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  • 1 Athletes Assisting in Fundraising Athlete Leadership Programs
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  • 2 / Special Olympics Sponsored by Special Olympics ________ Athlete Leadership Programs
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  • 3 / Special Olympics Presenters:
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  • What will we do in this section? Learn about Special Olympics Fundraising Review ALPS Learn how to participate in Fundraising Activities Practice doing Fundraising Activities
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  • The Mission of Special Olympics 5 / Special Olympics The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.
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  • Why do you need to know this? You are the expert on Special Olympics And how it benefits you as an athlete. SOI or your home Program may ask you to join them on fundraising calls or to thank donors/sponsors.
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  • Find your partner(s)! Some of you have money to give, but you need something too. Others need money and have something to offer. Make the right matches!
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  • 8 / Special Olympics Why does Special Olympics need to raise money? What does the money pay for? Special Olympics Fundraising
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  • 9 / Special Olympics Where does Special Olympics, Inc. get its funds? Individuals 51% Businesses 29% Other 20% Total100%
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  • 10 / Special Olympics Programs Where does Special Olympics, Inc. spend its funds? Fundraising Administration Total 80% 15% 5% 100%
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  • 11 / Special Olympics What is a Donor? A DONOR is someone who gives something as a gift. Donor Fundraising
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  • 12 / Special Olympics Where do donors and sponsors get the money they donate? Individuals Salary and/or investments Businesses Selling their products or services
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  • 13 / Special Olympics Personal Reasons Business Reasons Why do people want to donate to Special Olympics?
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  • 14 / Special Olympics Why do people want to donate to Special Olympics? Personal Reasons People want to help other people People believe that Special Olympics helps the people it serves Belief in our mission
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  • 15 / Special Olympics Why do people want to donate to Special Olympics? Business Reasons Linking your business to Special Olympics shows customers that your company cares Employees feel good about working for a company that cares and does good things
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  • Foundations Christmas Record grants Civic/Service Clubs Start-up funds for new projects Other Reserves Investment income Fees from Sub- programs Government Grants Ministries/Agency/Divisions Health/Human Services Sport and Activity Disability Lottery Individuals Direct mail Major donors Planned giving Internet/ Web promotions Giving Clubs/Societies Adopt an athlete programs Corporations Sponsorship Cause Related Marketing Companys Foundation Government Relations Community Relations Public Relations Human Resources Executives Fund How People give money to Special Olympics Special Events Golf tournament Dinner/dance Walkathon Movie promotion Polar plunge Plane pull Merchandising/ Licensing Key chains Tee shirts Mugs
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  • Research Target Prospects Prepare and customize offer (decide what to ask for and prepare a proposal) Send proposal, comply with guidelines or submit application Results/Decision made (acceptance, Yes! rejection, No. or renewal) Follow up with phone call letter, or email to check status Make presentation or proposal at meeting Set a meeting date and time The Fundraising Cycle START HERE Plan and Set Goals Follow up with phone call, letter, or email to check status
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  • 18 Talk about Customers Interest and Needs for giving to SO What role will you play? State the Project or Program you want them to fund. Explain how it helps Special Olympics Describe the benefits to the customer Close the deal
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  • 19 Talk about Customers Interest and Needs for giving to SO What does the person or business want or need from their relationship with Special Olympics?
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  • 20 State the Project or Program you want them to fund Be Honest Be Simple Be Clear Tell what youll spend the money on And how their involvement with Special Olympics will meet their needs and serve their interests
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  • 21 Explain how it helps Special Olympics? Ws are: What is the project? Who will it benefit? Where will it happen? When will it happen? Why do we need it? 1 H is: How do we meet both the donor and SO needs?
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  • 22 Describe the Benefits to the customer How can SO meet the person/businesss needs? To answer this, you need to know what is important to them.
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  • 23 Close the Deal Make it easy to say YES Be positive
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  • 24 Role Play Did they use the 5 steps? What should the Athlete do differently? What should the staff person do differently?
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  • 25 The Athletes Role You as an Athlete can participate on Fundraising Meetings: Participate on Sponsorship pitch meetings Participate on thank you calls or meetings Participate on Fundraising Event Organizing committees
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  • 26 The Athletes Role On these Calls/Meetings, use your Global messenger abilities to answer the questions: (bring your tools) What is Special Olympics? What is your role in Special Olympics? How do Donors help Special Olympics? How has Special Olympics helped you personally?
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  • 27 Dont Forget! Be sure to find out what you should wear to the meeting Talk about their products or services, especially if you use them or know people who do! Be prepared to talk about yourself and how Special Olympics has helped you personally.
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  • 28 Dont Forget! Be prepared! Dont try to wing it. Talk to the person you will be presenting with. Know how much time the entire presentation is take and how long your part should be
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  • 29 Recap What did you learn?
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