1. scriptural roles of men and women 1.different roles 2.the feminist agenda

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  • SCRIPTURAL ROLES OF MEN AND WOMEN1.Different roles 2.The Feminist agenda


  • In contrast to the age, the position of women in the church was extraordinarily emancipated; they always appear to have been treated with affection, chivalry and respect. It is one of the most attractive features of their life and literature. A real spiritual camaraderie between husbands and wives, between brethren and sisters seems to be reflected, so different from the contemporary scene which was a severe mans world. In a century when it was deemed both unwise and unnecessary for women to interest themselves in Biblical studies, Hubmaier could remark that the pious woman Argula of Stauffen knew more of the divine word than the red-capped ones will ever see and lay hold of

    (Bro Alan Eyre, The Protestors)Sisters in the Middle Ages

  • Sisters in the Middle AgesMany wives of prominent Brethren were themselves outstanding characters and Bender estimates that one third of those who suffered death for their faith were women. Women wrote hymns, instructed other women and were encouraged to perform almsdeeds. Bender notes that among the Brethren marriage was elevated to a more spiritual relationship than was then recognised. Marriage within the faith and strong, loyal families became a firmly established tradition.

    (Bro Alan Eyre, Brethren in Christ)

  • Being a sister only precludes her from the act of public speaking and involves subjection to her husband. It does not shut her up to babies, pots and pans She is a partner, a helper, a fellow-heir in all things pertaining to Christ, and the man who would degrade her from this position, is not fit for a place in the body of Christ.

    (Bro Robert Roberts 1879)A Nineteenth Century View

  • The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have recinded the rule forbidding women to appear in church bare headed, to meet changing war-time conditions. The special statement in connection with this change reads:

    Change in Church Tradition - 1942The Scriptural authority behind this rule is St. Pauls regulation, but this required that they should be veiled. That has long ago fallen out of use, and, after consultation with the bishops generally, we wish it to be known that no woman or girl should hesitate to enter a church uncovered nor should any objection to their doing so be raised.(Quoted by Bro John Carter in The Christadelphian, Dec 1942)

  • It turns out that male and female brains are hardwired differently, which along with hormonal factors, accounts for behavioral and attitudinal characteristics associated traditionally with masculinity and femininity. It was these sexual benchmarks that feminists attempted to suppress or discredit, but they failed

    Unfortunately, the ideas that were spawned in the seventies and perpetuated in a different form today are deeply ingrained in the culture, even though they have never made sense. Child-rearing practices have been forever changed There is also a new source of confusion emanating from the powerful gay and lesbian agenda. (Dr James Dobson, Bringing up Boys, p.17)Males and Females are different

  • The important role of mothers

  • What are the implications of less tragic circumstances where the mother-boy relationship simply fails to jell? That specific question was studied at Harvard University. Researchers found that early bonding is vital. It is even related to physical health 40 or 50 years later. Incredibly 91% of college men who said they had not enjoyed a close relationship with their mothers developed coronary artery disease, hypertension, duodenal ulcers, and alcoholism by the midlife years. Only 45% of the men who recalled maternal warmth and closeness had similar illnesses.

    The important role of mothersIn short, the quality of early relationships between boys and their mothers is a powerful predictor of lifelong psychological and physical health. Given the delicate nature of infants, perhaps it is understandable why I remain unalterably opposed to the placement of babies in day-care facilities unless there is no reasonable alternative. My opinion on this subject is based on hard data. (Dr James Dobson, Bringing up Boys p.85)

  • The Mothers Role is vitalWoman has gifts from God that excel those of man. Her instinctive sense of motherhood flows through her special kind of care, irrespective of the presence of children, to the benefit of all who come within the walls of her home. The nest-building urge transforms bricks and mortar into a warm and comfortable haven set apart from the world outside.

