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EXPERT Summer School, Dublin. Day 1 Presentation 1 - Grant Proposal Writing & Research Policy - Maren Pannemann (UvA)


  • 1. 1Grant proposal writing and research policy29 August 2014- Maren Pannemann PhD Advisor Research FundingUniversity of Amsterdam

2. 2Structure of the talk Why research grants Overview research funding possibilities(EU, other international, national) Best practices in grant writing CV building and bridging a funding gap 3. 3Why research grants? More focus and time for research New research projects/ groups Research visits abroad Material/conference organisations CV improvement Publications, invited talks, international network,(PhD) supervising experience, Enter the funding circuit 4. 4The funding circuitReceive grantMore focus onand time forresearchCV: improvement 5. 5Overview research funding possibilities EU funding Other international National 6. 6http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/index.html 7. 7 8. 8Bottom up:investigator driven,subject of own choice 9. 9Bottom up:investigator driven,subject of own choiceTop Down:Predefined calls in Work Programmes 10. 10Bottom up:personal grants/consortiaTop Down:consortia 11. 11Pilar 1 Excellent ScienceMarie Skodowska-CurieIndividual Fellowships (IF)Objective: Training and diversification of skills Support the career development of Experienced Researchers (ER) ER: at the deadline for the submission of proposals, be in possessionof a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-timeequivalent research experienceMobility is a key word:always cross a border (country/sector) to be eligible European Fellowships (EF) Global Fellowship (GF) 12. 12Marie S. Curie European Fellowship (EF)MSC fellow applies in collaboration with host Fellow goes to host organisation in Europe for 12 24months Also researchers from non-EU country coming to the EU Funding for: full salary of Experienced Researcher +contribution to host organisation 13. 13Marie S. Curie Global Fellowships (GF) Experienced Researcher applies in collaboration with host Outgoing phase: 12-24 months,mandatory return phase: 12 months Fellow goes to host organisation outside Europe, andcomes back to host organisation in Europe (secondment) Any nationality, but previously long-term EU resident(>5 yrs) For the GF the partner organisations in TC (ThirdCountry) must include a letter of commitment 14. 14Marie S. Curie Secondments MSC: partner organisations provideadditional training and host researchersduring secondments 15. 15Marie S. Curie Structure of Proposal1. SUMMARY2. EXCELLENCE 50%3. IMPACT 30%4. IMPLEMENTATION 20%-----------------------------------------------------------------10 pages5. CV OF THE EXPERIENCED RESEARCHER6. CAPACITIES OF THE PARTICIPATING ORGANISATIONS7. ETHICAL ASPECTS8. LETTERS OF COMMITMENT OF PARTNER ORGANISATIONS 16. 16Marie S. Curie EvaluationExcellence 50% Quality, innovative aspects and credibility of the research Clarity and quality of transfer of knowledge/training Capacity of the researcher Quality of the supervision and the hosting arrangementsImpact 30% Enhancing research- and innovation-related human resources, skills, andworking conditions to realise the potential of individuals and to provide newcareer perspectives communication and results disseminationImplementation 20% Overall coherence and effectiveness of the work plan Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures Appropriateness of the institutional environment Competences, experience and complementarity of the participatingorganisations and institutional commitment 17. 17Marie S. Curie Evaluators 3 experts in the field, not necessarily all of them expertson your specific topic Might be non-native English speakers Choice of panel(strongest/most innovative elements of your proposal) Choice of keywords (basis for identifying experts) 18. 18Valorization Research Impact relevance of the results to current economic, societal, cultural,policy-related or technological problems effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approach toknowledge utilisation with respect to meeting the needs of thirdparties both within and outside the academic sector; the period over which potential knowledge utilisation is expectedto occur; what, if anything, the researcher intends to do to bring aboutknowledge utilisation Who are the stakeholders? Who is interested in your results? 19. 19Marie S. Curie: Submit proposal Annual deadline in September Next deadline 11 September 2014 at 17:00 Electronic Proposal Submission System Chose your Panel: 8 PanelsSocial Sciences and Humanities (SOC) Chose keywords The choice of panel and keywords will guide the REA inthe selection of experts for proposal evaluation. Relevant Documents on the page: Guide for Applicants Work Programme People 2014 20. 20Pilar 1 Excellent ScienceERC- three main types of grantsERC STARTING 2-7 years after PhD1,5 Mill. EUR 5 years PI is starting first research teamTransition to independence3 February 2015ERC CONSOLIDATOR 7-12 years after PhD2 Mill. EUR 5 years PI is consolidating teamConsolidation of independence12 March 2015ERC ADVANCED > 12 years after PhD2,5 Mill. EUR 5 years Internationally recognisedresearch leaders21 October 2014, 2 June 2015 21. 