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10 days after Facebook announced the purchase of WhatsApp, check out these 10 incredible facts about this incredible service.


  • 10 Amazing facts about @al_hernando
  • Whats up? WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows users to exchange messages -and much morewithout having to pay for them. It is cool, right?! @al_hernando
  • Founded in 2008 Brian Acton Who? Jam Koum WhatsApp was founded by two guys who spent combined 20 years doing geeky stuff at Yahoo! Inc. before starting WhatsApp.
  • Where? Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley. Already translated to 32 languages. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones and Nokia. @al_hernando
  • 55 Employees 32 engineers in the team, which means, 1 to 14 million ratio of developers to active users @al_hernando
  • 430 million 430 of monthly active users 400 350 300 250 200 Apr13 Jun13 Aug13 Oct13 Dec13 and growing, WhatsApp is adding over 1 million new users each day. @al_hernando Jan14
  • 72% users check the app everyday In contrast, the industry standard is between 10% and 20%, and only a handful of companies top 50%. The average number of times that users check the application is 23 times per day @al_hernando
  • 50 Everyday Whatsapp processes billion messages an average user sends more than 1000 messages per month @al_hernando
  • 500million images sent per day An average WhatsApp user uploads 40 photos, sends 7 videos & 13 voices messages per month @al_hernando
  • Facebook announced on 19th February the purchase of WhatsApp in a $19Billion deal. It means $ 42 per WhatsApp user. WhatsApp reportedly earned total revenues of about 20 million last year. @al_hernando
  • How are they doing the money? WhatsApp is free for the first year. After that, it charges $ 0.99 for continued service. Not too much? Pure Subscription Revenue Model. $ @al_hernando 0,99/per year
  • Whatsapp may be worth more than $19 Billion Analysts predict that WhatsApp could reach 2Bn users and generate ARPU of $2,50 at 80% margins. @al_hernando
  • @al_hernando February 2014