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  • ART DIRECTORSSoh Qiu LingHuang Yong Zhi

    PHOTOGRAPHERSSoh Qiu LingTiffany

    DESIGNERSHuang Yong ZhiTeo Poh ChooHerena Pak

    PROJECT MANAGERSTanvi PurohitHuang Yong Zhi

    FILE MANAGEMENTAnitha RekuTommy Alfian

    DIGITAL IMAGINGRohit SaikiaTaj SangharFabien Woo

    UNVEILLayers after layers, we unveil like a flower, revealing and opening to a higher perfection of beauty, freshness and vigor. Unveil reminds us that on each day, each faculty is equally special, just like there is no one best color. Unveil reveals the fact that there are so many different cultures, faculties and people that has made this school experience as vibrant as it is.

  • FASHION DESIGNBachelor of DesignAdvanced Diploma



    Principals MessageAcademic & Non Academic


  • As Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education I am especially privileged to present Unveil our graduating cohort and their achievements.

    At the beginning and end of the many years of studying, there must be the desire to follow your obsessions and crystallize your ideas, whether they are vague and unformed, or crisp and certain. They must become evocative, every detail must be defined to propel you, the students, into a brave new world that is about to change for you. This change brings new adventures on which you will embark. These adventures can be familiar and nostalgic at times, yet extraordinary and new. Careers will develop, using original ideas that have been honed throughout the years of studies. Tonight is the time for Raffles College of Higher Education to UNVEIL a new the generation of graduates. It is that time once again to celebrate imagination, cause sensations and generate new philosophies and possibilities. The stage is set for the transformation to occur. On behalf of the staff of Raffles College of Higher Education, we wish them much success in their future endeavors.


    Guiseppe SpinelliPrincipal


    Everything must change in order for nothing to change - Christian Lacroix

    03 Principals Message

  • Joe

    There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys youve never dreamt were possible - Alexander McQueen


    Guiseppe Spinelli Programme Director

    Fashion is often seen as a form of escapism. It is a place we go to, that is at times overwhelming with its evocative imagery, illusions and strange new worlds. Fashion designers are always in a constant state of evolution and transformation. They push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Though at times they may be elusive, eccentric and bizarre but they are always thought provoking.

    Programme Director | Fashion Design 04

  • Left to Right : Stell Lin Yixin, Joanne Chen Chu Yi, Sky Li Xiaoting, Aurelia Evelyn Santoso Marie Anne De La Roche Ortega, Patricia Bianca Martinez Apolo, Shao Bo

    Photography : Munkong, Alvin

    Assistant / Props : Alfred Pang

    Make up : Nikki Fu, Ivanna Lim, Lynn Fu

    Hair : Mahogany Holdings Pte Ltd

    05 FASHION DESIGN | Bachelor Degree

  • Left to Right : Vera Han Xing Yue, Amy Fang Ya, Anmy Chen Xiao Hui, Sasha Chen Mei Yan, Vivian Jiang Wei Angelica Zhang Yang Zhi

    FASHION DESIGN | Bachelor Degree 06

  • Left to Right : Zhang Chi, Cynthia Fransisca Haryono, Virigina Liu Killory, Kwek Teck Chuan, Daisy Yuan Putu Diah Putri Utami, Chris Zhao Yibo, Anna Lu Yi

    Photography : Munkong, Alvin

    Assistant / Props : Alfred Pang

    Make up : Nikki Fu, Ivanna Lim, Lynn Fu

    Hair : Mahogany Holdings Pte Ltd

    7 FASHION DESIGN | Bachelor Degree

  • Left to Right :Doris Wang Yao Qi, April Seng Nwe, Sae Tan Joory, Jean Teoh Yuan Juen, Paulette Leigh Baez Tecson, Debbie Kamil, Lee Ru Hui, Lau Ee Xuan

    FASHION DESIGN | Bachelor Degree 8

  • Aurelia Evelyn Santoso


    Today I will tell you the legend of THE TOWER OF BABEL...

    Come let us build us a tower whose top may reach unto the stars!

