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  • 1 Contractor Safety Orientation Basic Safety
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  • 2 Contractor Safety Pre-Qualification Process Contractors are required to complete the qualification process prior to working at Sappi. How this works: Scoring system of 0 to 40 31 and greater: Accepted 24 30: Provisional Status Below 24: Rejected Annual renewal of information (Changes) Items contractors are rated on: Statistics Incidents Training Inspections Policies & Procedures Safety History How issues are addressed
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  • 3 Expectations: Contractor Safety Representative Designate a knowledgeable safety representative Identify the safety representative to your Sappi contact, Safety, and Plant Protection prior to each job. Supply emergency contact list. Large projects shall have a full time safety representative.
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  • 4 Expectations: Contractor Training Contractors are responsible for training their employees on basic safety policies and site requirements Proof of training shall be made available upon request. Site specific orientations can be done by a designated trainer. Alternative = on-site video or video link Proof of current safety orientation Database Entry Hardhat Sticker Training Card
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  • 5 Expectations: Project Safety Plan Sappi Westbrook Contractor Project Plan is required for each job. Plan reviewed with mill contact person prior to beginning work. Signed & submitted. Job Safety Reviews are performed by Plant Protection Department and the Area Supervisor when job contact is not available.
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  • 6 Expectations: Incident Reporting All incidents must be reported to Plant Protection immediately. Contractors are responsible for investigating and correcting all incidents involving their employees and subcontractors. Notify the mill contact person directly after any occurrence. Completed investigation report must be forwarded to mill contact and Safety within 24 hours of incident. Include root cause(s) and corrective action plan. A representative may be asked to participate in any mill investigation.
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  • 7 Expectations: Basic Safety Follow all regulations. Inform Sappi contact of unique hazards you may encounter or create. Any safety devices disassembled must be returned to working order. Work with your mill contact if safety equipment is not returned its original design. Labels, guards, signs, and etc. shall be intact prior to removing locks or returning a system to service. Contractors will perform safety inspections of their work area and address deficiencies. If using outside inspector notify Plant Protection before allowing on site.
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  • 8 Expectations Cont. Safety Data Sheets shall be provided prior to bringing materials on site. Obtain permits prior to starting work (Hotwork, Confined Space, Line Breaking, and Radiation devices brought on site). Maintain good housekeeping practices at all times. Entry onto our property constitutes consent for vehicle search / inspections.
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  • 9 Expectations; Westbrook Cardinal Rules All personnel must follow site procedures for locking out, tagging out or otherwise isolating energy sources. All personnel must follow site procedures for testing, isolation, or entering a confined space. All personnel working at height must employ the protection of standard handrails or other approved fall protection system. The removal, disabling or bypassing of guards, safety devices or alarms must be pre-authorized in accordance with site procedures.
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  • 10 Cardinal Safety Rules Cont. All personnel performing cutting, welding or other hotwork must obtain the appropriate permit prior to commencing work. All personnel must follow site procedures related to the labeling, storage, handling and personal protective equipment requirements for hazardous chemicals. All employees are required to immediately report all injuries and incidents. All personnel who operate powered industrial trucks or other in-plant vehicles must follow established traffic patterns, operating procedures and Rules of the Road.
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  • 11 Lockout / Tagout Lockout/tagout specifics are covered later in the presentation.
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  • 12 Confined Spaces Any space that a person can fit into that is: Restricted in area Not made for human occupancy Limited in access and egress Potentially dangerous from a chemical or process Configured for entrapment Confined Spaces include but are not limited to: Storage Tanks, Process Vessels, Pits Boilers, Ventilation and Exhaust Ducts, Sewers Pipelines, Tunnels, Underground Utility Vaults
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  • 13 Confined Space Cont. Confined space permit must be obtained from PPD before entry of any confined space (call X4911). All workers shall wear the correct PPE required for the specific job within the confined space. Lifelines and harnesses shall be utilized. Respiratory protection shall be used when required. Be Ready!
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  • 14 Confined Space Cont. Air checks shall be made before initial entry. Plant Protection performs initial monitoring. Contractor is responsible for continuous monitoring as needed. Rechecks are required if the space is left unattended, this includes after meals and rest breaks. Tip: keep an attendant on duty and rotate breaks to avoid waiting for a recheck. Rechecks are required when conditions on or around the space have changed that could affect entrants.
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  • 15 Confined Space Cont. Confined Space Entry Procedures: Equipment is locked out Personal locks on lock out board Obtain permit from PPD Observer accounts for entrants as they enter and exit the space. Record times on permit. The contractor shall provide an observer unless prior arrangements have been made with your mill contact. When job is complete, confined space permit shall be closed out and returned to Gate #9 upon job completion or end of permit time.
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  • 16 Confined Space Cont. Observers Duties The observer shall always be at the entrance when there is someone inside. Leaving the entrance with no one is inside invalidates the permit. PPD must be called to recheck the hole. Maintain contact with person(s) inside the vessel. Tend to any lifelines or monitoring devices. Know location and operation of the nearest phone or radio for emergency communications. Be aware of conditions in and around space and how to recognize symptoms of chemical exposure. In case of emergency: Do Not Enter The Space! From mill phone: Call x4222 to initiate CODE 7 From cellphone: Call 207-856-4911
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  • 17 Hotwork Permits Burning, Welding, Cutting, Grinding or any work with an open flame or spark producing device requires a hotwork permit. Burning, Welding, Cutting, Grinding or any work with an open flame or spark producing device requires a hotwork permit. To request a Permit call Plant Protection at X4911. To request a Permit call Plant Protection at X4911. Crew must be at the worksite with all fire protection devices in place before receiving a permit. Save time by having your worksite ready! Make sure all combustibles & flammables are removed or shielded, and the area is clean, within 35 ft of the job. Make sure all combustibles & flammables are removed or shielded, and the area is clean, within 35 ft of the job. A proper Fire Extinguisher shall be at the work site. A proper Fire Extinguisher shall be at the work site. Permit is for the job or task only.
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  • 18 Hotwork Permit Cont. Permit is valid until the expiration time and date marked on the permit. Call if you need an extension. A fire watch is required at all times even during breaks. Fire watch must stay at the job a minimum of 1 hour after hotwork activity is completed. Fire watch shall be 2 hours under the following conditions: wood floors, fuel conveying systems, and steel plates over wood floors. Plant Protection reserves the right to extend a fire watch to longer periods at their discretion. Open grated floors may pose additional hazards and require additional fire watches.
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  • 19 Hotworks - Welding and Burning Only trained and authorized users may perform gas cutting or welding functions. Always wear appropriate PPE Welding screens and fire blanket must be used. Defective cables/hoses will be replaced or repaired immediately. Housekeeping coil hoses or hang hoses to prevent tripping hazards and damage.
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  • 20 Welding and Burning Cont. Handle cylinders with care. Store cylinders properly with caps in place when not in use. Turn systems off. All bottles shall be secured using a chain or cable, not rope. When not in use cylinders will be stored in approved locations and separated by material classification. All Flammable gas devices shall have Backflow valves, Check valves, and Flashback Arrestors All portable and fixed systems shall meet all Federal, State and Local requirements.
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  • 21 Line Breaking What is it? Breaking or working on any pipe line, connected fitting, valve, pump, or vessel, including clearing of blockages. Assume the line still contains the material. Consult the SDS. Operations Department and SAPPI Contact must be notified and precautions discussed before continuing with work if line is under pressure and/or product is still in the system. Line Breaking Permit is required for this type of work. Contact Plant Protection PRIOR to breaking any lines.
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