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California Statewide Needs Assessment 2012 Update

California Statewide Needs AssessmentLocal Transportation System2012 Update

April 10, 2013





Air &GHG


Storm water



What are pavement conditions statewide? How much will it cost to maintain pavements? Bridges? Essential components? What is the funding shortfall? What is impact of different funding scenarios?Study Objectives

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Local Streets Huge Part of State Network81% of Californias pavements are owned by cities and counties!

PMS Software Used92% of total miles are included in a PMS


92% miles have a PMS, 82% of agencies have a PMS. The types of software used have not changed.

More agencies responded in 2010 (467 vs. 415)88% of miles in state have a PMS, 72% of agencies have a PMS. Could be more, because 70 agencies have not responded.

PMS by Number of Agencies2010 Data2008 DataProgramAgencies%Agencies%StreetSaver18039%16640%MicroPaver10923%8420%Cartegraph214%225%Other7917%8220%No PMS7817%6115%Total467100%415100%No Response70120PMS by Miles2010 DataProgramMiles%StreetSaver41,09630%MicroPaver36,20827%Cartegraph10,9268%Other36,36027%No PMS11,0648%Total135,655100%No Response5,580

New Things in 2012 AssessmentSustainable practicesComplete streetsBridge scenarios



Average Statewide PCI

67.8 (2008)

65.8 (2012)

68 (Cities)

62 (Counties)

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2012Cities = 68Counties = 62

2010Cities = 68Counties = 64

Statewide Average PCI = 66

This doesnt look too bad


So Why is 66 Critical?


Statewide Trends


71- 80 (Good)50-70 (At Risk)0 -49 (Poor)Pavement Condition Index

201287% of counties have average rating of at risk or poor

7 red counties7 green counties


Prev. Maint. Costs Increasing

AC Overlay Costs Increasing

For overlay and reconstruction, used 2008 unit costs. 12

Sustainable Practices

Recycling technologies

If just 50% of eligible projects use recycled materials, we can save $8.8 billion!

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Who Owns Bridges?

National Bridge Inventory11,863 bridges 6,300 are on-system5,584 off-systemNon-NBI bridgesApprox. 3,500

Bridges Are Getting Old

55% require rehabilitation or replacement

51% of NBI bridges are in poor condition22% fair28% good


Its Not Just Roads and BridgesSidewalksCurb rampsCurb & gutterStorm drains

Street lightsSignsRetaining walls

17Storm drainsCurb and gutterSidewalkCurb rampsTraffic signalsStreet lightsSounds walls/retaining wallsTraffic signs

Other categoriesNPDESADAOthers

Total Transportation Needs56 cents/galor76 cents/day!

Pavement Funding ScenariosExisting funding ($1.33 billion/year)Transportation CA measure ($1B/yr)Bond i.e. $4.23 billion/year for first 5 years, $1.33 billion for next 5 yearsNo bond i.e. $2.33 billion/yearMaintain current PCI at 66Efficiency scenarioBest mgmt practices

19Scenario 1 - Existing funding - $1.4 billion in 2010 estimatesScenario 2 Maintain at 66 needs $3.23 billionScenario 3 Transportation CA assumes cent VLF which generates $1 billion/yearBond 20 years of revenues (assumes $19 billion available, and $1 billion for expenditures) gives $14.5 billion available over first five years i.e. $2.9 billion/year for first 5 years

1. Existing Funding ($1.33 B/year)

PCI drops to 53Unfunded backlog grows to $66 B

2a. No bond ($2.33 B/year)

PCI drops to 60Unfunded backlog grows to $50 B

2b. Bond ($4.2B/$1.3B)

PCI drops to 63Unfunded backlog grows to $45 B

3. Maintain PCI = 66 ($3.2 B/year)

PCI stays at 66Unfunded backlog stays at ~$39 B

4. Efficiencies ($4.1 B/yr)

PCI improves to 71Unfunded backlog drops to $30 B

5. BMP ($7.2 B/year)PCI improves to 84Unfunded backlog eliminated

Impacts of Different Scenarios

The percent of roads in failed condition will increase from 6.6% to 25% by 2022 under current funding.

26Escalated backlog costs at 5% a year

Existing = $107.5 billionNo bond = $81.5 billionBond = $74 billionMaintain PCI = $63.5 billion

Existing failed condition 6.2%

Whats failed condition?



Los Angeles, 2009Image: A fire truck plunged into a sinkhole in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles in September 2009. Four firefighters escaped injury after their fire engine sank into a large hole caused by a burst water main in the San Fernando Valley, authorities said.


Average Sufficiency Rating

Existing budget will result in SR = 75

Percent Structurally Deficient

Existing budget will result in 38% structurally deficient bridges.

Tehama County

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ConclusionsTransportation system is not great and its not getting better25% of roads will be failed in 10 years38% of bridges will be structurally deficientAdditional funding required to hold infrastructure togetherDeferring repairs will cost much more later!


ConclusionsDelays in funding will cost

?Contact:Margot Yapp, P.E.Nichols Consulting Engineers, Chtd.myapp@ncenet.com(510) 215-3620