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  • 1. http://curah.microsoft.com/60638/reusing-code-between-windows-store-apps-and-windows-phone
  • 2. The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is the shared runtime and API space used by store apps across the Windows platform (phone and client) 3 Common WinRT APIs Phone-specific WinRT APIs Windows-specific WinRT APIs Dramatic convergence in 8.1 Goal is 100% convergence for dev scenarios In 8.0, we had ~30% API convergence With 8.1, we move well past 90%+ convergence
  • 3. HTML XAML XAML HTML JavaScript Code WinJS .NET for Windows Win32 Windows Runtime XAML C++ Code C#/VB Code WinRT Store Silverlight XAML Windows Phone Silverlight XAML C#/VB Code Silverlight .NET
  • 4. Windows Phone 8.1 App Windows 8.1 App XAML View Phone UI XAML View Windows UI Shared Code, Images, Files WinRT
  • 5. Windows Phone 8.1 App Windows 8.1 App XAML View XAML UI XAML View XAML UI Logic Logic Logic Data Data Data
  • 6. Code files XAML Images XML/JSON RESW
  • 7. Supports WinRT APIs Expose libraries to C++, Javascript apps
  • 8. Decouple UI from logic plus platform specific API sets (some geolocation, media, sensors) plus XAML components that make sense
  • 9. Windows 8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Only WinRT e.g. search contract e.g. multiple windows e.g. resizable windows e.g. printing support Phone Only WinRT e.g. action center e.g. status bar e.g. back key handling some common APIs may have different behaviour across Windows/Phone
  • 10. files & settings: local, temp, roaming, pickers store: app purchases, receipts lifecycle: launch, suspend, resume, background tasks notifications: tiles, toasts, badges, push sensors: gps, geofencing, gyro, compass network: http, websockets, sockets localisation: resource resolution from XAML/code
  • 11. //Create the picker object FileOpenPicker openPicker = new FileOpenPicker(); openPicker.ViewMode = PickerViewMode.Thumbnail; openPicker.SuggestedStartLocation = PickerLocationId.PicturesLibrary; // Users expect to have a filtered view of their folders openPicker.FileTypeFilter.Add(".jpg"); openPicker.FileTypeFilter.Add(".png"); // Open the picker for the user to pick a file StorageFile file = await openPicker.PickSingleFileAsync(); if (file != null) { // Do something with the file... } //Create the picker object FileOpenPicker openPicker = new FileOpenPicker(); // On Windows Phone, setting Filtering to image types // causes Picker to show Camera Roll openPicker.FileTypeFilter.Add(".jpg"); openPicker.FileTypeFilter.Add(".png"); // Open the picker for the user to pick a file openPicker.PickSingleFileAndContinue();
  • 12. 100% 100% No: Location (Windows) vs. Geopoint (WP) No: Bing Maps (Windows) vs. WinRT Map control (WP)
  • 13. " " "
  • 14. Windows = WINDOWS_APP Windows Phone = WINDOWS_PHONE_APP
  • 15. C# #if WINDOWS_PHONE_APP Windows.Phone.UI.Input.HardwareButtons.BackPressed += this.HardwareButtons_BackPressed; #endif C++ #if WINAPI_FAMILY==WINAPI_FAMILY_PHONE_APP _backPressedEventToken = HardwareButtons::BackPressed += ref new EventHandler(this, &NavigationHelper::HardwareButton_BackPressed); #endif
  • 16. /// /// DataSource.cs /// public partial class DataSource :IDataSource { public async Task> RetrieveFolders(IFolder root) { ... // other logic var folders = await LoadFolders(root); ... // other logic return folders } } /// /// DataSource.WP.cs /// public partial class DataSource { private async Task> LoadFolders(IFolder root) { ... } }
  • 17. " "
  • 18. " " "
  • 19. HERE maps on Windows (8.1)/Phone (8.0)
  • 20. common, same rendering Button Slider ToggleSwitch ProgressBar etc (many more) common, different content Hub ListView GridView etc. common, different rendering DatePicker TimePicker CommandBar AppBar etc. unique SearchBox Pivot ContentDialog AutoSuggestBox etc.
  • 21. www.microsoft.com/learning http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd http://http://microsoft.com/technet microsoft.com/msdn


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