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  1. 1. PRINTER In computer printer is a device that accept text and graphics output from a computer and transfer the information to paper usually to standard size sheet of paper. It is a device that must be connected to computer that allows user to print item on paper or sheet such as letters and pictures etc. Toll free:18556624436
  2. 2. Various Printer Toll free:18556624436
  3. 3. Graphics Print Speed Print Quality Sound Emission Fonts Memory Card Compatibility Wi-Fi or Network Connectivity Paper and ink capacity Toll free:18556624436
  4. 4. Printer fall into following category some of them are listed bellow.. INKJET Printer : These type of printer sometime called Bubble jet printer generally used colored ink they put on a paper. PLOTTERS Printer: These are large format inkjet printer Or we can say printer that use special pen. LASER PRINTER : They transfer tiny particles of toner on to the paper. Toll free:18556624436
  5. 5. Lanier printers are ideally suited to the workgroup or small business. Lanier printers combine the ultimate in reliability, ease-of-use, and print quality, all in a compact and affordable package. With outstanding print quality resolution as high as 1200 dpi, desktop publishing has never been so easy. The Lanier LP275hdn is a high-performance network printer designed to support the needs of workgroups and small departments. Toll free:18556624436
  6. 6. Toll free:18556624436
  7. 7. Greater workload Less time Print and copy up to 40 pages-per-minute. Take advantage of 1 GB RAM and a 128 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to store and manage more documents. We Can also print through mobile(mobile support) Scan full color or black-and-white originals and share them instantly with Scan-to- Email/Folder/HDD. Distribute documents directly to e-mail addresses and eliminate long distance costs with Internet . Fax capabilities etc. Toll free:18556624436
  8. 8. With the extra benefits in comparison with other printers, they are a lot more costly. Laser printer are non-impact printers, multipart stationary cannot be used thus duplicate printing cannot be simultaneously performed. Laser printer are also known to be hazardous to the atmosphere and your health. Due to the high voltages when running the machine, small amounts of ozone are generated which can damage the ozone layer Toll free:18556624436
  9. 9. Toll free:18556624436
  10. 10. Lanier printers are costly Lanier printer takes more Power. Due to More heat Sometime Lanier Printer create problem. Lanier printer is a Laser based printer so it is harmful for health as well as atmosphere. Toll free:18556624436
  11. 11. Lanier printer sometime create password problem. Lanier printer print very dark if you will not set Printing setting. Lanier printer hang if you print duplicate document simultaneously. Lanier printer driver problem. Toll free:18556624436
  12. 12. If You facing any problem related to Lanier printer technical help Than call to our technical support team.. Our Toll free number is .18556624436 our team also solve your any printer technical problem. So dont wait call to our toll free number. Toll free:18556624436