer loyalty case studies and ten

    tips for customer loyalty program in 2015.

    1. Get and keep customers? A challenge for almost businesses

    2. 5 best customers loyalty program and key take-away

    3. 10 customer loyalty ideas in 2015

    Happy reading! I am sure that after reading this white paper you immediately can have some ideas to

    start your own loyalty program and increase your sales.

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    Get And Keep Customers?

    A Challenge For Almost Businesses

    The study by Forrest Research shows that it costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to

    keep current ones.

    Gartner Group cited in Forbes that 80% of your companys future revenue will come from just 20% of

    your existing customers.

    Why do customers leave company?

    Customers can leave you because of many reasons, knowing the reason is a key to success for your

    business: the principal reason is they feel they dont enough care from your business than the other


    Customer loyalty A challenge for all businesses?

    According to Cheryl Conner 8 top great challenges for every business face in Forbes, customer loyalty

    is one of the significant problem for every businesses. Morever, 61% of retailers cite customer retention

    as their greatest obstacle in 2013, up from 51% in 2012.

    Is it really challenged to keep your customer loyal to your brand, right? Lets take lessons from 5 most

    successful customer loyalty campaigns.

    Why Customers Leave Company

    The treatment theyreceived

    Feel dissatisfied withproducts and service

    Begin doing businesswith the competition

    Seek alternatives

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    5 Best Customer Loyalty Case Studies

    1. Apple keep customers loyal by its own products

    Apple is the most special case study for customer loyalty. Although they dont offer any discount or

    special offer to customers, there are many fans extremely faithful to this brand because of its own


    When you start with an amazing products, you can create amazing things That is what Apple uses in

    every its products communication campaign. These innovative products can change the world, change the

    way we work, play and listen to music.

    Simple and innovative are what Apple makes its customers so loyal without using any promotional


    Take-away tip: First and foremost factor for customer loyalty comes from your own products!

    2. Boloco Card Use simple points system

    Boloco is the brand name of an American chain of restaurants that serves burritos, wraps, salads, shakes

    and smoothies. Boloco brand gives their customers a Boloco card (with stylish design) to accumulate

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    their points after each purchase, with which customers can earn points after buying any products then

    redeem it in next purchases.

    Why this loyalty program is so effective: Measure points in dollar and reward in food items. Simple

    system makes it perfect, both customers and store-owners dont have to remember and apply confusing

    reward points system to each order. That works!

    Take-away tip: Use simple points (earn and redeem) system

    3. Walgreens Get rewarded for living a happy and healthy life

    The Walgreen Company is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States. As of May 31, 2014, the

    company operated 8,217 stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin

    Islands. See how it conducted loyal customer program!

    Walgreen puts their customers well-being on the first emphasis. With the Balance Rewards program,

    customers can earn points by taking care of themselves through filling prescriptions, receiving

    immunizations, logging points for walking and/or running, tracking weight loss, or participating in

    physical activities.

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    Why does this program work? It is humane, Walgreen cares about their customers health, and then it

    benefits both customers and Walgreen brand.

    Take-away tip: Customer loyalty program should care truly customers problem.

    4. Patagonia Non-monetary loyal program

    Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for the silent sports: climbing, surfing, skiing and

    snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail. Instead of using common ways for loyalty program like points or

    discount, Patagonia uses a non-monetary program to benefit their customers: They partnered with Ebay

    and allows their customers to re-sell their old Patagonia products though Ebay.

    This campaign works because it can meet 2 conditions: First, convey the message that Patagonia

    clothing and gear are durable. Second, bring customers more value rather than discounts and points.

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    Take-away tip: Customer loyal program should bring more value to customers rather than discounts

    and points.

    5. Amazon Amazon prime membership

    Amazon.com, Inc. is an American electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle,

    Washington. It offers loyal customer prime benefits that can make them feel VIP and delete bolder

    between customers and providers.

    Take-away tip: Give your loyal customers special offers.

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    10 Customer Loyalty Ideas For 2015

    1. Focus on the quality of products

    The first and foremost in a customer loyalty program is the

    quality of your products. Customers will never come back to a

    brand if it doesnt offer any good to them.

    High quality products increasingly build trust in your


    2. Offer excellent customer services

    Customer services somehow can be defined as the way you

    communicate to your customers through actions of bringing the

    best-quality customer services. 68% customers leave company

    because of the treatment they receive; its high time for your

    business to improve customer service to build up customer


    3. Use points system

    A point system for your customers is a great incentive for them

    to come back again. Remember to simplify earning and

    redeeming process!

    4. Use a non-monetary loyalty program

    Creating something creative rather than points or discount can

    make your customers remember you better. For example, you

    can set up partnership with other related brand, which can bring

    real value to your customers.

    5. Create a community

    Creating a community of your loyal customers can benefit your

    business and customers, too. Harley, a Motor Company, creates

    a community where its loyal clients can build up their

    networks, learn more about the products and share their stories

    to the others.

  • 10 Customer Loyaly Ideas In 2015 For Ecommerce

    through Loyalty Program, you can absolutely make something

    special for your long-time customers. For instances, giving

    customers who love flowers a bunch of roses in their birthday

    or sending them a book about flowers can be the best behaviors

    to show off your gratitude for customers business. Loyalty

    Program is only successful when you keep your customer

    surprised, happy and excited in a long time.

    If you want your customer loyal to your brand, it is necessary

    that you all have to

    6. Give customers a badge of honor

    When your customers have been with you for a certain time or

    have made a big purchase, you can give them the opportunities

    to be a part of a special group. MageWorld, a large portal of

    magento extensions has Partner Program including silver,

    golden, and premium level based on customers total order.

    7. Make your customer happy

    For business, smiling is something little but it can effect on

    your brand image in customers mind. In fact, one of the

    reasons Southwest Airlines has so many raving fans is because

    leaders and front-line employees infuse some humor and fun

    into the customer experience. Making customers happy is one

    of important elements to help your Loyalty Program become

    more effective. The customers who always feel comfortable

    with your services will tend to come back to do more business

    with you.

    8. Keep them guessing

    Keeping customers guessing is a secret of Loyalty Program to

    attract them to come back for possibility of a discount. For

    some big brands, they give unadvertised discounts during their