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  • 1 2010 Centre Supervisors Conference HKCEE English Language 17 April 2010
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  • 2 CONTENTS Important Changes to Exam Proceedings in 2010 Major Exam Procedures Highlights of Eng Lang Listening Test Handling of Exam Irregularities Q & A
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  • 3 Important Changes to Exam Proceedings in 2010
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  • 4 IMPORTANT CHANGES 1.Sticking of Barcode labels Candidates must affix the barcode labels and write their candidate numbers during the examination time. After the Time is up announcement, candidates will NOT be permitted to stick the barcode labels or mark the question-number box. However, they may write their candidate numbers under the supervision of the invigilator.
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  • 5 IMPORTANT CHANGES 2.Sitting the Listening Test Candidates may use radios, Walkmans/ Discmans equipped with an FM radio. Other electronic devices such as MP3 players, bluetooth and iPod are not allowed.
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  • 6 IMPORTANT CHANGES 3.Handling of exam irregularities/ complaints Candidates must lodge their complaints about the centre environment with the centre supervisor at the exam centre. The exam centre should be kept at an appropriate room temperature (i.e. 25.5 as advised by the Government). Adjust the room temperature accordingly in case any candidate expresses concerns over it being too low.
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  • 7 IMPORTANT CHANGES 3.Handling of exam irregularities/ complaints Other complaints and irregularity reports, if any, must be made in writing within one week after the date of the examination.
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  • 8 Major Exam Procedures
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  • 9 BEFORE THE EXAM Avoid holding activities and using the loudspeaker in the vicinity of the exam venue. Turn down or switch off the school bell and the PA system inside the exam room (including the Special Room of the Listening Test). Seek the cooperation of other teachers and students in keeping the exam venue quiet.
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  • 10 BEFORE THE EXAM Upon receipt of the question papers, stamp a school seal on the receipt. Brief invigilators on the exam regulations and procedures (invigilators should report duties 30 min before the start of exam i.e. 8:00am for Papers 1A & 1B and 8:45am for Paper 2 Listening & Integrated Skills). Check the stationery that will be used on the exam day (e.g. Answer book, supplementary answer sheet, rough-work sheet, etc.)
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  • 11 BEFORE THE EXAM Distribute the stationery and barcode sheets before admission of candidates. Admit candidates 15 min before the start of exam (for Papers 1A and 1B) / at 9:10 am (for Paper 2 Listening & Integrated Skills ). Give them sufficient time to check the barcode sheets and exam stationery (e.g. answer books). Supplementary answer sheets / graph papers are of A3 size (folded into A4 size) and should not be torn apart. Do not use previous years answer sheets / graph papers.
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  • 12 BEFORE THE EXAM Instruct candidates to check their mobile phones (including the alarm function) and other electronic / communication devices to ensure that they have been switched off. Give them sufficient time to check and switch off their mobile phones. Instruct candidates to put their mobile phones, preferably with the batteries removed, under their chairs in a position clearly visible to the invigilators.
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  • 13 BEFORE THE EXAM Before making the first announcement, arrange an invigilator to stay at the entrance of the exam hall and distribute the Mobile Phone Reminder Cards to candidates arriving at the centre after the first announcement. This arrangement is not applicable to the Listening Test.
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  • 15 Check carefully the question paper packets and open them in front of the candidates and the invigilators. Before the start of exam, instruct the candidates to check if there are any missing pages in their question books. Instruct the candidates to close their question books upon checking. For English Language1B Task 2, candidates should write their answers in CE(C) Answer book. BEFORE THE EXAM
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  • 16 English Language Paper 1B Task 2 CE(C) Answer Book
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  • 17 AFTER THE START OF EXAM Write the actual starting time and the correct finishing time, subject, paper and centre number clearly on the blackboard. Nobody should be allowed to take away the question papers during the entire exam period.
