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    I RECRUITMENT POLICIESPolicy No 1 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 5 2 Recruitment Policy 7 3 Workplace Attachment Policy 19 4 Volunteer Work Policy 21 5 Internship Policy 24 6 Graduate Teaching Assistants Policy 26 7 Outside Work Policy 28 8 Study Policy 30 9 Induction Policy 32 10 Employee Retention Policy 33 11 Resignation Policy 35 12 Redundancy Policy 38II REMUNERATION POLICIES 13 Remuneration Policy 41 14 Housing Policy 48 15 Relocation and Passage Allowances Policy 49 16 Allowances Policy 50III LEAVE POLICIES 17 General Leave Policy 56 18 Annual Leave Policy 58 19 Sick Leave Policy 61 20 Compassionate & Bereavement Leave Policy 63 21 Study Leave Policy 65 22 Industrial Leave Policy 68 23 Sabbatical Leave Policy 70 24 Conference Leave Policy 72 25 Maternity Leave Policy 74 25(b) Paternity Leave Policy 77 26 Leave Without Pay Policy 78 27 Special Leave Policy 80 28 Unauthorized Absence Policy 81IV PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL CONDUCT POLICIES 29 Code of Conduct for Employees 82 30 ConflictsofInterestandCommitmentPolicy 97 31 Termination of Employment Policy 100 32 Attendance & Punctuality Policy 102 33 Meal and Rest Periods Policy 105 34 Discrimination and Harassment Policy 106 35 Workplace Bullying Policy 110 36 Drugs, Alcohol and Kava Policy 113 37 Whistleblower Protection Policy 115 38 Participation in Political Activities 119 39 Unsatisfactory/Poor Performance Regulations 121 40 Grievance Policy 124

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    V PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND APPRAISAL POLICIES 41 Training and Development Policy 123 42 Staff Appraisal, Review and Promotion Policy 133VI MISCELLANEOUS POLICIES 43 Employee Relations Policy 137 44 Payment on Death of an Employee Policy 139 45 Child Protection Policy 141 46 Personnel Records Management Policy 142 47 Forms Policy 145

    Definitions1. Applicant - any person who applies in writing for an advertised position 2. Candidate refers to any person being considered for appointment to a position. Candidates include those who may be head-hunted by the University. 3. CategoriesofEmployees:

    3.1 Full-time employees are those who are required to work on a full-time and exclusive basis for the University. These contracts may vary in length from one term (block, semester, penster, trimester, semester) to three (3) years at a time. Full-time positions comprise established positions and temporary positions.3.2 Established positions are those that have been formally established by the University through a needs-based analysis.3.3 Temporarypositionsarethosecreatedtofillaparticularneedataparticulartime,andtheneed forwhich isnotanticipatedtocontinueformorethan2yearsexcept forfilling invacancies created by leave without pay. Temporary positions include employees in visiting, adjunct, and honorary capacities.3.4 Employeeshired tofillestablishedpositionsare regardedaspermanentemployeesof the University,whilethosehiredtofilltemporarypositionsareregardedastemporaryemployees of the University. Temporary employees are short-term employees.3.5 Part-time employees are those who work for less than the full working day, or less than the full working week, for the University. Part-time employees are not restricted from holding other jobs outside the University. Occasionally, one person may hold more than one part-time pos- ition with the University at a particular time. Such employment shall, however, only be permitted foreithertemporarypositions,orestablishedpositionsfilledfornomorethanthereasonable time it takes to formally fill a vacancy, which is estimated to be approximately 3 months.3.6 Casual Worker means a worker whose terms of engagement provide for the workers payment at the end of each days work and who is not re-engaged within the 24 hour period immediately following the payment.

