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  • Commonsense

    Political Thinking of a

    Common Man, I

    Essays 2009 - 10 By

    Gerald J. Furnkranz

  • Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man, Book One Table of Contents


    1. The Constitution 1 2. Conservative 2 3. Corruption Reigns In Government 7 4. Government Is Organized Crime 8 5. C is for City, Incubator of Corruption 9 6. Common Political Tools 10 7. Trashing Our Founding Fathers 11 8. Acquiescing to European Socialism 12 9. As A People We Are Selling Our Freedoms 13 10. Chain Linked Union 14 11. Democracy, A Search For Truth 15 12. Truth and Liars 16 13. Government Elites; The Wolves and the Sheep 17 14. The Big Con 18 15. The Hustlers and Conmen 20 16. Inducing The Financial Meltdown 20 17. Institutional Preservation 22 18. Law Enforcement More Important Than Enacting 23 19. Liberalism; Dedicated To Failure 25 20. The Emphasis On Self-esteem 27 21. Self-esteem Once More 28 22. Transparency of an Iron Curtain 29 23. Unlimited Power 31 24. What Is A Potato 32 25. Racism 33 26. Socialism; Pushing A Political Agenda 34 27. Politicians of Poor Character Insured 35 28. Subtle Oppression 36 29. Founding Fathers vs Political Professionals 39 30. Facing the Four Horsemen 42 31. Disdain for Those In Red States 42 32. More Money To Government Equals More Corruption 43 33. Belt Tightening 44 34. Government Gluttony 44 35. What Freedom Offers 45 36. Fed Recession Proof 46 37. Movement Not Accomplishment 46 38. Realigning Classes 47 39. Americans Dont Trust Congress 47 40. Government Healthcare 48 41. Massa Manure 49 42. Dont Let Them Eat Cake 49 43. Education: The Purveyor of Corruption 50 44. We Do Need Another Hero: Michelle Rhee 51 45. Education Hypocrisy Pattern 53

  • Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man, Book One Table of Contents


    46. Education Obesity Hypocrisy 53 47. False Self-esteem and Education 55 48. Promoting the Piss Christ School of Art 55 49. Simple Solutions 56 50. Furnkranzisms 58

  • Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man, Book One By

    Gerald J. Furnkranz

    Essay: All Hail Constitution (2010)

    An American Hero At the very start I would like to say a few words about the Constitution. Not the miracle of the United States Constitution, penned in 1787, the law of the land of a new nation. The Constitution constructed by our founding fathers, to bring the ideals of freedom and human rights to the world. I am talking about the USS Constitution, born ten years later. The United States Ship which bore the proud name of the law of the land where freedom first rang. The proud ship USS Constitution built in 1797, one of six frigates to lay the keel of the United States Navy. This ship so much embodied the spirit of America that went into the framing of its namesake US Constitution, the foundation of our rule of law. One of six frigates ordered by Congress, she was built along with two other large, 44 gun frigates the United States and the President. Three smaller 36 gun frigates the Constellation, Congress and Chesapeake, would comprise the fledgling United States Navy. Built in Boston with Yankee know how and craftsmanship, the USS Constitution forged a place in our history that typifies the American Story. She saw her first action in War against the Barbary States to defend our sovereignty, Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute. On the shores of Tripoli transpired the baptism of the United States Navy and Marines. During the War of 1812, the survival of our infant nation hung in the balance. There were few victories in the land war to carry the spirit of America. Still, we persisted, our nations fortunes turning again to the sea. The Naval War of 1812 began with the Constitution outrunning a devastatingly superior British squadron that would have canceled her illustrious career before it began. At sea, the USS Constitution carried the load. Defeating the British Frigate Guerrire, the Constitution was hailed as Old Ironsides a name she carries till this very day. She followed up against the Frigate Java in a fierce and bloody action. Taking on two at once, the small Frigate Cyane and Sloop Levant in another battle, once more she was victorious over the ruler of the seas. England, whose captains had not struck their colors in surrender in almost ten years! What Old Ironsides could not out run she could out gun. She is a monument to Yankee ingenuity like the US Constitution. (Next - Old Ironsides Wood and Canvas, Sweat and Blood)

  • Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man, Book One


    Part 2. Old Ironsides Wood and Canvas, Sweat and Blood The USS Constitution faced dismantling upon the scrap heap in 1830. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote Old Ironsides a poem pleading for her survival. Ay, tear her tattered ensign down, he lamented. He saved the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, from a dishonorable fate amongst the trash heap of lost history. He resurrected a symbol of the American Spirit and those who gave their lives for the freedoms the people of America enjoy. USS Constitution was manned by men of the sea, as was our country in the early days. Every man, woman and child coming to this country was tempered by the hardships of the sea. From Jamestown to the Pilgrims at Plymouth and the slaves brought against their will in those hell on earth slave ships. The sea tempered the spirit and strength of the American, therefore America. The sea spawned the new nation where freedom and opportunity would someday reign. Those men of the sea were like the Constitutions fittings, a natural part of the ship. Like her strong and sleek hull, her canvas cloud of driving sails and her wooden bulkheads that wore like iron. Old Ironsides was an entity of solid timber, cloth, rope, copper and iron put together in beautiful fashion. She too was an entity of sweat, flesh and blood that beat in her heart and the hearts of those brave souls that sailed her to victory, one after another. Her birth was over two hundred years ago. Most of her gallant actions are just over a year short of that mark. Yet her life goes on just like the Constitution, our law. Both were constructed with great care and great purpose. The ship incorporated ideas far advanced for its time, as did the document. They endure, proud and glorious for their accomplishments. Together they live on and can be seen today, solid structures of our nations greatness. Memorials they are to those who gave life and limb for the freedoms and abundant existence we enjoy today.


    Essay: Conservative, Liberal, Progressive (2010) Words are manipulated terribly in our world today. Words are bent to fool people. Marketing to manipulate, words are twisted to bamboozle. Meanings are changed to fit political agendas. Words are warped to confuse people. So, lets look at some political words. How about three for a start? Conservative, liberal and progressive should make a good beginning. First lets look at what some dictionaries say. Websters Universal Dictionary of the English Language, Copyright; 1936, by The World Syndicate Publishing Company

  • Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man, Book One


    Conservative adjective. 1. Preservative; having the power to preserve in a safe or entire state, or from waste, loss or injury. 2. Respecting old institutions, methods, customs and the like; adhering to what is old or established; not given to change merely for the sake of change; said of a person and their positions. 3. In the political sense, having a tendency to uphold and preserve entire existing institutions, both civil and ecclesiastical; opposed to radical changes or innovations in church or state. Conservative noun. 1. A person or thing tending to preserve from ruin or injury; a conserver. 2. One who wishes to preserve from ruin or radical change; one who wishes to maintain an institution, or government in its present state. Liberal - adjective. 1. Of free heart; free to give or bestow; munificent; bountiful; generous; giving largely; as a, liberal donor. 2. Generous, ample, large, as a liberal donation. 3. Not selfish, narrow, bigoted, or contracted; catholic; enlarged; embracing other interests than ones own; as liberal sentiments. 4. General: extensive; embracing literature and the sciences generally; as a liberal education. 5. Free; not literal or strict; as, a liberal construction of the law. 6. Not mean; not low in birth or mind. Liberal - noun. 1. one who advocates greater freedom of thought or action; one who has liberal principles. Progressive, - adjective. 1. moving forward, advancing. 2. Improving; aiding or inclined to aid progress; working or endeavoring to secure advancement. Websters New World Dictionary of American English Language, Copyright; 1991, by Simon and Schuster, Inc. Conservative adjective. 1. Conserving or tending to conserve; preservative 2. tending to preserve established traditions or institutions and to resist or oppose any changes in these. Liberal - adjective. 1. suitable for a freeman; not restricted; now only in liberal arts. 2. Giving freely, generous 3. large or plentiful; ample; abundant 4. Not restricted to the literal meaning; not strict 5. tolerant of views differing from ones own; broad minded, not orthodox 6. of democratic or republican forms of government, as distinguished from monarchies and aristocracies. Progressive - adjective. 1. Moving forward or onward. 2. Continuing by successive steps. 3. of, or concerned with progressi