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  • 1. The Student-Information Relationship By Joshua Harding
  • 2. Agenda Setting the scene Tablet computing Consulting information Workflows Barriers & Challanges An ideal future Q&A Conclusion
  • 3. BSc (Hons) Physiology
  • 4. Ourmonths I texts had all In 18 core had covered the same amount of content! theoverload! Information answers I needed to be able to accessMBChB - Medicine Lots of Info Quickly Efficiently No! But we will try anyway!
  • 5. So did I find a solution? Yes Digital ConsumptionI am a paperless student
  • 6. MBChB - Medicine
  • 7. MBChB - Medicine Search across all my content & resources Seamlessly switch between note taking, resource apps & textbooks Efficacy Time taken Stress, Satisfaction On demand society
  • 8. Tablet Computing Not a one as aWhy usenew idea student? Powerful personalised education tool We remember Ultimately we remember 90% of what we20% ofmonths If not sooner! 18 what we read read, see, hear, say and do30% of what we hear Expectations will40% of what we see rise!50% of what we say60% of what we do Adoption of a device that allows this = no brainer! Personalised education experience Flexible Desire is present Question - So why havent you bought one? Answer Ive always wanted to buy one, but Ive never been sure how I could actually use it.
  • 9. Consulting Information Notes & Resources at my finger tips Notability (Note taking app) Take a history from the patient Answer questions with confidence Refresh memory Perform with confidence Instant feedback
  • 10. Pocket Body (Anatomy App) Consulting Information British National Formulary (BNF) Resource App Instant learning & subsequent reinforcement Recap anatomy Forefront of mind Anchor points Improved learning retention
  • 11. Consulting Information Notability (Note taking app) Annotate lecture notes Record lecture Inkling GoodReader (Notes) Resource Apps Internet
  • 12. Inkling Interactive, Smart, Multi-touch books The future of the textbook Intuitive navigation Interactive, movies, animations, music, podcasts, slideshows, interactive images, 3D models Search through the entire book Highlight text, make notes & share them Purchase per chapter Free content updates
  • 13. Maximising digital potential Interactive textbooks as a base model Smart textbooks would be irresistible! Why? Simple You will get a better grade What do I want my textbook to do? Whilst I study it, it studies me Inform me of my progress Adapt the content of the book to me Be a personal study buddy A true personal learning environment Compare me to my peers
  • 14. eBooks Resource Apps Lectures
  • 15. Dropbox The fulcrum of a digital student Upload, Sync & Download all your content Offline viewing Never lose your content Organises your files Sharing
  • 16. Barriers to being a digital student1. Awareness Solutions Librarians Digital literacy, Student advisors Publishers Free (offline) ebooks with paper copies2. Costs Solutions Upfront costs wont change Loaning from libraries? Publishers Institutional and Private consumption
  • 17. Challenges Key dichotomy Private consumption Institutional consumption I get free access to all the popular texts in paper form from my library So why not digital? Fragmentation, Reduced Variety & Variable Quality
  • 18. My ideal workflow Interactive textbooks as a standard Export content from (in PDF format) to my notes Interactive textbooks One universal store to buy them (privately) One universal platform to view them on Easy to loan from my library (free) Apply learning analytics Institutional subscriptions to Apps
  • 19. Any questions?
  • 20. Conclusion Digital consumption is the future Paperless students will become more common Publishers need to adapt or go the way of the dinosaur Or Universities will start using iBooks author and do it for you! Libraries & Institutions need to re-organise their funds to incorporate Apps & more digital content