21Profile ERC Starting Grant A competitive Starting Grant candidate must have potential forindependence and evidence of maturity at least one important publication without the participation oftheir PhD supervisor demonstrate a promising track record of early achievementsappropriate to their research field and career stage, includingsignificant publications (as main author) in major international peer-reviewedmultidisciplinary scientific journals, or in the leadinginternational peer-reviewed journals of their respective field. They may also demonstrate a record of invited presentations in well-establishedinternational conferences, granted patents, awards,prizes etc. 22. 22ERC - Excellence of the Project Ground-breaking nature and potential impact Methodology (feasible / appropriate) High risk / High gain balanceCommitment: 50% of PI working time on the project 23. 23ERC - Panel StructureSOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIESSH1 Markets, individuals and institutions:SH2 The social world, diversity and common ground:SH3 Environment, space and population:SH4 The human mind and its complexity:SH5 Cultures and cultural production:SH6 The study of the human past: 24. 24Grants at different stages of careerERC consolidator7-12 y*ERC advanced>12 y*ERC starting2-7 y*Marie Skodowska CurieParticipation Consortia H2020 Coordinator Consortia H2020 25. 25Overview research funding possibilities EU funding Other international National 26. 26EURIAS Fellowshipshttp://www.2015-2016.eurias-fp.eu/ humanities - social sciences 10-month residencies in one of the 14participating Institutes:Berlin, Bologna, Budapest, Cambridge,Delmenhorst, Edinburgh, Freiburg, Helsinki,Jerusalem, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Uppsala,Vienna, Wassenaar, Zrich. 27. 27Other examples possible funding Volkswagenstiftunghttp://www.volkswagenstiftung.de Fyssen foundation (postdoctoral study grants, Logic)http://www.fondationfyssen.fr/ Google research grants (topics among others: Software engineering andprogramming languages, Machine learning/translation/perception)http://research.google.com/university/relations/research_awards.html Canon Foundation (all research topics)https://www.canonfoundation.org/ AXA Research Fund (risks)http://www.axa-research.org/ 28. 28Joining a research project http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/ 29. 29Overview research funding possibilities EU funding Other international National 30. 30The NetherlandsNWO Innovational Research Incentive Schemein a nutshell: promotes innovation in the academic research field individual researchers at various stages of their careers annual deadlines: VENI: January, VIDI: October, VICI: MarchVENI 0-3 years after completion of PhD 250,000 , duration 3 yearsVIDI 3-8 years after completion of PhD 800,000 , duration 5 yearsVICI 8-15 years after completion of PhD 1,500,000 , duration 5 yearsImpact criterion: use of knowledge in society and industry!http://www.nwo.nl/en/funding/our-funding-instruments/nwo/innovational-research-incentives-scheme/index.html 31. 31GermanyHumboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers For candidates who completed doctorate in the last four years 6-24 months at a research institution in Germanyhttp://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/humboldt-fellowship-postdoc.htmlGerman Science Foundation (DFG): Emmy Noether Programme Postdocs gain the qualifications required for a university teachingcareer lasting five years, in which they lead their own research grouphttp://www.dfg.de/en/research_funding/programmes/individual/emmy_noether/index.html 32. 32Other examples Max Plank Society Germany French National Research Agency Austrian Federal Ministry of Science andResearch Science Foundation Ireland Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation 33. 33Disclaimer The list of grants here is not exhaustive, but isintended to give you an idea about the possibilities Please do also your own research, e.g. local postdocgrants e.g. http://www.scholarships-links.com/category/Postdoc-Scholarships.html 34. 34Structure of the talk Why research grants Overview research funding possibilities(EU, other international, national) Best practices in grant writing CV building and bridging a funding gap 35. 35The proposal (1)State of mind:You ask the funding organisationto fund your research 36. 36The proposal (1)State of mind:You ask the funding organisationto fund your researchYou help the EU/society/science etcto solve their problems 37. 37The proposal (2) 38. 38How to structure your text? Stand out from the pile of applications Catchy title/ Acronym Start with a very short introduction which states theobjectives of the research proposal Summary essential part of proposal, sets the tonePitch training: focus on the essential information, preparation for interviews 39. 39 Make it as easy as possible for the evaluators n