    And on top of the tower, we will write the words: Great is the world and its

    Creator! And great is Man!But the minds that had conceived

    the Tower of Babel could not build it. The task was too great. So they hired

    hands for wages.But the hands that built the Tower of Babel knew nothing of the dream of

    the brain that had conceived it.BABEL.

    One mans hymns of praise became other mens curses.

    People spoke the same language, but could not understand each other

    Metropolis (1927), by Fritz Lang

  • Petrick Sutrisno

    A Living Work of Art

    Women of the world today dress alike. They are like so many loaves of bread. To be beautiful one must be unhurried.Personality is needed. There is too much sameness. The world seems only to have a desire for more of this sameness. To be different is to be alone. -Marchesa Luisa Casati

    The inspiration of my collection is based on an heiress, a muse and an eccentric fashion legend, Luisa Casati, who revolutionized womens clothing in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Sasha Chen Mei Yan


    This collection is inspired by androgyny and the idea that some

    human beings do not fit neatly into the typical masculine and feminine

    gender roles of their society, and the idea that a woman lives in a Mans

    World and to be strong in society she has to wear masculine inspired

    garments to be one of them.

  • Kwek Teck Chuan

    Body Transformation

    The idea of body perfection has always fascinated me. Does perfection really exist, or

    is this notion or image of flawlessness alien to us? I wanted to explore the deconstruction

    of body shapes by using combinations of materials and leather skins. The result of

    experimentation and acceptance of this idea led me to the concept of re-inventing the new body or the second skin that could be worn in the future. The idea of expressing a distorted

    body, abnormality, is a venture into a new mentality and fear leading to the acceptance

    that disfiguration is the new perfection.

  • Han Xingyue, Vera

    Decoration Era

    Gustav Klimts 150th birthday was on 14 July 2012, I wanted to celebrate his art and life works through my collection. I used the elements of Klimts paintings, all the decorative symbolic details and images that were so sensual in depicting the female form.

  • Marie Anne De La Roche Ortega

    The Organic Core

    This collection was inspired by an exploration as to what constitutes a timeless design. It led to a search to find the core and soul of

    the elements that surround us within a clean palette that eludes both intricate inner details

    and playful textures achieved by combining materials in an innovative manner.

  • Virginia Liu Killory

    The Ballets Russes

    Color and texture have always been my true passion in fashion.

    Les Ballets Russes was one of the most influential artistic phenomenq in the early 20th

    century. They have been a most desirable resource for me to

    explore and to experiment with, and the vivid color palette and

    exquisite design details provide me with endless inspiration for

    my collection.

  • April Seng Nwe


    Being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which psychoanalysis is powerless to bestow. - Sebastian Horsley

    My collection is based on men who dress; those that are unduly devoted to style, neatness and fashion in dress and appearance. These men will always be the Dandies of the masculine fashion arena.

  • Zhang Chi

    Sherlock Chic

    I have always been fascinated by the idea that Sherlock Holmes was the most fashionable man

    of the Victorian period. Not only from his clothing but also right down to his manners and speech.

    I drew inspiration from the elements of mens dress for this collection, as well as collars, cuffs,

    suits and of course the famous overcoat which has become the symbol of this great detective.

  • Patricia Bianca Martinez Apolo

    Egon Schiele

    My collection is a play on fragility and tension, frolicking in the shades of

    cinnamon and autumn, inspiredby Egon Schiele, the man behind the


  • Chen Xiao Hui Anmy


    FEMINISM is the inspiration for this collection. It was designed as a tribute to emancipated and active women. I believe that being a feminist, one is concerned with empowering yourself by using fashion as a powerful means to express yourself. Women are still a revolution to the society and to the fashion industry.

  • Cynthia Fransisca Haryono

    Men Redefined

    The popularity of the third sex is becoming more and more seen

    all around the world. The idea of this collection is designed with the emphasize on the idea that a man

    who dresses up and act as a woman is more threatening than a woman who dresses up in mens clothing.

    Based on this notion, I have created a collection for men, which is both

    feminine and masculine and that draws no clear line between the


  • Angelica Zhang Yang Zhi

    Power Dressing

    This collection is inspired by the idea that women, feminism and fashion gave

    birth to the concept of Power dressing in the 1990s. I wanted to ex