    4. Cull refers to the assessment of written applications against stated selection criteria for the posi- tion, to determine applications to be further considered.5. Dependents shall include biological off-spring(s), parents, and biological sibling(s) of the emplo- yee, or any member who stays with the employee permanently and who is entirely dependent on the employee.6. Head of Section refers to Dean/Director/Registrar/VC.7. Immediatefamilymemberisdefinedasincludingonlythestaffmembersspouse,children,par- ents, grandparents, grandchildren, mother/father-in-law, grandmother/grandfather-in-law, fathers ormothersbiologicalbrothersorsisters,andfirstcousins.8. Merit selection refers to the comparison of candidates on the basis of how well they meet the req- uirementsoftheposition.Emphasisisonrelevantqualifications;demonstrableknowledge,skills and experience, and conduct. 9. Merit: value, quality, importance, ability, accomplishment, aptitude, skill, worth.10.Perdiemisdefinedasallowancegiventocoveranemployeesexpenditureformealandaccom- modationwhentravellingonofficialduty.11. Recommended candidate refers to a candidate who, at the end of the selection process is consi- dered,intheopinionoftheinterviewingofficers,topossessthegreatestmeritandisrecommended for appointment to the position.12. Responsibility Positions: are positions like section head, supervisor, manager, line supervisor / EOs and HOS/HOD (teaching stream)13. Screening Committee refers to the committee that relooks at the shortlisting of candidates and also sits in as the interview panel for the position. (See section 8 (8.4))

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    14.SectionmeansCollege,Division,Centre,OfficeofVC,OfficeoftheRegistrar15.Selectioncriteriameans theminimumqualifications,education,skillsandabilities required for any person to successfully perform the duties of the position. 16. Short-list is a list of (usually no more than six) applicants who, after initial interviewing and/or tes- ting, appear to be the best applicants in terms of merit whose applications need further detailed scrutiny.17. Unestablished/waged employees full time employees paid on an hourly basis.18.Smoking-Smokingisdefinedasinhaling,exhaling,burning,orcarryingalightedcigarette,cigar, pipe, or other lighted smoking product. The burning of any type of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or anyothersmokingequipmentordevice,whetherfilledwithtobaccooranyothertypeofmaterial.19. Facility - Any enclosed area of a structure, or portion therefore, and which structure is owned and/ or being occupied or operated by the University. This is intended to include University owned and operatedvehicles,andoutdoorgroupseatingfacilities.Thisdefinitionincludesallareaswithinthe residence halls.20.Scientificstudy-Peerreviewedscientificstudyrelatedtothehealtheffectsofsmoking,sanctioned and formally approved by the University.21. Theatrical Production - Theatrical performance sanctioned and approved by the University.22. Outdoor group seating facilities - Any outdoor seating arrangement whereby people sit in close proximity (shoulder-to-shoulder to one another).23. Residence Hall - Any structure designated by the University as a residence hall. The smoke-free indoor air policy will apply to all areas within the residence halls and within 5 meters of residence hall building entrances.24.PrivilegedBenefitsbenefitsthataregiventoemployeesforbeinganemployeeofFNU,andare over and above the legally required limits. 25. Personal Data: Data that relates to an individual employee who is employed with the University or whocanbeidentifiedfromthatinformationorfromthatdataandotherinformationinpossession of the data controller. Personal data includes any expression of opinion about that employee. 26.PersonalFile:Datathatiskeptinanorganizedfilewithafilereferencethatrelatestoanemployee withtheUniversity,whocanbeidentifiedfromthatinformationorfromthatdataandotherinfo- rmation in possession of the data controller. 27. Personnel Records: Personnel records are typically Personal Files of individual employees kept as a record, which is initiated and maintained by the People Personnel Services Department of the Division of Human Resources. An ideal Personnel Record System would provide a complete and accurate summary of an employees history by gathering data from many sources including individualemployeeandfilingthisinformationintheirpersonalfilesandmakingitaccessibleto authorized individuals to view the information for decision making. 28.FileRecordsRoom:FileRecordsRoomisbasicallyaroomwheretheindividualemployeesfiles aremaintainedforthepurposeofsecurityandconfidentiality.TheFileRecordsRoomismaintained by the People Personnel Services Department of the Division of Human Resources. 29. Data Controller: Any person (an individual or a legal person), who either alone or in common with other persons, determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data are processed. 30. Data Subject: An employee who is subject of the personal data. 31. Processing: In relation to information or data, means obtaining, recording or holding the information or data or carrying out any operation or set of operations on the information or data. 32. Third Party: In relation to personal data, means any person other than: a) the data subject b) the data controller or c) any data processor or other person authorized to process data on behalf of the data controller. 33.FilingSystem:Manualorelectronicfilingsystem,whichisstructuredinsuchawaythatinformation about an individual employee is readily accessible.


    EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO) POLICYPolicyNo.:HR-011. It is the policy of the University to create a fair working environment by eliminating all forms of dis- crimination at the workplace.2. The Universitys Policy o


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