    Motherhood brings its own particular joys. The satisfaction of bearing a living miracle is matched by the unspeakable privilege of being able to give the words of eternal life in simple form in the early years of childhood, before the influences of the world and of school crowd in upon the young life. What we are as mothers the pace of life, the music we listen to, our fret and anxiety, our love and peace of mind, our attitude in everything that we are and do is in some way experienced even by the unborn child, and how much more from babyhood onwards.

    (Harry Tennant, Steps to True Marraige)

  • Mothers role in the homeIt is a sad mark of our times that bringing up children has been relegated to a lowly position in terms of social status. In the Divine scheme it is a great work. Both Scripture and the world agree that a childs earliest years are its most formative, and during this period the mother is the greatest influence. It has frequently been noted that the spiritually-minded kings of Judah were brought up by God-fearing mothers. It is fascinating to consider that, while men may guide, counsel and discipline, they never have such complete influence over another person as a mother has over her children.

    (Michael Lewis, Man and Woman A study of Biblical roles, Testimony Magazine p56)

  • Mothers role at homeThis fact, exemplified by God entrusting His own Son into the care of Mary at the most tender age, confirms that the prime role of a woman is intended to be spiritual. All the saints in the Kingdom will have had their earliest training at the hands of a woman, this being the means by which the Lord has decreed that His people will begin their preparation for glorifying His Name. This great responsibility is to be recognised by a mother, who must see to it that the home environment is spiritually healthy and that she is sufficiently well grounded in the Word to be able actively to pass it on to her growing children. (Michael Lewis, Man and Woman A study of Biblical roles p56)

  • The boys father has to do his part. He needs to mirror and affirm his sons maleness. I encourage parents, particularly fathers, to affirm their sons maleness. Parental education, in this area and all others, can prevent a lifetime of unhappiness and a sense of alienation. When boys begin to relate to their fathers, and begin to understand what is exiting, fun and energising about their fathers, they will learn to accept their own masculinity. They will find a sense of freedom of power by being different from their mothers, outgrowing them as they move into a mans world. (Clinical psycologist, Dr Joseph Nicolosi)The Role of Fathers

  • The weakening of the family and the absence of caring fathers are the primary reasons boys are in trouble today. Well consider now 2 other powerful forces that arrived in the late sixties and took the world by storm. They are the sexual revolution and radical feminism, which have contributed mightily to masculine confusion today. That was a period when Western nations seemed to wobble on the brink of insanity. Time called it a knife blade that severed past from the future.

    Never has a civilization so quickly jettisoned its dominant value system, yet that is what occurred within a single decade. Not only did traditional moral standards and beliefs begin to stumble, but the ancient code governing how men and women related to each other was turned upside down.

    (Dr James Dobson, Bringing up Boys, p.161)Radical change in western culture

  • Ecclesias now challenged from withinThis short study has been written in the hope that its readers will be able to acknowledge that some Christadelphian traditions regarding our sisters owe their existence more to Victorian tradition than to clear Bible teaching.

    Bible truth is dynamic not static. May we be guided by the Holy Spirit into the paths of truth and righteousness.

    That these women (in Bible times) were few compared to men is not surprising in a male-dominated world where physical strength was important for outside tasks (ploughing, going to war) and where women were repeatedly pregnant and inevitably, carers of children.

    To sum up, Pauls edict was addressed to the Corinthian church only.

  • SCRIPTURAL ROLES OF MEN AND WOMEN1.Different roles 2.The Feminist agenda

  • No woman should be authorised to stay at home to raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if they do have that choice, too many will make that one. We think that every individual, women as well as men, should work outside and have the possibility of either communal living, collective or another way of organising the family and child care. In my opinion as long as the family and the myth of maternity instinct are not destroyed, women will still be oppressed. (Simone De Beauvior, 1975, UN Womens Year Address)Feminism and the Family - 1975

  • Weve had a lot of people in this country who have had the courage to raise their daughters more like their sons. Which is great because it means theyre more equal But there are many fewer people who have had the c