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  • 18 AFTER THE START OF EXAM During attendance taking, check whether 1.the photo on the Admission Form / Identity Card resembles the candidate (to reduce the possibility of impersonation); 2.the subject being taken is listed on the Admission Form; 3.the candidate number shown on the Admission Form matches with that on the barcode label. For the Listening Test, attendance taking should be completed before the Test begins.
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  • 19 AFTER THE START OF EXAM If a candidate requests to go to the toilet, arrange an invigilator to accompany the candidate and exercise an appropriate degree of supervision. Record the candidate number and time on Report Form SR4t.SR4t Make sure that early leavers do not remove the question papers and answer scripts from the exam centre (early leave is not allowed in the Listening Test). Report irregularities in as many details as possible for the HKEAA to carry out follow-up investigations.
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  • 20 END OF EXAM When collecting the answer scripts, check whether the candidates have written their candidate numbers on the answer scripts. If not, instruct them to do so on the spot under the supervision of an invigilator. Candidates are NOT allowed to affix barcode labels / fill in the question-number boxes.
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  • 21 END OF EXAM Collect all barcode sheets (with/without unused barcode labels) and put them in the Barcode Sheet Envelope. Dismiss the candidates only if the number of scripts collected tallies with the number of candidates present.
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  • 22 END OF EXAM Place the answer scripts in the appropriate script envelopes according to the candidate number ranges printed on them. The envelopes must be tied together with a piece of string. In case of any irregularity, follow it up with an invigilator before dismissing all invigilation staff.
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  • 23 END OF EXAM Candidates should report any irregularities about the reception in the Listening Test at the examination centre on the day of the examination. To facilitate the follow-up by the HKEAA, the Centre Supervisor / invigilator should provide as many details about the irregularity as possible (e.g. radio reception,the exam environment, etc.) in the Sessional Report.
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  • 24 Highlights of Eng Lang Listening Test
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  • 25 Paper 2: LISTENING & INTEGRATED SKILLS 8:45Invigilators report duties at the Centre 8:45-9:00Briefing to all invigilation staff (including the Special Room Invigilator) 9:00-9:10Hall: Distribute barcode sheets Special Room: Pass question papers, barcode sheets (15 spare), other exam materials and the sheet on which the best radio frequency for the centre is written to the Special Room Invigilator 9:10Admit candidates into the exam hall
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  • 26 Paper 2: LISTENING & INTEGRATED SKILLS 9:15Announcement to remind candidates to turn off their mobile phones, put personal belongings under their chairs, check their barcode sheets, etc. 9:20-9:40Take attendance 9:30&9:45RTHK Radio 2 to broadcast a short announcement to enable candidates to confirm that they have tuned to the correct channel 9:40-9:45Direct candidates with reception problems to the Special Room (changing seats are not permitted); candidates should bring with them their barcode sheets to the Special Room. 9:45Direct late-comers (arriving at the centre at / after 9:45) to take the test in the Special Room
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  • 27 Paper 2: LISTENING & INTEGRATED SKILLS 9:46Instruct candidates to take off the headphones. Unseal question paper packets in front of invigilators/ candidates and distribute the question papers (i.e. question-answer books and data files) 9:55RTHK Radio 2 to broadcast Greensleeves 10:00Exam starts (Before the broadcast of test material, candidates will be instructed to write their candidate numbers on the question-answer book covers, check the number of pages and affix barcode labels on the spaces provided in the question-answer books)
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  • 28 Paper 2: LISTENING & INTEGRATED SKILLS Around10:45End of radio broadcast (end of listening component). Candidates will be instructed to take off the headphones and turn off the radio. CS announces the beginning of the written tasks (1 hour 15 min to complete the written task ) CS writes the actual starting time and correct finishing time on blackboard
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  • 29 Paper 2: LISTENING & INTEGRATED SKILLS 15 minutes before end of exam 5 minutes before end of exam End of exam time CS makes the last 15 minutes announcement CS makes the last 5 minutes announcement CS makes the Pens down announcement Collect question-answer books and barcode sheets separately
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  • 30 LISTENING TEST: BEFORE THE EXAM Switch off the school b


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